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  1. What to use for inlays in horse tack

    Airbrushing veg tan should work.
  2. Minimalist Wallet

    Looking good. You are really busy pounding out
  3. Vertical Wallet With Zippered Coin Pouch

    Haha. Hardest part of zippers for me is finding right size. I hate trying to faff around building one.
  4. Cutting Mats

    Mine are all cut up. But as to cutting through it. That take a bit of work and really wanting
  5. Wife Gets A New Wallet

    That airbrush really was a game changer for my dye jobs.
  6. Cutting Mats

    If it's a self healing mat it should be fine.
  7. Reading Fredk explaning what the were thefirst thing that popped in my mind was." All creatures great and small" tv series. The dude was shoulder deep in a cow every episode. Lol And I remember him "venting" a cow in the books a few times. Not sure about in the TV show though.
  8. Wife Gets A New Wallet

    I have that pattern in digital download. Where the bill slots are square on the end I made them round. It's cleaner to cut and burnish. Also the digital is free. I have other acrylics of his too.
  9. Shout Out to Bossier City Tandy Crew

    Yep. I don't get leather at Tandy. But if I need dye or something like that they are 10 min drive.
  10. First Actual Project: Cuff

    Also there is what Al Stohlman calls the "quarter horse" with no back legs that you use on "your favorite chair". Lol
  11. First Actual Project: Cuff

    Basically the are the 3 styles of holding devises. Variation are innumerable. Clam on top, pony on left, horse on right. These also are terms that sometimes are interchangeable like pricking iron and chisel. In my experience anyways.
  12. Tiger 25 thread

    I think it's a you get what you pay for kind of thing. Rita is known quality. Chinese EBay what you get is what you get. Might be great might be garbage.
  13. New to leatherworking.Hobo bag I finally finished

    Makesupply also with make custom templates for you.
  14. First Actual Project: Cuff

    You can always take the bolt out and use a bar clamp on bigger stuff. I have also clamped stuff to the outside of my pony. Purses and such. Used a ruler with binder clips to make stuff not flop over when stitching. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that. Lol