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  1. Bifold wallet

    Simple but effective.
  2. iPad case

    It's a triangular piece of plastic that is sewn in between two layers of leather. It came off of an old iPad case the client gave me for measurements.
  3. iPad case

    Ok so I still have to put a coat of resolene on it and finish the edges but I can't get to that until tomorrow. I wanted to post pictures of it anyway.
  4. Guitar cover and strap

    Yes I did do the lacing. If I remember correctly there's about 50 foot of lacing on it. No it didn't change the sound.
  5. Guitar cover and strap

    So I covered the guitar about a year or so ago and we just now got together on the strap.
  6. Tooling question.

    Why is it that my tooling looks like it is not as defined after I dye the piece? I recently made a belt that looked good, for my skill level, but after I applied a dye and finish is appeared not as deep and defined??? Or maybe I just thought it looked good and once I really looked it over, it wasn't as good as I thought. Any ideas?
  7. Critique please

    Thanks. I forgot to mention that the center's will have a colored crystal in them. After I finish them I will repost pictures. Just wanted some advice on the raw product.
  8. Critique please

    Let me have it. Tell me what you think and where I need to improve. These are two belts I am working on