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  1. The beginning....

    What company do you recommend ordering a set of needles and a spool of thread from?
  2. The beginning....

    This is great guys, as a newbie myself this information is incredibly helpful; even if it isn't my thread! Sounds like just about everything can be purchased at Harbour Freight to start out (which is great since one is right down the road from my house), except the needles and thread. So should one resort to biting the bullet and buying the beginner needle set at Tandy to get things started and source the rest from HF? Also, is buying a stitching horse necessary at this point, simply helpful, or completely uneccessary now?
  3. Books

    Heya folks! Newbie here and I'm simply curious as to what reading material ya'll would recommend for a feller who's just getting started in the biz. I'm sure there's a plethora of good books out there to get one started; hoping some old pros may have some suggestions.
  4. Looky here! I'm a new member!