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  1. I know I'm new to this. I ship most things ordered within 7 days. Next day if it's a ready made item.
  2. I use chisels. It gives ME an even look. My ask stitching is not good. Good chisels don't make to big a hole IF you match thread to stitch. IMHO.
  3. I do them \. IF You look at the top of this section there are 2 tutorials on doing angled basket weave. But with most stamping I think it's what you like and what
  4. Basically the way I understand it is. European style is marking and hand stitching with an awl. Japanese is to pre punch with a chisel and then hand stitch. Ian Atkinson also has some good hand stitching videos. Leodis Leather. He uses chisels. I have the Craftool Pro 3mm and 4mm. Work very nice. Gives a 8spi and 10spi roughly.
  5. We're you using the black Craftool or the Pro set?
  6. 4mm roughly 8 dpi. 5mm roughly 6spi.3mm roughly 10 dpi.
  7. I'm pretty sure. Recovering is your only option.
  8. YouTube can be your friend on a lot of stuff with leather. There is some not worth watching but quite a few guys on this site have made videos and tutorials on how to do stuff. Have fun.
  9. I just saw Nigel Armitage was sent some and seems to like at the first go. He will probably do a video on them soon. He has a bunch of review videos on pricing irons and stitching chisels.
  10. They are pretty easy for a basic one. Look on YouTube there are quite a few videos on how to make one. A 6 foot 1X4 in oak and a 6 inch piece of 2×4 . A few screws,bolt with wing nut or clamp and some leather to wrap the end so you dont mar up your projects. I used a piece of cedar fence
  11. I've never bought the euro bend. But I did notice most of the have man made holes. Must be part of the tanning process.
  12. I remember him posting a few months ago about a burglary.
  13. Looks good. What did you use for leather?
  14. It's really more of anew accent panel than reinforcement panel IMO. If you cover the trigger guard it will be harder to get good boning to hold the gun won't it?
  15. Looks good. Interesting combo. But it works. Would have not thought of that.