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  1. "The highwayman" buscadero gun belt. My first one

    I'm not a fan of the tassels, but that is a beautiful belt. Can't wait to see the holster that goes with it.
  2. Thumb Break Shoulder Holster 1911 Pattern and Advice

    This is the pattern I use for shoulder rigs. The holster attaches to the harness via a snap down belt loop, sort of like a Buscadero rig. 357 Shoulder Rig.html
  3. pistol display carving

    That is an awesome idea! I know a bunch of boys at the CASCity forums that would appreciate this.
  4. Question about presses and leather forming... What are you putting against the leather to form with? I mean, is it a foam pad, or something else to force the leather into all the nooks and crannies?
  5. That looks beautiful @Dwight. But I noticed that you have your Chicago screws with the slot on the inside. I read that you shouldn't have the slot where it would rub against clothing. Is that just paranoia, or not?
  6. @Dwight- Did you measure out your mold for any particular mag, or is it just a generic "fit most mags" mold?
  7. I've only made a few slings, and used some 2-3oz as a liner. I maybe shouldn't have used it on the 1" swivel straps, mostly because it tends to bunch up where the strap bends. Going to only line the widest part of the strap now.
  8. Toad Skin Leather?

    That was soooo bad!
  9. Toad Skin Leather?

    Gotta wonder... anybody try licking the toad skins? I hear it is popular out in Colorado of all places.
  10. @Lobo- THat is some pretty interesting stuff. I'm curious though, you made holsters for LEO, are you still making holsters for them? The reason I ask, I know nothing about your holsters, but I will assume they are regular leather, and not Kydex, plastic, and lots of screws and bushings? I have talked with many of the local LEOs, and they all have pretty much the same gear... all plastic.
  11. Well... more like, Gonna need to make the holsters anyways, and while BlueGuns are nice, they don't do much against home invaders. I think it's hammerless design makes it perfect for a purse gun. And this has nothing to do with the wife hounding me for a carry purse
  12. I just did a second holster for the Ruger LCR38. Nice little revolver. If I continue to get orders for them, I might just have to buy one... you see, the pawn shop has been letting me use one of theirs for a mold.
  13. Painting Small Letters

    @retiredff- I have not tried it yet... with leather. I just haven't done much lettering. But, this is the approach I would take, and have in other media.