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  1. i bought some horween seconds from beautiful stuff!! check them out they have various colors all the time and the 3-5oz I bought is very supple, and soft.. but when you sew it together it does gain a rigidity that bodes well for these. I just made a few and I am 100% sold on this leather for all wallets now..
  2. Thank you all. It's angelus paint, I'll touch it up for her. Tooling is the fun part! Definitely tougher than I expected when I first started, and far more addicting. I got some swatches from Horween and plan to order some leather soon. I can't wait to have an actual supply of leather and not have to worry about getting more in.
  3. These are my projects, very new to this. 4 months in. Guitar strap for my 12 year old cousin DW. I used a ready strap and just tooled it. She is learning guitar, I am learning to let my paint dry before adding clear... wallets are the 3rd and 4th things I've ever made. I think I like the interior that is empty best. and the FIALA tooling is for a duck call neck strap. first attempt at tooling. I know now that I want a sewing machine and better quality leather.
  4. I am in Enid, only been at it for a few months, learning a ton and very thankful for how accommodating this community is.
  5. very very new to all of this and searching for all the info I can... how do you print this out?? stupid question i am sure. but for me it all prints on one page 8x11, I am certain I am doing something wrong.