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  1. How to remove stickers from Tandy's leather straps

    It was suppose to be Tandy's can somebody change it?
  2. Anybody else cuss at Tandy's for their stickers on back of their leather belt straps? How do you remove them?
  3. Keeping dye off back of project

    What is the best way of keeping dye off the back of projects when dying?
  4. Double border lines

    Does anyone have a video showing the double line border being carved? It helps sometimes to see something actually done
  5. Double border lines

    What is the best way to mark and cut double borderline like on holsters? I am getting ready to make another rifle scaber and the first two I really was on it happy with bordelines.
  6. Santa belt bag

    Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a nice Santa belt bag? I need one for little trinkets to hand out to the children
  7. I need a pattern for a leather purse conceal carry. I need one for cross body carry with pouch for revolver on the outside
  8. Concealed Carry Purse

    Anybody know where I can find a pattern for cross the body conceal carry purse with the pocket for the revolver on the outside?
  9. Sewing beads on leather

    I am wanting to sew a beaded Rosetta to the flap of a bag I made. What kind of needle is used? I tried a sharp pointed leather needle and a regular sewing needle and neither one worked very well and the thread broke
  10. Anyone know where I can find Christmas stamping tools? I am wanting to make myself a nice Santa leather belt to wear next Christmas. I have looked online found a few but not exactly what I am looking for.
  11. I am looking for large piece of poly board, 24x72 to be able to work with large projects. Anyone know of a good supplier?
  12. What paint to use on leather

    What kind of paint can be used besides covalent paints? I am painting a project white and the cova white is not covering right.
  13. Antique dying belts

    How do you dye belts with antique dye and keep it from running over the edges and through the holes and get on the back side of the belt?
  14. Boot repair

    I was going to try to do it by hand but could not get the needle to go through and broke one needle I am giving up
  15. Boot repair

    My daughter-in-law asked me to sew her buckle strap back on one of her boots. What kind of needles do I use and what kind of thread?