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  1. Tippmann Boss for sale Australia

    This machine recently imported from the US, stitches leather up to 3/4 inch (19mm) and just about anything the needle will penetrate, like webbing and most plastics. No power required, hand operated and easy to use. Compact, portable. Spare bobbins, needles, bobbin winder, full instructions, some threads. Cost $2500 plus $300 freight. Yours for $1750 plus freight (or collect from Noosa QLD). Near offers considered. Contact discus49 AT gmail.com
  2. Tandy reduced goods on site

    I could well be wrong, but have Tandy told you they are withdrawing from UK? They have in Australia, where there was only one outlet. We are going to have to order from the US, in US dollars and pay overseas freight. I noticed several items out of stock in their catalogue. The only good thing is that there may be a fire sale nearer the time they close ?May.