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  1. Police Holster Dies & Sample

  2. Industrial sewing supplies in Eugene, Oregon?

    Try Oregon Leather in Eugene
  3. A good look'n roughout holster.... I wish I could get more customers to go for it..... been making saddles and tack in roughout for years and with time and use they look great. Made some for my self and love them.... Bobby
  4. Thanks.... It is fantastic work
  5. If You don't mind answering a question..... how is the inside cut and attached? thanks Bobby
  6. Lookn good.....Never tried the mexican loop with a buscadero.... love it.... sometimes just need to step out of the box
  7. High Desert Winter Day

    I have spent a life time throwing double diamonds....... this was done for artistic appeal to give dimension to the rope for one and two to see if I could do a rope that small with twists..... The original artist had it drawn that way
  8. High Desert Winter Day

    The leather paste is made up of the fine dust made from sanding leather...... I just take scrape leather to the sanding drum and sand it down as far as I can and collect the dust from the floor.... Shoe repair shop are sanding leather soles all the time and just throw away the dust .... You then put the dust into a container and add rubber cement.... the rubber cement should be the type with a milky color or look to it, don't use the clear.... Add rubber cement to the dust and mix until you have a mixture that is the consistency of peanut butter ...... put rubber cement on your leather project and dry then back fill the embossing.....
  9. Love them as there are no screws to back out and get lost..... most customers forget to check screws and to add lock tight after adjusting
  10. any of your patterns for a Mexican loop holsters..... google will give you a vast number of images for ideas
  11. High Desert Winter Day

    size is about 12x15 leather was a 8-9 oz and it was embossed from the rear and filled with leather paste
  12. High Desert Winter Day

    Tooling done...... figure out finish and a frame
  13. Trying my hand a some new techniques

    the skull is all leather.... It was a project that I did in a class the Jim Linnell taught in Eugene Oregon this summer..... Check out Jim's web site at as he has some great video classes there. The skull starts out as a filled embossed project like the Eagle Globe and Anchor and then is cut out and finished up with ground up leather..... hard to explain in a written response. To mold it and get the relief to make the item stand up is done with a marble and modeling spoon. The area on the back side is then filled with ground up leather and rubber cement to keep the shape. Check out Jim's site, any class you can take or video class you get is will worth every penny of the money that you spend. Also check out his elk tracks studio on face book to see what his students have done and where he is going to teach at. Bobby
  14. trying my had at some new techniques in leather rather than holsters and floral carving.....
  15. fantastic.... really an innovative design..... great coloring....