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  1. I ordered 2 shoulders on Friday, and they arrived Wednesday, Nice turn around, but I did express the fact that I needed it fast. One shoulder, 8 oz , not bad, but not the prettiest. The other, 2-3 oz, was less than exciting. Fortunately, that is just for lining holsters. The backs looked beautiful though, so I might have to push roughout holsters...
  2. Depends on what part of the country you are in. In the SouthEast, there aren't many options outside of Tandy. They are a 3-4 hour drive away, but I can get an order in 2 days. I'm giving RJF a try, but he's upstate N.Y. There is also The Leather Guy, but I have yet to see anything I really want from him. The Buckle Guy is a good place for hardware, but they also have better tanned leathers.
  3. I just used a piece of cardboard for under my free granite slab. I figured, why start spending money on free stuff?
  4. Normally just called lace. The method normally used instead, is either a Mexican Loop, or a strap and buckle. Instead of using that particular cord, use leather lace.
  5. On the first holster, I think the cordage looks a little messy, but the rest of it is a very good first attempt, The second one... has more issues, I think that the snaps are excessive, to the point of making it too slow. Lose one of them, likely the second one.
  6. You ever notice how the garden center at the WalMart gets real mad when you do that?
  7. Avoid the confusion, just pee on a tree.
  8. I know somebody on another board, said he's always had good luck with RJF. I talked to Roger last month, and he said he'd send me a sample. I finally got it 2-3 weeks later. I talked to him again the other day, he explained he had been busy, ran out, etc. Giving him another chance, and ordered a pair of single shoulders. I have 3 holsters to do, and just enough to do one. We'll see what happens. As for payments, I don't have PayPal, since they screwed up my account 12 years ago. But, he sent me an invoice, and I was able to go through PayPal with my card.
  9. I've heard that before... hurtful words
  10. Hook, line, and sinker
  11. Well, you climb into your time machine, and go back a few months... then you will see where the link used to be at the top of the main page.
  12. Not long after I started doing leatherwork, I learned bellies aren't really good for much. But, as I'm shopping through suppliers for leather, I keep seeing fancy bellies for sale. You have H.O., W&C, and different types of tanned bellies. Is there any difference between these, and run of the mill bellies... aside from the name and bigger price?
  13. Maybe try laying some of the blue painter's tape over the letters, and cut out what you need to paint. You'd effectively be making a stencil, or in your case, a shield.
  14. Well, the one I have is long, but if you can work around the barrel, I'm happy to loan it to you. Let me know.
  15. I have a Colt 45 7"BBL. that close to what you need?