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  1. finishes

    I believe the water based dyes are eco dyes for markets like California.
  2. How to make Leather stamp?

    Springfield Leather Company
  3. How to make Leather stamp?

    There are some posts on here of people using bolts and nails. They just grind and file them them to the shape they are looking for. Some videos on YouTube also I believe.
  4. Dying Drum Dyed Leather

    Most drum dyed isn’t finished just dyed.
  5. Truck Key Fob

    If they are Barry King or the like that’s cheap. If newer Tandy almost full price. I’m assuming you are talking about stamps. Post a link or pic and people can get a better idea of what there is.
  6. Truck Key Fob

    Replace the rivet with a Chicago screw.
  7. Dying Drum Dyed Leather

    I have. Worked fine. Dyed chestnut black.
  8. Old World Wedding Decanter

    That is pretty cool looking!
  9. resolene

    Maybe start just doing 2 coats? No idea about the Resolene I hardly use it.
  10. Tape measure holder "help please"

    Buy a cheap one and remove the rivets and use on yours.
  11. Did you all to Tandy? They are good a replacement for defective items.
  12. My 3rd go at making a bag

    Look purdy durn good to me!
  13. 20190105_114211.jpg

    Looks good!
  14. Snaps

    For pictures I use an app on my phone called Image Size. Easy and fast. For snaps use a small drill to remove old snaps on jacket. If you can get to the back of them and reinstall Line 24 in the old hole.
  15. First attempt at a belt

    Look real nice. I love the Mahogany.