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  1. Question regarding leather conditioner.

    You can call them direct, and I'm certain they'd send you some. Toll Free in the US 800-785-2466 and they're on the Pacific coast. or go to
  2. Question regarding leather conditioner.

    There is no need to look any further than Skidmore's for a conditioner. I'd write a testimonial, but once you use it. you'll love it. I buy it by th ecase, use it by the gallon, and give it away with every new saddle purchase.
  3. site chat

    Ross, With all the smoke and ash in the air, it's really bad breathing outside, and as I said earlier, my computer is in the barn. So I'll be back when the air clears a bit. Right now it's like snow falling, except that it's ash, and the smoke is so thick and pervasive that we all have to wear masks to even be outside. Look like a bunch from Shanghai. Not pleasant nor healthy. I'll be branding calves on Friday ( 200 miles away and out of the smoke pattern, so I have to get my gear ready, or I wouldn't be out here even this morning. Chat when I can Colonel
  4. There Are Some Good Tandy People Out There!

    There's a reason they're still up and operating at so many locations. I, for one, am NOT a detractor of Tandy - especially the staff. Thanks for bringing up the matter.
  5. Tooling question.

    Best kept secret in the business is the guys that cut headstones. They give you about anything you want. Their aching to get rid of their remnants. Give it a try.
  6. site chat

    Thought I was shut down, as my computer told me I weas not connected to the internet. It must've done an auto-re-start, so I find I was no longer invisible but not awake. Sorry for the mis-representation.
  7. Has anyone tried Un-doing saddle stitching?

    Speaking of which ... If you haven't discovered liquid bandage, this is the time. Although I do not recommend practicing this art, you can apply this stuff ( which is essentially super glue for skin) and get right back to work with a lot less pain, as the cut is not exposed to air, and no more bleeding on your project. I've had it used (by a surgeon) on my face and hands, and I've used it on my fingers so many times I can't recall. I keep a bottle in my shop, in my truck, shaving kit, saddle bags, and medicine cabinet. Available at about any drug store. you can thank me later.
  8. Has anyone tried Un-doing saddle stitching?

    I try not to have to separate the layers, but sometimes you just have to. I use a standard stitch-ripper on occasion, but they don't last very long if your stitching is tight. X-acto knife with number 11 blade seems to be the solution -- for me anyway.
  9. Has anyone tried Un-doing saddle stitching?

    Yep. Do it all the time. If you want a good-looking job you have to be willing to do it from time. Just work from the off-side so tool marks don't show. Back up to where it is presentable and go back three more stitches, Then use whatever splicing method you are comfortable with and make it right. No need to separate the leathers as long as they were aligned while you were doing the original stitching. The Colonel
  10. Clicker Die needed

    Called the number -- It was a fax line. Is that your stuff?
  11. Clicker Die needed

    I know there's someone out there that can make me a clicker die reasonably priced and reasonably soon. Just need a four-inch circle. Anybody?
  12. Pony-Express Saddle for sale

    Nice looking saddle. Good luck selling it.
  13. Clicker dies

    Who do I go to to getr a clicker die made? Should be relatively simple - just a four-inch circle.
  14. Large thread cone holder

    Get a board, drill some hol;es evenly spaced, and stich a dowel into it. Hang the cone on the dowel and you're done. Won't cost as much as it would to ship on from the next town, assuming you have a drill.
  15. Rifle Saddle Scabbard

    Okay Shalako, WHAT, (exactly) is 32 inches long? The barrel? The overall Length? For reference, my 1894 (30 WCF) has a 20" barrel and is 38", butt-plate to muzzle. Seems to me that 32" is a damn long barrel for an 1876, especially in such a heavy caliber.