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  1. Snap fasteners

    Try Buckle Guy.
  2. Looks good. Nice color and stitching.
  3. Leather Supplier in Northern Virginia, USA

    W/C probably the closest quality supper closest to you.
  4. I decided to begin.

    The stuff people keep in there pockets sand purses are a good start. Talk to your friends and families and see what interests them. Start with small stuff to hone skills.
  5. Dog harness/leather question

    That a thought too. I always think of extra leather as "stock" to make something
  6. Tandy Half pint saddles

    Have you tried in the Tack and Saddles section?
  7. Rivets - rapid vs. tubular vs. double cap

    I think the tubular rivets are stronger but the double caps much more attractive. And many options for a look. The hammered antique nickle are really nice looking. Also they have the benefit of all having the same post diameter so you can use the small rivet with the large cap. And vice versa If you need them short or long.
  8. Saddle soap would be my first option.......
  9. Rivets - rapid vs. tubular vs. double cap

    Rapid and double caps are the same. They set easy are not the strongest. I never used tubular rivets. Personally I prefer copper burr rivets. I have seen some use a small washer on the tubular rivets. Looks goes to double caps IF strength not an issue. And they are just for show/accent. But if I can use a copper burr rivet I will. Don't know if my rambling babbling helps at
  10. Dog harness/leather question

    Just call Kylie. W/C is old school. Talk to her she will steer you in the right direction. It is amazing leather to work with and in the end you are only spending $20/$30 over Tandy. And the results you get are so much better.
  11. Dog harness/leather question

    You could order a bend from w/c 7/8 oz. Then it would be great for belts. Line with a 3oz from Tandy. Heavy enough for belts, sheaths, holsters. You could then dye any color you want and seal it. If you don't go the Latigo route. Just thinking out loud here.
  12. Dog harness/leather question

    Laminate with 2 leathers with padding on the inside would be my suggestion. Albeit though I've never made a dog collar. So you can take it for what it's As to ordering leather you can only charge for the leather used plus some wastage. It's a good way to build a stock of leather up. Also just my opinion.
  13. 2 gun rig for 5-1/2" SAA's

    Mop and Glo. It's an acrylic floor polish/wax.
  14. 2 gun rig for 5-1/2" SAA's

    I agree whole heartedly.
  15. 2 gun rig for 5-1/2" SAA's

    And if you get the lemon stuff you get citrus fresh