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  1. Yetibelle thank you for ur contribution, i already have the post bed but its not roller foot and i am not having the clearance to saw neatly.getting past here in Nigeria is difficult, that's why i was considering that. Secondly i want something that can saw big thread for contrasting. Although i also have another single needle postbed with roller the friend send to me however i don't seem to like it and i don't think it has thread adjustment. What do you think about this ?
  2. Thank sir for your contribution to my awareness of what i need. I just uploaded the postbed double needle machine, I am having tough time with the maximum size of needle and thread it can carry. Any information will be well appreciated sir.
  3. If it has the walking foot drive is what i don't know for now,i was only sent the picture i uploaded.Mr Uwe thanks for your contribution.
  4. @ Matt S, i really want to say thank you. From what you have said ,it is a good buy if it's in good working condition right?
  5. Is this a good machine for shoeing works and can i get replacement part should any damage occur?
  6. Thanks to all of you for the excellent advices given. However, i had purchased it before getting to see your replies. Like Mikesc opined, i haven't been able to get a double roller foot to replace the foot that came with it. I am just coming up in the field so i need lots of advice. Attached is the machine and a sample of my shoe
  7. Good day,please this is my first time starting a topic so pardon me if i didn't I do it right. I need professional advice on this Adler machine, model code plate i think fell off so i don't have any idea about the model however, it carries a big roller and big hook. A friend brought it for me to buy. Here is the help i need,is this machine capable of sewing through thick surface? Will it be a good deal if a go for it? What size of needles can it carry? Any advice as to the quality and functionality of this machine will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hello all, please I am Jollins from Nigeria and I make shoes. I was using an industrial cloth machine before now but i want to get another. I saw this one in used market but i don't know if it is a good deal.Double needle Pfaff machine And also i saw a prestige double needle but China origin. Anyone with knowledge of these machines should please advice for me, need your help.