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  1. Will it line up

    Well here it is all finished up.
  2. Suggestions please

    No specific topic just books that are useful in any and all aspects. I always need help with tooling patterns but I'm sure someone out there has come across one that they always refer back to for whatever reason. I'm just looking at buying a few for references. I recently redid my work space and with this new area everything is cleaner and more organized and I feel like it has already improved my work. Now I think it's time to have some books in there to maybe help with my quality of work as well.
  3. Suggestions please

    So most of my knowledge/skills in leather work have come from trial and error as well as information found on this site and others. My artistic skills are limited but I can look up patterns and trace them to make fit my needs. I love to make my own patterns for things like wallets, sheaths, portfolios etc. My stitching skills are so so and finishing is too. My question is what book or books you suggest as absolute musts to have in my leather room?
  4. Will it line up

    Thanks. I'll post a picture of it after the dye dries.
  5. Will it line up

    I marked guide lines exactly the way you suggested. The angles are really close but I got off enough to not quite match up.
  6. Will it line up

    Yes I use guide lines. There was one just past that last row. It's just when you break to go around something that gets a little iffy!
  7. Will it line up

    Oh no...... This is where I always get nervous!
  8. Has anybody used this product yet? Is it just resolene in a different package? 50/50 mixture?
  9. Chaps for my Dad

    I'd say your drawing is excellent. In my opinion the background to floral design ratio is perfect for this application, as well as the flow too. And the actual tooling is super nice. I dream of the day I can draw something out like that and tool it that well too.
  10. Yes the corners stays fixed as shown. They have a single rivet in each corner. Thanks for the comments.
  11. Beautiful Sheath Ruined Furniture

    I'm not sure on the mark on the table but that sheath is super nice!