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  1. Hey reg I have an old heiser saddle for sale that's in excellent condition would you be interested? Was reading this guys ?? And saw your reply and thought I'd ask that's a nice Simons saddle for sure!!
  2. Heiser saddle

    Will upload all pictures of this saddle on Facebook will not let me to it on here my username on Facebook Is Deenaandbillykaminski
  3. Heiser saddle

    I will try to get and post more pics of this saddle I think you will be amazed with its condition!
  4. Heiser saddle

    I bought it at an estate sale in southern illinois from a guy named ed fischer about a year ago I knew what it was and I couldn't pass it up thank God no one else knew what it was!! I'm amazed at the condition of this saddle I haven't seen another in this good of shape!!
  5. Heiser saddle

    Again the condition of this saddle is extraordinary for its age!!
  6. Early 1800 to 1920 hh heiser saddle excellent condition can anyone tell me what this saddle might be worth