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  1. Odd Custom Requests

    I can honestly say, my leather requests haven't been as funky as when I was doing web design. Had one lady, wanted her site to look like the card she designed. Problem there is, her card looked like Don Ho threw up on it. Another customer wanted a website for his Real Estate company. As I would make changes to the site, he and his wife would print out the page. I could never get them to understand that the monitor displayed the actual wide format, and the printer would cut off whatever didn't fit in the portrait format. Now days, I get sideways requests. A lady tracked me down, to do a knife sheath. This knife was special to her, yet she couldn't find it. Could I make a bracelet for her, while she finds the knife? I told her that when she found the knife, I'd do both at the same time, saving time and shipping. Never heard back from her. Another fella had a belt he needed some extra holes for. He had also cut off the end, and was worried about it fraying. I go to look at it, and it is a cheap plastic belt that he had bought at a thrift store for a quarter. I told him to go back to the thrift store, and buy a belt that fit.
  2. Someone said to add a drop or two of green, to subdue the red.
  3. This is a small example, of a semi closed toe. Normally the hole is just a little larger.
  4. Instead of leaving the toe open, close all but a small pencil sized hole near the muzzle. This keeps most stuff from going in, but allows the other stuff to fall out.
  5. I'm pretty compulsive about making sure the client knows which hand, what position the holster sits. Just for fun, I also ask when they order slings, whether it is for the right or left shoulder. But, I have one or two guys that wear more than one gun, and have a favored side for that particular pistol.
  6. That is a good job on a flap holster. I would have done two things differently, because of the size and weight of the gun... First, either heavier leather, or lining it. 8-9oz should be fine, but, heavier wouldn't hurt either. Second, make the belt loop just a bit wider, to keep it from seesawing on your belt. All in all, a bang up job Sir.
  7. Latest Rifle Sling

    Nice work, I like the color too. Did you freehand that Buck, or was it a craftaid? I've had a few folks ask me for slings, after one person asked for a thumbhole sling, padded, and non-slip. They are a pain! You get a lot of calls for these?
  8. Maverick Leather

    I'd swear I tried to order from them once, but there was something that stopped me from being able to. Been using Zack White in N.C. for the past several orders, and been mostly happy.
  9. Marking stitch line

    Since I come from the old school of graphics and design, I have several compasses. I use them instead of the dividers that I don't have. The lead leaves a mark you can see, and even leaves a shallow depression for the stitching, but comes off pretty easy with saddle soap or oxallic acid.
  10. My quick draw knife sheath pattern

    @garypl-The blade actually doesn't come in contact with the rivets, as they pinch the leather tight. At least, it shouldn't touch the rivets.
  11. Range Holster

    That is an interesting border. Is that an inverted meandering stamp?
  12. My quick draw knife sheath pattern

    @garypl- The tip of the knife goes in at a downward angle, through a tunnel that is between the 2 sets of rivets. Once the blade is in the tunnel, as you push the handle into the case, the leverage folds the blade back. It does not close all the way, because the front set of rivets.
  13. Looks as good as always. How did you do the welt on this one?
  14. IMG_5038.jpg

    I was way off... it looked like some old ladie's bloomers to me Great work on the wallet though.
  15. Thanks Guys, for replying to my Hijack. The guy is apparently never happy with anything, or so I've been told. Thanks Dave, for referring him to me. Anyways, I would have to remove a strip of .22 cartridge loops to split the back. He would not go for that. So, I just wanted to stretch it enough in the front and try to center the buckle somewhat, without moving the holster too much. Not to mention, it just looks goofy with 15" of tongue.