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  1. Like the title says, I'm wondering what the average width for a double shoulder would be? I'm looking to make 35-40 inch straps.
  2. Rifle Saddle Scabbard

    I half agree with @cowboycolonel. By all means, use the rifle if you have it, but still get the Stohman book for ideas for constructing the scabbard.
  3. Stiching holes

    I use the Tandy's, because they have large eyes... my eyes have a hard time threading those, let alone a regular needle. Do these John James come in easy thread versions?
  4. @Josh Ashman- Working around issues is a daily operating procedure
  5. @Josh Ashman- I had a request to do a holster for a 1911 w/rail not long ago. I have the mold with the same BBL, but no rail. To make it more interesting, it was also my first Mexican Loop holster. I used my mold to do the pattern, and had to have the customer bring in his pistol for a test fit before sewing it up. I ended up having to add a welt, but it did work out.
  6. "So many guns". You aren't kidding. That is why I prefer working with local folks. I use their pistol to make the patter and get measurements, and even mold with. I cut them a deal on the price, because I don't have to buy the mold.
  7. I don't know where you are, but here in Georgia, folks like to hunt hogs with their pistols. Usually a Ruger SBH with a scope. Second most requested for me, is for a S.A. .45. I have done both Western Full Skirt and regular Belt versions for the .45.
  8. Stiching holes

    I have/have had the same problem. I'm guessing that like me, you use the large eye needle for blind old folk? What seems to work ok for me is, after using the chisel, if the hole is still too small, use a stitching awl to loosen it up a bit more. If it still sticks, use a sturdy pair of hemostats to pull the needle through. I still break a lot of needles, but buy them in larger quantities
  9. Thanks guys. I made one similar to this about a month ago for a customer. Got some really good feedback on it, and am thinking about doing more. Not sure about where pricing should be though, I've seen prices go from $30 to $100 for something like it.
  10. Antiqued Medium Brown color, with Black Lining. Basket Weave stamped, with carved Oak Leaf design. 4-6oz leather with 2-3oz lining. Features Suede covered 1/2" thick foam shoulder pad for non-slip comfort, and Thumb Hole. 35" length +/-, 1" strap with 2 1/2" shoulder strap.
  11. I found a place, I think it was High Desert Leather, that sells plastic studs that do the same thing. It is sort of shaped like a thumbtack, and you tap it into the hole on the snap base. It works ok, but a bit clunky.
  12. WHAT THE @!@#!#~!

    I did look at Buy Leather Online, and choked when I saw Bellies for $44. That aside, how much is shipping going to add, bringing that leather to the States?
  13. If only I could tan at the farm....

    Nice looking critters, but what I see is a lot of expense and work for cheese burgers, steak, and a couple of sides I agree though, if you are raising some cattle, learning to prepare and tan hides would definitely cross my mind too.
  14. @fredk- Also from Webster- Definition of case 1a : a box or receptacle for holding something
  15. @fredk-Not at all. It may not be traditional, but it is doing what a holster does.