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  1. Website Critique

    Our big problem every thing you said is like you are speaking Greek. Lol
  2. Upholstered Motorcycle Seat

    Hey! I never change my mind. Wait. Yes I do. Looks great!
  3. Website Critique

    Thanks my wife works at a University and is a licensed educator!
  4. Website Critique

    We have Photoshop express not the big full blown one. My wife does the computer stuff. Everything we look at is like use this setting or that setting the adust in photoshop. But then she want to slam her head on the table because using photoshop express not the same and can’t seem to get good results. All that stuff you just said is Greek to me @TonySFLDLTHR. Lol
  5. Website Critique

    Thank you guys. Pictures are our We have shot over and over with light tents, no tent, camera, phone. Will keep working on it.
  6. Website Critique

    We put up a website from Shopify. I wonder if some of you with more experience could look at it and see what you think. We have had a problem getting good pics. We have a high dollar camera and looked at tutorials on taking pics. We have tried cell phone pics and end editing also. Thank you.
  7. One year on.

    A customer got back to us after one year of daily use. Loves it the way it looks a functions. That’s always nice to hear. I don’t know about anyone else but I wonder about that.
  8. Airbush dye for leather?

    I damp the leather before I airbrush. It soaks in pretty good. Saying that I don’t use belts, sheaths, holsters and the like.
  9. Airbush dye for leather?

    I use Fiebings Pro Dye. Just cuz it’s the dye I prefer to use as a dye. But like @garypl said anything the consistency of milk will work.
  10. heating tandy alphabet/cartoon stamps?

    A heat gun works nice on craftool stamps on veg and chrome tan. A press of some kind also works best. Use welding gloves it don’t take much to get them HOT. Lol Practice on some scrap for best heat time and pressure works best for you. Even a simple c clamp will work.
  11. My latest belt

    I like it. I like contrasting thread colors.
  12. My latest belt

    It’s white.White Thread sometimes look blue in pictures. I’ve had that
  13. Gluing leather to stitching horse?

    The angle makes it like a stitching clam/
  14. Gluing a split

    We used to have an Aldi’s where I used to live. I loved shopping there. Except for the “beef” it just never tasted right to me. Then Aldi’s admitted there “beef” contained up to 100% horse meat. I was talking with my Dad and he goes “yeah horse is very sweet” and that is exactly what made it taste “not right”.
  15. Beretta PX 4 Storm

    Sold. Will ship as soon as I get an address. Lol