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  1. I'm thinking Fiebing Mahagony would work. I got someone who want the Chocolate cherry also. Thoughts?
  2. Dye Harness Leather edges

    First off don't use oil in your dye. Oil dye is a misnomer there is no oil in oil dye. Just alcohol. Putting oil in dye will never allow it to fully dry. This is my understanding. Burnish with water and saddle soap. Then dye with it full strength. Then burnish a coat of beeswax/parifin wax mix (50/50). That's what I do and don't get rub off.
  3. Axe Loop

    Simple,effective and good looking.
  4. Turning/Folding Edge tool

    I have one from Tandy that is bone, and curved. Point on one end round on the other.
  5. Turning/Folding Edge tool

    It's a bone folder. You can get them out of bone,plastic,or metal. Any leather supplier will have them.
  6. Problem with dyeing / cleaning leather

    That sounds like a water based dye. Ok that's what you do with the Tandy Waterstains. Good luck. They always want to change things don't They? Hey this works fine and everybody likes it..... Let change the
  7. Problem with dyeing / cleaning leather

    Ditto Mutt. I have about 6 square inches left of my Tandy 3 oz left. It didn't even want to dye black
  8. Hello from Iowa, USA- The Hawkeye State

    Start simple. Box cutter, rulers,(cork backed if possible) punches from Harbor Freight. You can get a lot of tolls cheaper if there are not labeled leather working. Make key fobs, braclets, minimalist wallets. They are small prices of leather that you can practice the fundamentals over and over. And you then have some small x mas gifts for friends and family. Jlsleather a member here has some free patterns on his website and also he sells small pieces of project leather on his Etsy site. All his leather is Hermann Oak or Wickett and Craig. Good stuff. Good luck have fun and say good bye to your retirement fund. Lol
  9. Tooling question.

    Also can go to countertop makers and get there off cuts for $2 or $3. In the US you can go to Habitat For Humanity and get stuff cheap too.
  10. Most vests sold for riding bike have a CCW pocket in them now days. I never use mine. It's where I put my Like Dwight said they tend to bulge.
  11. Can't really get rid of it. You might try a light coat of neetsfoot oil any try putting it in sun to tan (like your skin does) in the sun. If dyeing black or other dark color it might get hidden. Always store leather out of the sun or at least grain side in. Others might have a better idea.
  12. Is it tape residue or is sun discoloration?
  13. First Swivel Knife

    I'm dont carve a lot.But what I've seen to notice with all tools is what works for one won't work for another person. Most people like Barry King or Leather Wranglers. I have a Craftool Pro and a Keosho Elle. (Spelling?) I like both for different things. One has adjustable height one doesn't. I have 6 different kinds of blades also. There is no one size fits all. IMHO
  14. Barry King Edgers.

    I talked with Jeremiah and his wife at Sheridan. They are working with the folks making them trying to get them better. Also he told me to polish them on a buffing wheel with some rouge to clean up the edge. Idk if there is a way to get rid of the line other than leaning them over. I have the 0 to 5 sizes. I use the 0 on 3 oz for wallets.