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  1. Sewing beads on leather

    I am wanting to sew a beaded Rosetta to the flap of a bag I made. What kind of needle is used? I tried a sharp pointed leather needle and a regular sewing needle and neither one worked very well and the thread broke
  2. Anyone know where I can find Christmas stamping tools? I am wanting to make myself a nice Santa leather belt to wear next Christmas. I have looked online found a few but not exactly what I am looking for.
  3. I am looking for large piece of poly board, 24x72 to be able to work with large projects. Anyone know of a good supplier?
  4. What paint to use on leather

    What kind of paint can be used besides covalent paints? I am painting a project white and the cova white is not covering right.
  5. Antique dying belts

    How do you dye belts with antique dye and keep it from running over the edges and through the holes and get on the back side of the belt?
  6. Boot repair

    I was going to try to do it by hand but could not get the needle to go through and broke one needle I am giving up
  7. Boot repair

    My daughter-in-law asked me to sew her buckle strap back on one of her boots. What kind of needles do I use and what kind of thread?
  8. Air brush issues

    I was looking at my air brushes and the ones I am trying it use for the resolene sealer are single stages. The badger will not even spray water. The pneumatic sprays water but will not spray the resolene. I just doubled checked and I am using satin sheen in the air brush. The pneumatic will start to spray it then it stops picking it up. Does it need to be filtered also? I am using a bottle on the bottom not the cup.
  9. Air brush issues

    Not to sound dumb, but where do you put the panty hose
  10. Air brush issues

    Thank you for the replies. The little bleeder hole is clear. I thin the resolene, but how do you filter it? I will have to check the needles to see if they are moving. Will reply again once I check these things out.
  11. Air brush issues

    I have a compressor I bought from Harbor Freight and two pneumatic air brushes. I also have an old badger air brush. I bought a air hose from Hobby Lobby. None of the air brushes will spray. Air comes out but it does not pick up any of the fluids from the jar. The hose leaks a little where it connects to the air brush. Would this cause this issue? I have tried cleaning all of the air brushes and tried adjusting the pressure. So far the only thing I have tried to spray is resoline.
  12. Cutting board

    Does anyone know a good place to get a 30x60 inch poly cutting board? I want to build me a tall table to put the cutting board on do I can do larger projects and also have a good place to cut small ones. Right now all I have is the square white board from Tandy's and it makes it hard to cut large projects like a rifle scabbard. It has always been warped to it is difficult to use to punch holes.