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  1. Anything will darken veg tan. You can put it in sunlight and tan it just like human skin. Resoline has a uv blocker though. As to looking nice its all in the eye of the beholder as they
  2. Air brush black on edges or look up block dying.
  3. See comment before yours.
  4. If I strapped all my diabetic supplies on my waist I'd need suspenders and a belt! A cigar case would work for my insulin pens though.........hmmmmm
  5. Got a lot going on there Alex. Lol I read it a couple times and got it worked out but can't help you.
  6. Nigel Armitage has a video I believe how to stitch a belt keeper. Worth a peek into believe.
  7. Full spools are $32. .06 a meter. Once you use it you will make drying lines from your Tandy
  8. Looks good. Thinking outside the box as they
  9. That's each move only $500;on random trips to Denver. Only thing not in our house IKEA is living room furniture. Lol
  10. Every time we move it's a $1000 trip to IKEA.
  11. Nstarleather has horween scrap at $6 a lbs in the leather and lace for sale section. Looks like big pieces.
  12. 70 all week here the 30's this weekend. We have red flag up for fire too.
  13. Vegan leather.hehe
  14. You cut a slit in a strap and pull it through itself.