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  1. Valet tray

    Yes the corners stays fixed as shown. They have a single rivet in each corner. Thanks for the comments.
  2. Valet tray

    One of my latest projects.
  3. Beautiful Sheath Ruined Furniture

    I'm not sure on the mark on the table but that sheath is super nice!
  4. Did you only use the background tool around the edge of the leaves and acorns? (It looks that way in the pictures) if so I like it? Heck if not I still like it! I've done many belts and when I see pictures like yours I feel like mine are never as nice. Awesome work.
  5. A Tandy Thank You

    Yeah I was in the Tandy store in Fort Worth a couple weeks ago and my wife spotted a purse she liked that was a display item. Turns out that kit has been discontinued. A few days later my phone rang and it was the guy that helped us that day, He said he ran across one of those kits and remembered we wanted one. It wasn't even in the system so we got it for like twenty bucks as a misc item. I've had good experiences with them.
  6. Looking for colour suggestions

    Not to highjack your post but here is one I did a while back.
  7. Why can't life be kind?

    Not sure what everybody is referring to because we all face our own struggles but if you look closely at other people with real struggles (you have to define what that is) then yours probably isn't that bad. Try focusing more on the good and less on so called bad. Trust in God and all is good!
  8. Wedding gifts

    Yes it's saddle tan. It's almost an orange color but after I buffed it good and oiled it it turned out pretty good.
  9. yeah one of the guys at work asked me to make them one. I've got a few orders in front of him though. Yours looks nice. Is that a patch?
  10. A look at what I've been up to lately. The cup holders are gifts for the groomsmen and the journal is for the groom from the bride.
  11. belt rules?

    I made eight belts for groomsmen wedding gifts recently. I couldn't get all the guys together to measure because they were spread out all over the state. So I told them to send me two measurements, one from the fold of the belt where it connects to the buckle, to the hole that they use on the belt they are currently wearing. Then I wanted a measurement from the same hole to the hook on the buckle that they will wear on this new belt. Yes switching buckles changes the center line of the belt. (They wanted names centered on the back) so obviously the measurement without the buckle will be shorter but amazingly two of them had them switched. When I questioned them on it they said not it was correct....... I then had them lay their belt on the floor with a tape measure beside it and something pointing to the correct hole. I made them off of the picture measurements. The worst part was that two or three of them had totally wrong measurements. Never heard from anybody about belts not fitting so I guess it worked.
  12. Well as far as plans for making one I just looked over the one my friend had. Much like yours it was coming apart. Then I just built it. I'm the world's worst at not making a keeper pattern or template for future use. I only make one about 50% of the time. Really it's just a piece of 4-5 oz. leather sewn to another piece of 2-3 oz leather with the straps sewn in place it's pretty simple to make.
  13. So I guess it's safe to say by customization you mean names, initials etc? I would definitely leave feedback on him. Also what the customer service lady told you about getting them back and inspecting, I try it and see what happens. It won't cost you to try it I guess? If nothing else you can have em back for advertising.
  14. Lot of supplies for sale as one

    Have you sold this yet?
  15. Check out this dye pattern

    Well once it dried completely, the cool pattern went away and it turned out pretty nice after all. And I'm judging how nice it turned out by how much my wife loves it. Plus I've already had six orders for it.......