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  1. Jeff is the guy that did the post and video. There is no resist used that I know of.
  2. Jeff is the guy that did the post and video. There is no resist used that I know of.
  3. Orders to ship

    4 more on the way out the door.
  4. Two new cowboy holsters

    It’s amazing the variety of stamping you can get with just a few
  5. suppliers that split english bridle

    Wickett and Craig will sell it and split it for you.
  6. Orders to ship

    Thank you everyone.
  7. Orders to ship

    Thank you. The one with the initials is Show Brown and the wallet and other pocket protector are Chocolate. Fiebings Pro Dye, airbrushed on. Subtle difference hard to tell in picture.
  8. Orders to ship

    Yes I hand stitch everything. I use stitching chisels and Tiger thread. Usually .8.
  9. Orders to ship

    Thanks @battlemunky!
  10. Orders to ship

    Couple pocket protectors and a front pocket wallet ready to ship out. All made out of 3oz W/C.
  11. Anyone Read Don Gonzales's Floral Design eBook?

    What do you mean by peculiar presentation of material?
  12. Also need to rough smooth leather to give it a “tooth” just like with wood.
  13. Wet molding 4 oz

    As Jeff said double 4oz. Then it’s lined also. Win win I’d say.
  14. Sig P229 pattern. Anyone?

    Check JLSleather. He has a lot of patterns and good instructions on how to make one yourself also.
  15. First 'Clam shell' CCW/ open carry holster.

    To my eye it almost seem to be upside down in the holster. Other than the strap. I would round the end of the strap end also square edges seem to snag on things. That barb wire stamp can be fiddly to work