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  1. Minimalist Wallet

    Sounds like everything a minimalist wallet should be. Good work.
  2. Beautiful as always Dwight. Nuff said.
  3. First card wallets

    Only way to reduce the wrinkling at a bend I've found is VERY thin leather and just a smidge shorter than the outside piece. Cloth also works nice for a liner and you can add a pop of color.
  4. Biker Hairglove upgrade

    Nice simple and clean. I am apparently the King of pocket protectors on Etsy. Have sold about 30 of them. 3/4 are custom
  5. Too shiny/glossy finish...

    Chrome tanned leather is pretty near impossible to refinish from all I've read and heard. Look luck!
  6. Newbie holster question

    You don't need rawhide for rigitidy. Using 2 layers of 5oz will be nice and stiff. Look in the holster section for some advice there are a lot of guys who do cowboy action holster and probby get some advice there. I wet form my holsters and they are stiff but designed for retention not fast draw.
  7. Camo Guitar Strap

    Ya that wallet does look pretty cool. I saw some at Tandy but it's really dull looking. And prob not very good
  8. Camo Guitar Strap

    Looks good as always. Where did you get the leather?
  9. Probably these were just some pieces I had that were buckle size. Wanna so an inlay holster with the plates part too.
  10. Just messing around this weekend. Couple of ostrich leg buckles made with some scrap.
  11. What adhesive to use...

    If go with Barge Cement.
  12. belt rules?

    This helped me. The pic is odd the post is for dress belts.
  13. Dye loss

    I do a 50/50 mix off beeswax and parifin wax. Some also add neetsfoot oil. I don't want mine that soft. Just melt the waxes together and pour in a muffin papers and make yourself little pods. Ta. Matt.
  14. Dye loss

    Beeswax burnished on the edge will help.
  15. Leather show 2017

    Prescott and Sheridan are the big ones. They are in the spring every year. Check out The leathercrafters and Saddlers Journal they put on Prescott and Sheridan.