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  1. Help with edge coating

    Thanks, I'm going by Tandy today and I'll check it out
  2. Help with edge coating

    Thanks, I'll try both of those ways
  3. Help with edge coating

    I just made my first belt, and I thought it would be nice if I put a liner on it. I thought it was coming out ok, until I messed it all up with the edge coat! I tried a dobber and it was to fluffy and got on the liner, and then a small brush, and apparently I'm to uncoordinated for that. I'm sure I need more practice and patience and any other advice you might have. Thanks
  4. Molding a holster to a gun

    Yes dying is the next problem I was going to ask about. In that picture it was still wet thought
  5. Molding a holster to a gun

    Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do. I think I got this pattern from you. Looks very good
  6. Molding a holster to a gun

    Around a minute or so. I guess that's to long. Any chance I could re-soak this one and try again?
  7. Molding a holster to a gun

    I just put a better one in thanks
  8. Hello, I'm new to leather working and I'm making a holster for my 1911. I've made 5 so far that I'm not happy with, but getting better. The thing that's giving me the most trouble now is molding it to the gun. I've watched some you tubes on it and I think I understand the process, but can't seem to get the nice deep detail I see in other holsters. Here is a picture of the latest one. If anyone has some advice I would appreciate it. The leather is 8/9 oz.