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  1. Computer Templates

    I have used several programs either as stand-alone or in concert with others. I have settled on Illustrator, although I am not completely thrilled with their new (non) support mechanism,. You can take a photo of your pattern or image, then "place" that image into an open file. Use the guides to size it to what you want, then mask unwanted areas and change the remainder to grayscale to preserve colored ink. If you really want to get involved, you can add a layer and trace over the desired image, then remove the base layer. OR, after sizing, you can trace your image by hand and scan it back into the computer for resizing as desired. The real question is whether you want to work for the computer or have it work for you. So many options and variations.
  2. Sewing canvas with a needle made for leather

    I have done it, but ONLY in a pinch. When I have done it, I've folded and rolled the seams after coating liberally with rubber cement. If you don't do something to hold the fibers, the stitching won't last very long as everything will un-ravel.
  3. ISO: Someone looking to do some piecework

    Guess this would depend on what you mean by "here and there", your pattern or mine, whose ID stamp goes on the work, etc. Might be interested.
  4. What's the Best Glue in 2017?

    Here in the Peoples' Republic of California, where we're protected from ourselves, we can't get Barge's in any useful quantities, so I've had to go to Master's. It forms a strong bond, seems to grip more readily on moist leather, and doesn't give off such a strong odor, so it's what I use now. Doubt I'd go back to Barge's if I could.
  5. Sheep wool alternative for Neat Lac/Wyosheen

    Okay, Guys, A priority mail box measuring 5 1/2 X 12 X12 will hold 5 pounds of fleece. So there's your benchmark.
  6. Sheep wool alternative for Neat Lac/Wyosheen

    Smashy, I trim the fleece short before using it, so I wouldn't think that the length of the wool fibers is a player. It just lets you apply the medium (whether dye, neat-lac, Atom Wax, etc.) evenly
  7. Sheep wool alternative for Neat Lac/Wyosheen

    I just threw out five large black garbage bags full of fleece remnants. Can't find anyone to take them and I only use whole fleeces to line my saddles. Pay the shipping and I'll send you the stuff by the ton.
  8. PDF Pattern for a Rifle Slip

    Let me see if I can find my pattern pack. I'll get back to you.
  9. PDF Pattern for a Rifle Slip

    Did you not want to follow the advice from above? If not, Tandy sells full on pattern. I find that it's much easier to make you own, as you aren't having to modify a "one-size-fits-none" pattern.
  10. Would this mallet work?

    Here's the deal. Woody. You want balance and proper weight. If it works for you, then use it. I prefer a maul. Using a mallet wears me out. You have to pay attention to keeping the face aligned properly and you want to use just the right amount of effort on each and every stroke. Once you get the feel for the maul, it's effortless and you can do it all day. Find what works for you and then go with it.
  11. As I posted a month or so ago -- I use Everclear. It's cheaper than reducer and since it's durn near pure alcohol, works just fine. Normal precautions apply. Practice on a test strip first. AND ... I you're going to drink it, please do so prior to adding the actual dye.
  12. Rifle Saddle Scabbard

    I go for building the pattern around the weapon when given a choice. If you have your hands on it, it will take moments to do that.
  13. Wedding Album/ State Fair Entry

    The glass shop sells the stuff here. I just go down and have them cut it to size. Seems to me that tape is the better option for smaller pieces.
  14. Wedding Album/ State Fair Entry

    ... and I'm still waiting for someone to order a left-hand gun belt. You can do the left-to-right conversion quickly if you wait until you're almost done and then put the Makers Mark on upside down. I use plexi glass too - works like a charm and allows you to turn the work as required.
  15. Wedding Album/ State Fair Entry

    I did the "left to right reversal" several times when I first started. I even built a belt backwards once. What a waste of leather! Your work is beautiful, though, and not easy to keep the tooling area from stretching out under the stamps. You should be proud to be able to do such beautiful work.