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  1. How to make a coaster with a design on it

    I think a design like that is going to require a laser. Search youtube for info on laser on leather.
  2. Finishing A Veg Tan Belt

    Fiebings is liable to stain your teeth if you drink it, though.
  3. Who's making quality mauls these days?

    Does it not look like it will be suitable? Yes, I certainly understand that, having recently received some of Barry's stamps. I'll never, ever purchase any more Tandy stamps.
  4. Who's making quality mauls these days?

    Chas, I did not. I went in the store a few days in advance of the sale and took a look at them. I felt like I needed something heavier than the lighter ones, and lighter than the heavier one. If the mallet had been 2 lb. instead of 1 lb., I probably would have gotten the set. I need about an 18-20 oz. maul, and about a 2.5-3 lb. mallet. I think I'm going to try this mallet:
  5. BTW, tell me more about the hotbox, tearghost.
  6. Thanks for the info, tearghost.
  7. I don't want more blending - that's my problem - I want LESS blending.
  8. No, I don't have a picture of it afterwards....because once it became "ugly" I stained it all black. I'm guessing the 50/50 light coat in-between will solve my problem. How long do you let the stain dry before you mist it...and how long after you mist it do you put on your next color of stain?
  9. I like to make up holsters and various pieces with a "faded" or "sunburst" stain pattern. For example, I'll stain (by spraying) a piece yellow using Fiebing's Pro Dye, allow it to set a while, and then airbrush around the outside using a darker brown color, and finally finish it up by airbrushing a really dark edge (usually black) on it. It will look really good at that point, but after 24 hours or so the colors bleed or blend together more than I like, resulting in a more muted color scheme. If I do a nice, dark, black edge the following day it's not so nice and dark anymore. What are some ways I can help avoid the colors merging together so much? Should I mist a coat of Resolene or Tan-Kote on the piece in between each color step...or something like that? I have attached an example of what I'm talking about; however, it looks pretty good here but didn't look quite as good the following day.
  10. Favorite bone folder?

    Would you like a piece of antler? I'm a deer hunter and have plenty of spare antlers laying around.
  11. Club Stamp

    Very nice straps, sir.
  12. Leather shows

    Bump this thread. Anything for us east coast boys?
  13. Sno-Seal shouldn't be able to penetrate through Resolene, should it?
  14. Who's making quality mauls these days?

    Why is the weight a concern?