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  1. Sooo... BlueGuns had a mold for that?
  2. Very cool idea! I have seen a similar technique, where the design is reversed, then printed on wax paper. You then lay the paper to the leather and transfer the ink.
  3. It's hard to tell from these pics, but I'd be willing to bet it isn't leather. But, since they were kind enough to stick a label in it, track them down and ask. Sorry, I'm like that though... always leave them scratching their heads
  4. Here is the thing about costumers and sfx people, to add to my "upholstery grade Naugahyde" statement. Even on a big budget film, there are lots of places the money needs to go, and effects people are left short funded. So, it is not unusual, that the original was made from scavenged pleather from a sofa or la z boy recliner. They used a tape recorder for the mech stuff on his chest. That cod piece certainly was not leather though.
  5. I'm sorry if I confused you, I know the process, but haven't tried it yet.By the way, thanks for the tip about the bleeder knot and keeper! But what I was asking, is how difficult is the lining going to be, when I go to pull the loops forward to tuck the holster through? And, I should stitch the liner to the outer around the slits?
  6. I have been wanting to do a Mexican Loop for some time. I have read up on it, Al Stohlman gives a quick method in his Holster book, and others here have shared their tips. So, I have the basics, but I am wondering how much harder it is with say, a 2-4 oz lining? The main leather I have on hand is 6oz veg.
  7. Ok... it isn't for taking "Casual Fridays" to a new level then? I just had to ask... You can never be too sure these days As for the "leather", it is likely upholstery grade Naugahyde, which is a very rare and hard to find material, since the number of wild Naugas has diminished greatly. If you insist on leather, I would go with 2 oz milled.
  8. I just gotta ask... why?
  9. Ok, I count 8 holsters you finished last week... but when did you start them? Let us know, so that the slackers know how much they need to pick it up
  10. That is some beautiful work! What leather and weight are you using?
  11. That's a cool little cell wallet thingy right there!
  12. Only those people in the chat room that know you
  13. Ok... I'm game. My first "Real" attempt at a holster. My actual first, was just scraps from a bag at Hobby Lobby, using finishing nails to punch my stitching holes. That holster was never photographed, and quickly replaced by this full on western gunbelt and holster. I bought a new gun, and was not happy with the cheap nylon "one size fits many" holster, and nobody within a hundred miles sold a western belt. The internet had a lot of holsters, many were questionable, lots were pricey. I figured I'm pretty good with my hands, why not give it a go?
  14. No worries
  15. My bad, I tried