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  1. Saw a pattern hanging on the rack at Oregon Leather Eugene Oregon done by Brazos Jack wild west series, Callahan shoulder holster Bobby
  2. "It's not necessary to actually cut slots to make the loops. I made a cardboard mockup and tried it with just cuts, not slots, and it works fine." The problem with the cuts is that it works until the holster is hung up on something. The sharp cuts will then tear straight across the skirt from where the cut stops. The slots are rounded where they stop and add extra strength to this area. Learn this first hand from building horse tack. Bobby
  3. Yes It goes all the way down the back.... I will see if I have any pictures...... The holster when you put it together has to be sloppy wet to make it work and have to be real careful with the tooling..... I don't insert any guns into the holster until after it is inserted into the slots on the skirt. I then use a vacuum bag to mold the holster so as not to distort the tooling......this also allows the slots to shrink up around the gun so the holster fits tight and won't move when drawing the gun.....removes the need for a leg tie...... Bobby
  4. cut the base then glue on the liner...... cut the slots in the skirt.....bevel all the edges of the slots and burnish them.....then i sew the liner..... finish the holster and sew it.... not sure what you met by ending the liner..... Thanks Bobby
  5. This one is for a 7.5 inch barrel, 8-9 oz Herman oak with 2-3 oz liner....... do it all the time
  6. I make between 15 and 25 of these every couple of weeks. The standard ones for large revolvers and semi autos are a fold over and sewn on one side. The ones that I make for scoped revolvers some of them reach barrel lengths of 8 to 10 inches are done the way that you have described. They are a two piece holster that the top is molded to the gun and accessories that are installed and then sewn to the body all the straps and hardware is sewn down first. Bobby
  7. Getting An Even Finish Using Fiebings Dye

    I use a 50-50 split most of the time just to get the colors I want...... It is easier to add more layers of dye to get darker colors...... that depends on the color that I am striving for as on some projects I will use different cuts.... the leather also is a factor which the tanning process can affect the color or absorption process. The biggest thing is to test on scrapes of leather from the same project and keep records.
  8. Tooled .45 LC Rig

    Great setup..... love the color and tooling
  9. Combo set

    Lookn good nice set
  10. Fantastic..... great attention to detail
  11. The strap is adjustable only with Chicago screws. The kydex is in the drop leg to keep the butt of the gun out slightly for a strong grip on the gun during the draw
  12. Thanks guys.... Fancy is like driving a Caddy...... you still get to point b but just a lot nicer way to go
  13. Magpul's work great in it..... A friend calls it the Tactical Rancher.
  14. nice job.....tooling look great