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  1. deglazer

    I'm not huffing the stuff, guys! I could just smell it when I was applying it.
  2. Tandy 3/16" Eyelet Setter for someone who needs

    I would love to have that, sir! I have just designed a holster for a lady to carry her gun in her purse and I plan to make it so she can secure it by safety pinning it to the inside of her purse.
  3. stamp manufacturers?

    Other than Tandy and Barry King, what are some other makers of tooling stamps?
  4. Swivel knife recommendation?

    Is there a way to tell by looking at them if they are the older knives? I see some on Ebay listed as "vintage", but that doesn't really tell me anything,
  5. Swivel knife recommendation?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good swivel knife that won't break the bank? I've been using the knife that came with my Tandy leather kit many years ago and it's pretty pitiful. For one thing, it's too short for me and nin-adjustable.
  6. Blending carved initials into basket stamping

    I would suggest making a plain un-tooled area at least 1" around the initials.
  7. Dying is easy..... a paraphrase

    For my holsters, I spend about 20 hours, at least, in the design and refinement of each one. Then, just a few minutes stitching it hand.
  8. deglazer

    It's not exactly the same, but I can smell some in there. I also smell something that I believe is lacquer thinner too.
  9. How to make a coaster with a design on it

    I think a design like that is going to require a laser. Search youtube for info on laser on leather.
  10. Finishing A Veg Tan Belt

    Fiebings is liable to stain your teeth if you drink it, though.
  11. Who's making quality mauls these days?

    Does it not look like it will be suitable? Yes, I certainly understand that, having recently received some of Barry's stamps. I'll never, ever purchase any more Tandy stamps.
  12. Who's making quality mauls these days?

    Chas, I did not. I went in the store a few days in advance of the sale and took a look at them. I felt like I needed something heavier than the lighter ones, and lighter than the heavier one. If the mallet had been 2 lb. instead of 1 lb., I probably would have gotten the set. I need about an 18-20 oz. maul, and about a 2.5-3 lb. mallet. I think I'm going to try this mallet:
  13. BTW, tell me more about the hotbox, tearghost.