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  1. There was a chat feature? Why didn't anybody tell me???
  2. I'm not a fan of ordering things from China either. Usually, the price is good, but the quality isn't. I have a hard time justifying the expense of a maker's stamp, but would still like one. So, since I am a member of another board that has members who do forging and smelting, I reached out to them. I have the brass scrap, just needed somebody to smelt and pour it into a mold. Unfortunately, all they wanted to do, was tell me what to buy and how to do it. I explained it wasn't a hobby I wanted to get into for a one shot, since the cost of the set up would exceed the cost of buying the stamp outright... but, they couldn't get that.
  3. I asked him before, he said no. There is a fella in China that is ultra affordable though.
  4. Bad flashbacks for some If you were unable to get that mirror-like shine, there was usually one person in the barracks that would do it for a few bucks. I think that was how Elvis got through it. There were all sorts of opinions on how to do it, some involved first stripping the boot with alcohol, some said light the shoe polish until it melted, another was cottonballs or diapers, but water usually helped in most cases... and lots of elbow grease.
  5. That brings back some memories! Spitshine!
  6. I like it! What is behind the grip on the sweat shield?
  7. That is some really nice work, and I love the tooling. The thing that really stood out, was the hardware. I thought it was way too shiny, but then it dawned on me- The reason it seemed too shiny, is everybody I do stuff for, wants either dull metal or black. And I do mean everybody! Good on you for breaking that stereotype!
  8. @Boriqua- I really didn't mean to insult you. And yes, I know there is a lot that goes into ANY project. Sometimes I get distracted and say stupid stuff, this being one of those times. It really wasn't meant as an attack of any kind.
  9. Your point is very valid. You can't find a sheath for THIS hatchet at Walmart, but for $8, you can go to Home Depot and get a leather cover for a hatchet. Apples and oranges again, right? Yes and no (Life is rarely ever Black or White, is it?) Guy with a hatchet or hawk wants a cover. He sees the cheapo at HD and says "That looks really simple, and it's cheap!" He now has $8 on his mind, because "Hey! It's simple!" You and I both know that if it were really that simple, this guy would just make it himself, and leave us out of the picture. But, it really wasn't that hard to make, because you have the mindset to figure it out. Actual material cost? Chances are, it would cost you more to get lunch than what you have in it. Time? How much of that 4 hours was spent waiting for the dye to dry? So yeah, aside from figuring it out (Which is good for keeping the brain limber), there really isn't anything to it. Could he have done it? Possibly, but it wouldn't come out as nice, or nearly as quick. Is it really worth $100, or $200, or $500? Some folks wouldn't blink twice at charging that. I couldn't.The whole reason I started doing this, was because I needed a holster for a new gun, and didn't like the $30 cheapassed nylon ones that didn't fit right anyways.
  10. You can't buy a plumber at WalMart for $9.95. Apples and oranges? Maybe so. You can't buy a quality made cover like this at WallyWorld, but you can find cheap products that do the same job, made by cheap labor, cranking them out en masse. Not exactly the same thing, but a lot of folks will compare the final products by the price.
  11. Even shorter, when you try to overcharge the wrong dude with a hatchet in his hand
  12. I gave you my breakdown... without all the exact figures, about $48-$50. What hatchet did he have? I'm guessing it was a SOG... or whatever they are calling the military styled knockoffs? That is a fairly popular hatchet with wanna be badasses and hunters. Knock out another one, and post it on some outdoor sites. One I frequent is Georgia Outdoor News- . They have a forum section for folks like us to hawk our wares. One of the mods has an avatar of his 2 favorite hawks in his belt, but he is one of those historical types.
  13. @Boriqua- If they are paying you to make a one off, so that they are the only one to have it, sure, jack the price! But, if there is no reason for it to be a one off, then why should they pay more? Crank out a few more, and shop them around. You already did the hard part, right? I know a few fellas that carry hawks and hatchets regularly. Of course, some of them are into historical reenactment, and would turn up their nose because it "Isn't period". But a lot of them are outdoorsmen.
  14. Look at it this way, once you get the pattern figured out, there are other folks that would be interested in something like this. If it took you 3 days to get the pattern right (I realize you aren't that slow, but somebody else might be), how could you charge that to somebody? It isn't their fault you ate paint chips or sniffed the leather glue, or whatever reason it took you that long, right? They are paying for a finished product, and actual work involved. I like a challenge, even if it takes me a couple attempts to get it right. If I make a holster for somebody, and screw up the first attempt, that is on me, not them. I chalk it up to experience, and only charge for the finished product, not the screw up. That may have come out a bit caustic, but I wasn't trying to insult anybody. Honest