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  1. Nevadan: Are these still available? Thanks, Dave
  2. I was wondering if anyone has used this product. I have thought about ordering and am looking for opinions of how good it is. Thanks, Dave
  3. Are expensive whet stones worth it?

    May I suggest before you buy any other stones watch a few videos on how to sharpen. There are some on this site that are quite good and You Tube has tons. Practice is the key and polishing or stropping the blade is just as important as getting it sharp. Learning proper blade angle is key to getting it sharp. I use Japanese water stones and usually only need to strop to keep an edge but that also has a lot to do with what you are sharpening, the metal its made of and how you use it. Lots of ways to accomplish sharpening and each tool you sharpen will be different. Dave
  4. SB Foot 4.5-5oz Olive Sids $2 per foot

    Amen !!! And a good description but put a big Star by high Quality. Great for the right projects. Dave
  5. SB Foot 4.5-5oz Olive Sids $2 per foot

    I would think you need to look elsewhere. Mine is olive in color and not for tooling.
  6. Who has better Zippers for bags and totes ?

    Thanks and I will look. Dave
  7. SB Foot 4.5-5oz Olive Sids $2 per foot

    I just received one of these hides and they are in my opinion very nice. The pictures above do not do them justice. I am thinking of getting a second one. Just wanted to say thanks. Sincerely, Dave
  8. I am looking for Zippers and luggage hardware. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  9. Natural Beeswax

    How much Rosin ? Thanks, Dave
  10. Review videos of CHARTERMADE skiving knife

    I was impressed with your review enough to order several different sets. Thanks, Dave
  11. Review videos of CHARTERMADE skiving knife

    Liked your Video on Wuta Pricking irons and ordered some. He owes ya !!!
  12. I think most were sold on E Bay I know the knife, Pricking tools and some of the other was listed
  13. Natural Beeswax

    Ill gladly take B Thanks Ill message you
  14. Are you selling these all together or separate? If separate how much for shipping? Thanks, Dave