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  1. Lobo, I'd like to hire you as a consultant in the future to help me turn my leather "hobby" into a part-time retirement "job".
  2. And it aint even April Fool's yet ...

    Damn, Lobo! You've been beat to hell, haven't you?
  3. Pull-cut knife makers?

    Other than Terry Knipschield, is anyone else making a good pull-cut knife? I really like the looks of Terry's design of his Model 2 pull-cut but I believe it's going to be much too long for my hands. Any other suggestions?
  4. Knipschield knives?

    I don't mind wait times and, as a craftsman myself, have learned to never, ever try to rush someone's work - it never turns out well when folks start pestering me for completion dates on a holster.
  5. Knipschield knives?

    That's what I'm thinking. I'm still not convinced that a pull-knife wouldn't suit me better, though, having tried an Osborne head knife just recently.
  6. Knipschield knives?

    Terry Knipschield told me that the Keith style was smaller, so that's what I was going by.
  7. Knipschield knives?

    If you were mainly cutting out pieces for holsters would you recommend sticking with the French style head knife? Also, does anyone have any experience with his Keith Seidel style knife? It's supposedly a little bit smaller than the French knife?
  8. Knipschield knives?

    Do you use your curved detail knife much?
  9. Knipschield knives?

    Is that the French knife in the center bottom?
  10. Knipschield knives?

    Mutt, which knife do you use most often for cutting out pieces?
  11. Knipschield knives?

    I'm considering getting either a French cut head knife or one of his pull-cut knives. I will be mainly using it to cut out patterns (or pieces from patterns, I guess I should say). Which would be best for that job?
  12. Swivel knife recommendation?

    Dang, that's quite a collection!
  13. Cowboy 3200

    Treyman, I may have someone who can go pick it up and ship it for me. Can you send me some contact info, please? You can email me at: tomanderson357(at)
  14. Cowboy 3200

    Come on, man - work me up at deal on some shipping.
  15. Cowboy 3200

    Any options for shipping?