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  1. Where would you recommend getting the pig skin from if not Tandy? and what should I look for in pig skin for good quality?
  2. Hand Creaser and Electric Creaser Questions

    Just ordered one today ill pick it up and give it a little test run!
  3. Found out its Cape Buffalo.
  4. I bought a sample “exotic” skin pack from either Tandy or Springfield I forget and am doing some testing and LOVE the look and feel of this skin but can’t identify where it came from. I’m sure the leather experts here can identify it ASAP! Thanks!
  5. excellent!! sounds like a winner to me! what about water proofing? Resolene? or something better?
  6. ahh nice! ill check out some 2/3 oz pig skin! Whats good about pig skin?
  7. Agreed on the cut down the belly part but if i make a few belts out of it I might be ok. Plus this is my first attempt so I will see how it goes.
  8. I just ordered some of this do you have some pics of your edge work so I can know what to expect when I try it? Thanks!
  9. I just got this snake skin off ebay $60.00 was that a good deal? Im going to make a few belts from it and was wondering what the best way to prep before gluing? what glue to use? and best oil or solution to use to seal the snake skin for water/sweat proof ( I am thinking Resolene? ) or make it softer so it bends and isn't too brittle? Also if anyone has a good source for snake skins or ostrich or gator I'd love to know
  10. I am going to be making a few belts soon and am looking at some different options for backers to sew to the back to hide the flesh side of some belts. Anything that's more waterproof than not? What thickness should I look for? thanks!
  11. Mahogany spots

    Beautiful work!
  12. You sir are a sewing machine whisperer!! Thank you kindly for the info!
  13. Just installed an edge guide and man that helps sooo much keeping the leather straight!