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  1. Cowboy 810 Burnishing Machine

    Looks like the Tandy one they just started selling also.
  2. What to line a knife sheath with

    Tokonole is more like Gum Trag. Resoline is a water based finish. Not unlike Mop&Glo floor finish, some people use M&G instead of Resoline.
  3. Finished Handbag

    Looking good.
  4. A couple of Father’s Day wallets

    Looking good.
  5. Some use super sheen as a resist it’s primaral a top coat.
  6. A 5/6 Latino probably work well. It the weight of a wallet body so not to heavy.
  7. Custom belt and long wallet

    Thanks everyone.The thread is .8 Ritza in orange. And yes a craftool backgrounder. The wallet also has a barb wire stamp border.
  8. Custom belt and long wallet

    A belt and long wallet for a co worker. Custom stamp ordered from Sergi Neskromski. It is amazing work. My use of it doesn’t do the stamp justice.
  9. Screw on SNAPS

    Tandy has screw adapter for conchos. On holsters I use 6/32 screws and T-nuts. Idk if this helps or is what you mean.
  10. Beretta PX 4 Storm

    Bump. Seems like someone could use Berretta PX 4 Storm.
  11. Beretta PX 4 Storm

    I have a Ring Storm bluegun I’m not using and never have used. It has a couple of spots from black dye splashed on it. $35 and free shipping. If you have a S&W Bodyguard to trade we can talk about that too. Thanks.
  12. Long Wallet

    ^^^ What he said.^^^
  13. Long Wallet This is what I was saying. I just decide what look I want for each project.
  14. Long Wallet

    It depends on personal choice. Some use say 8 or 9 stitches per inch. Lay your chisel on a ruler and see how many points fit in a inch. Gives a rough estimate of SPI. I am out of time so I don’t have access to my tools to take pics to illustrate what I am talking about. Different SPI will give the same project that is exactly the same a completely different look.