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  1. Great job
  2. Thank you! What have you been working on?
  3. We have recently got into making watch rolls. I actually got to take a few pictures during the build so I wanted to share. Here is a link to a video of one of the rolls.
  4. I'm usually not into this style of leather working, but this too beautiful not to love. I really like how minimal it is.
  5. This wallet was all about contrast, so it played its part well. I hadn't thought of how it works compared to skin holder, but I think I like the metal better in this case.
  6. Florida Alligator Goat Interior Au Chinois 632 Marrow Giardini Paint Custom Color
  7. I have posted a few things on here before but didn't want it to be associated with my name. I created this new profile with my business brand. Here are my previous posts