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  1. Hi Sarah , welcome to the site, nice work
  2. Looks like he will need a 3'' collar when he is fully grown, he has the look of an English Bull Terrier to me, nice dog
  3. Nice work any photos of the dog that collars going on ? please
  4. Another real nice bag love the rich colour and finish
  5. That bag looks like it will last a life time, I presume all hand stitched ? very nice all round bag
  6. Nice choice of leather, looks a nice bag
  7. Hi Husky844 welcome to the forum , it's been raining here for two weeks as well, I based in North Wales, personally I would buy the basic start up tools and learn to cut,prick and sew first then expand your tool kit as you go. I buy leather from j wood leather and leather,tools and fittings from leprevo. Good luck
  8. That's a nice bag , a couple of questions if you don't mind how many hours do you think you have put in? Interesting design where did you get your inspiration from ? Regards Richard
  9. Hi, I am based in Mold about 18 miles from Chester and 10ish from Wrexham. Just over an hour from Snowdonia NP,
  10. Thanks for all your kind comments, they are my first leather bags I am currently trying wet moulding which seems to be going well. I have worked in design and prototype manufacture and have always enjoyed woodwork, I recently converted a van into a camper and carried out the conversion myself including the leather upholstery front and back , its the upholstery that got me interested in leather bags and leather work in general. The intention was to use my walking foot machine to stitch with but I prefer hand sewing. The standard of work on this site inspired me to try out bags and I am amazed at the skill and attention to detail you guys apply, I have learnt a lot from this site. keep up the good work.
  11. Real nice bag design and well put together
  12. Great work, best of luck in the competition, let us know how you get on
  13. Crashresq thanks for your comments, I made the bag for my wife who spends a couple of days a week traveling by train with her work, getting on and off with two sometime three bags was becoming a problem, so she slides her hand inside the handle and grabs the base stops the bag swinging around, works for her...
  14. Hi to all , new boy here from N.Wales in the UK, thought I would 'show off' my first two bags ,first two leather items ever to be honest, laptop/briefcase for my wife but is a little heavy for her fully loaded so currently working a lighter more lady like model. And a shower/bathroom bag which is now lined with a zipped water proof removable liner, the leather is also waterproof. Both hand stitched and to my own designs. Currently working on wet moulding a couple of saddle handbag designs More to come ......... interested in your comments and advise. Looks like a great forum with a lot of talented members who love to share there passion. Thanks for looking Richard