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  1. We bugged out around 2010, after living in Orlando for a year. Made moving to the woods easier.
  2. @Chayse- That is so cool. We decided we wanted more room and animals, so got a chunk up here in Georgia.Ended up becoming an unofficial rescue for dogs. Just dogs left at the dumpsters, or left on our quiet road. So... what was new in Melbourne? I hear they even built a Chucky Cheese there!
  3. I'm not sure about the tights, but the holster looks fantastic!
  4. Hello from a former Flordidian, I grew up in Melbourne. How did you end up with Belgians? Not your average dogs.
  5. I like it! Cool look!
  6. @sunflower- I do mostly holsters. Every now and then, I get asked to do a belt, gunbelt, or something different, like a tool pouch. I've also been asked about Concealed Carry purses, and am considering it. What is holding me back, is that I can't imagine hand sewing something like that. No sewing machine for me, and no interest in getting one.
  7. Those are some very nice bags, certainly as nice as anything mass produced. When you figure out how to reduce the other images, I look forward to seeing your other work.
  8. I'm thinking it is as simple as two pieces joined by the piping. Piping is a piece of chord, wrapped in material that leaves "wings", for lack of a better term, that you attach the other pieces to. Does that make sense? Looking at it again, the flap isn't two pieces, but it looks like it was cut out in the center to allow for the piping.
  9. I've been thinking about trying some paisley myself.
  10. Very nice work. Mind if I ask what you bought, where you got it, and what you paid?
  11. The cost of Kibbles must be astronomical... as are the piles he leaves! That isn't a dog for beginners!
  12. That's what I'm saying! I go to Newnan about every 3 months. That is about a 2.5 hour drive. I have folks out in Athens, and it is about another 3 hours from Newnan, with Atlanta smack in the middle. I'm not likely to make that trip very often, unless it is at gunpoint.
  13. I'm looking at a 3 hour drive or more to either one, plus almost an hour crossing Atlanta.
  14. Which Store? I've been to the West side store once, because it was on the way (sort of) from Newnan to Athens, and I could try to skirt Atlanta... which is a biggy for me. I hate going through that place!
  15. That looks like something you would buy from a store... and not the cheap stuff, made by 10 year olds in a sweat shop either. Very nice!