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  1. Rounded edge beveler?

    Does anyone other than Tandy (with their Keen edge beveler) make an edge beveler that makes a nice rounded edge?
  2. Are C.S. Osborne punches good?

    Thanks, guys. Since we're talking Osborne tools - what size, and specific model, edger would best serve me for general work, mainly holsters where I'm edging both single and double-thickness 7-9 oz leathers?
  3. Are C.S. Osborne punches good?

    No. Ihadn't noticed the KW logo before, either. I usually say "Roger" or "Roger that", which then leads folks to ask if I am prior military, which I am. But I never talked on a radio. LOL Roger that, chief.
  4. Are C.S. Osborne punches good?

    Matt, the cheap ones or the more expensive ones from Tandy?
  5. I need to get a punch to make belt slots for my holsters. Are the C.S. Osborne punches of adequate quality?
  6. Any holster makers in NC?

    Thanks for the reply. I'm in Wilson. What kind of holsters do you specialize in?
  7. What machine should a beginner buy?

    Nice. Thanks for that info. And, interestingly, Toledo Sewing Machine company is located just west of Port Clinton, OH where I attend the national rifle matches in July/August of each year. Looks like I'd better start saving up and pick a CB3200 up on my trip up there next year.
  8. What machine should a beginner buy?

    I'd like to jump in on this discussion. What are some recommended machines for making holsters and belts? I've read through Wiz's posts, but I know there's been some new machines since then. Let's use about $1,700 as a max budget.
  9. Most popular gun and holster?

    Thanks for sharing, Ray.
  10. Most popular gun and holster?

    Thanks malabar. Looks like a good excuse for me to go buy me a 1911. ;-)
  11. Most popular gun and holster?

    Looks like I'll be working on holsters for J-frame snubbies then. Most of my other favorite guns are older and not very popular with today's crowd, though - such as Sig P232, S&W 3913, etc..
  12. Most popular gun and holster?

    "If" it had a grip safety, that is.
  13. Most popular gun and holster?

    I'd the BHP just had a grip safety.....
  14. Flat backed for a GP-100

    I've had much better results with all colors since I started spraying it on. I just use a cheap Paasche airbrush that I picked up years ago. I usually mix the Fiebings about 50/50 with denatured alcohol and spray until I get the color I'm looking for.