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  1. Hey Chucky and fellow Brisbaneite, I am also still new to leather working. We have some amazing leather & tool suppliers here in Brisbane. Love the bikes, I am pretty sure my dad had a Yamaha the same as that one when I was a kid
  2. I think you mean Facebook ads. That has nothing to do with this forum. Facebook see what you are looking at and put "Suggested" posts and ads that you may be interested in looking at, from what you have been searching for through Google. Unfortunately with Facebook and Google now working together, this will be seen more often.
  3. Great job for your first attempt. The only thing I would critique is to keep the tension on your stitching even when drawing the thread through. This will even up some of the stitches as you are going. Keep trying and dont give up.
  4. So true. I am still a newbie and would't know half the terminology involved in leatherwork. I search google first which usually brings up heaps of results from this page first. Then I search this forum which can bring up pages upon pages of results that are people showing off their work with no information regarding what I am looking for in the first place. Probably the most annoying thing I have found on this forum compared to others is there is to many categories and sub categories (86 total I just counted) to search through for newbies like myself. I believe so many could be merged with others to make it easier to search for answers. As JLSLeather says:
  5. This is Product Pricing Calculator I just found. Looks good, and seems to work in a few factors on pricing items. I am going to start breaking all my raw supplies into individual unit prices. This will allow me to see how much each product I make is actually costing to produce. This calculator should help in getting the final sale price for you from your figures you get. It downloads as an Excel Spreadsheet.
  6. The customer received the collar this morning, and they love it (feeling relieved lol). It's so hard when you can only show pictures to people who custom order a job without actually meeting them in person. But here is Nitro showing off his new collar
  7. Yep full agree, Our dog loves his leash, but can pull often, but a simple no and he is back walking usually by our side. Not sure on what they want it for, But Bull Terriers are known to pull hard when excited. So I probably will incorporate a no pull system (D-ring on chest plate) and a grab handle on top as well I think.
  8. Thanks Scott, A lot of work went into this one project and probably my favorite project yet. My partner is my chief designer so she can get all the credit for the design. I am the chief assembler lol. A few little mistakes I made which are not really noticeable, but I really need to invest in an oblong punch for the buckle tongue holes to make those holes better looking and more consistent. The edges took a lot of work to smooth out they way I wanted them to be. The stitching was fun. Not easy to hold the collar in my stitching pony with those spikes in place though. The riveted name was the most challenging part of the build. We started with 8mm single cap rivets but found them to overlap in a few places so couldn't set them in place without damaging the one beside it. So went with the smaller 5mm single caps instead, but came out looking good still.
  9. Hi thanks Gary, I like the design, Will see what the customer says.
  10. He is their first ever pet after the lady of the house had a pretty bad accident and her husband got him for her, so he's more of a therapeutic dog for her. But if they want to pay I will continue making stuff for them And I could think of a few more names after they cop one of those spikes in the legs lol, They hurt.
  11. Just wondering if anyone out there would have a pattern for a Dog Harness, with & without a chest plate. I have never made one even though they look easy enough to make, I dont want to stuff up along the way as it is for a customer. This is the dog it will be going on. Cheers Damien
  12. We just got ourselves a English Mastiff x Aussie Kelpie. Would love to see a pic of your dog to give us an idea what size ours will be when he gets older.
  13. You have more patience than me lol. Good luck, will look really good when finished
  14. Yeah they have massive necks on them the Bull Terriers, They originally wanted a full 4" wide collar end to end with 2 x 2" buckles, but told them it would be too excessive and restrict the dogs head movements. Now for the wait till the customer receives it to see what it looks like on him.
  15. This is him, he is about 8months old, Hopefully I will have some pics sent to me when the customer receives the collar.