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  1. Really cool! Did you carve the lace hooks too?
  2. Very cool! I really like the chest! Any way you could post a better picture of the carving on the lid?
  3. Ok, thanks again HBAR.
  4. Thanks HBAR. I knew about cutting on a curve, but not really excited to try that for a first time. I was particularly interested in wet forming the curve though. With a wide blank of 4", I thought about wetting it and trying to stretch it on a pipe to for the curve. My hesitation is, that forcing a curve is going to leave the leather bumpy, not flat and smooth. Am I correct there?
  5. Sorry to drag this old thread up, but I'm thinking about doing another Buscadaro/Gunfighter belt. The last one I made, was cut straight, and since I have apparently lost my butt over the years, it tends to slide off my hips. I am wondering how wet forming a curved belt would work? How would it be done?
  6. Looking at the pic you posted, it looks more like rope, not circles. Maybe his just need to be smaller, and more tightly spaced then?
  7. I'm just the opposite. I prefer holster work, but I've been asked to do a belt, a tool pouch, and various other items. It isn't my norm, but I don't mind thinking outside the box on occasion. If somebody asked for a leather cod piece, I'd turn it down, just because I don't want to have to measure and fit the guy. If a gal wanted a bustier, I'd certainly take every effort to make sure it fit just right... but that's just me. If somebody asked for a steel lined belt... I'd really have to consider a source for the spring steel, and how much more it would add to an already time consuming project. If they were willing to pay it, I will make it.
  8. Isn't China where everything comes from anyways?:rofl:
  9. @TonyRV2- Without looking at the catalogs, I'd swear I've seen sole bends that were 13-15oz, maybe even a tad heavier.
  10. Actually, Bill hired somebody smarter to do the work, then sold it as his own. Those hippies in California had the Mouse first, and Bill stole the idea. So kiddies, THAT is how you get rich
  11. I have to agree with the Cowboy, those circles around the anchor do nothing but confuse. Other than that, it's a good starting point. Keep working on it, and you'll get to where you want to be.
  12. How well does the kydex work? It seems like it would be a lot easier to work with.
  13. Some of the bigger name gun belts have a metal blank sandwiched in between the layers. Never thought about doing it myself
  14. Thanks Josh. I can't remember if I have even heard a term for the strap, let alone a style name. But anything has to be better than "A strap that holds the holster to the skirt"
  15. The style is a full skirt holster, but unlike the Mexican Loop, the strap is either inserted through slots in the skirt, sewn or riveted to the skirt. What is this strap style called?