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  1. Hey, could you resend it I did not recieve it.
  2. I'm looking 4 European store supplies

    I am currently selling tools (Vergez Blanchard) they are french. Used by hermes.
  4. yes,for sure! Yes, for sure!
  5. Gorgeous indeed, it's a shame that I have never used them. Thanks
  6. The ULTIMATE start to master/bespoke leatherworking! This set is ALL that you need to start producing signature works of art. All the items you see are brand NEW and cheap! First I loved the thought of mastering leather with these amazing tools (used by hermes and louis vuitton) but soon became vegan. These tools originally cost 2700.00$. I'M ASKING 2400.00 OBO!What you see isVergez blanchard pricking iron set 9 tpi 10 and 2 teeth Vergez strap end punch size 17 Vergez skiving knife (hss special steel) Vergez saddler hammer size 3 Vergez saddlers clam Vergez plough w/ blade Vergez edge marking tool Vergez round knife Barry king awl blad size 0 Barry king awl haft (small) Barry king mallet 32oz Japanese Strap Punch size 21mm John james saddlers needles small Fil au chinois "lin cable" waxed linen thread (size 532) colour black ELECTRIC REGAD MACHINE! M3000 Electric regad machine cork handle Electric regad machine tip S0.5H Electric regad machine tip FN1 Glue pot w/brush Seiwa tokonole gum
  7. Solid Brass Hardware Supplier

    What about Abbey England? Ive heard only good about them. For a more luxury buckle I would look into poursin boucles in france. .http://www.poursin-paris.fr/
  8. Stitching Awl? Or Torture Stick?

    rmleather.com (rocky mountain leather) sells Vergez Blanchard awls and hafts!!