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  1. Wow , what a beautiful bag, what lining did you use ?
  2. Nice simple clutch design well executed, nice edges
  3. Nice strap, great skill and colour awareness,looking at a watch strap for my next project, hope it's half as good as yours
  4. Hi these are a couple of my latest bags both wet molded, hand dyed veg tan,hand sewn (not round the zipper) designed and made in my work shop in N.Wales UK.
  5. nice design and colour choice. keep putting them up
  6. Interesting colour choice , looking forward to seeing it complete
  7. Hi Sarah , welcome to the site, nice work
  8. Looks like he will need a 3'' collar when he is fully grown, he has the look of an English Bull Terrier to me, nice dog
  9. Nice work any photos of the dog that collars going on ? please
  10. Another real nice bag love the rich colour and finish
  11. That bag looks like it will last a life time, I presume all hand stitched ? very nice all round bag
  12. Nice choice of leather, looks a nice bag
  13. Hi Husky844 welcome to the forum , it's been raining here for two weeks as well, I based in North Wales, personally I would buy the basic start up tools and learn to cut,prick and sew first then expand your tool kit as you go. I buy leather from j wood leather and leather,tools and fittings from leprevo. Good luck
  14. That's a nice bag , a couple of questions if you don't mind how many hours do you think you have put in? Interesting design where did you get your inspiration from ? Regards Richard