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  1. Looking into pricking irons too and wondering if there is any one else who has experience with Amy Roke or KSBlade irons. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  2. Nice work. What size lin cable is that?
  3. Are these still available?
  4. So I did a bit more research and I figured I'd post what I found here to help others who have the same question in the future. Essentially a double pull zipper that opens from the middle out is pretty hard to find. There are several ways to come by it. Custom Order from I reached out to and they said I would have to special order a ykk zipper from them. The quotes they gave me were 37" #10 YKK zipper - brass on black tape - $23.75 24" #10 YKK zipper - brass on black tape - $21.00 Order Parts from and build your own So Riri makes two-way zippers so you can buy the parts and build them on your own 36" #8 Riri two-way zipper chain - brass on black - $21.38 1 brass zipper pull - $4.00 1 brass stop - $0.21 All in about $30 each Custom Order from Pacific Trimming offers "custom riri zipper orders" through their website. You specify length and size and just drop it in your cart. any size up to 34" #8 Riri zipper - brass on black - $28 any size up to 34" #6 Riri zipper - brass on black - $20 For the Riri, they make two different types of two-way zippers. One is called the combi the other is symmetrical. They say that symmetrical is nicer, but I don't really know what that means. I do know that on it costs an extra $8 per year thought. I've found some places that refer to this as an O-type zipper and others that refer to it as a C-type zipper. I hope that helps anyone who is looking
  5. I have a 60mm olfa rotary cutter for sale. Looks like they are going at Joanns Fabric for $21. I'm looking to get $15 and I'll pay for delivery.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I did a bit more digging and found someone on the forum who was trying to do the same thing. He built his own and said the second zipper pull didn't slide right because it was facing the wrong direction. Is there a right direction on these? thanks everyone else for the links - gives me a few more options to look at. gg
  7. So I have scoured the forums and have found many bags with double pulls which open from the middle out, but I cannot find them anywhere online nor can I find information on where I can procure one on the forums. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm looking for something like what is on the bag in this thread. I didn't ask in the thread because the OP hasn't posted since 2014... Thanks for your help.
  8. Love the bag. What weight/kind of leather did you use for the final?
  9. Got a few more 5 packs. If anyone is interested in them the price is $25 to your door.
  10. Been making smaller products for a while now but recently decided to venture out of my comfort zone to make a lined laptop bag/briefcase for myself. I picked up some Cavalier from maverick and I'm now debating between nubuck or suede to line the interior. Anyone have advice that would favor one over the other?
  11. What kind of suede did you use on the very first valet?
  12. If you make it back to the States with either of these, I would love to purchase them from you. 20 Leathercraft Tools - How to use them - how to sharpen them - #1960 Stohlman, Al 1984 $5.00 36 The Art of Hand Sewing Leather ???? Stohlman, Al $5.00
  13. Thanks for that suggestion. I keep seeing suiting material as I look for grey liner material, but didn't know how that would work. I might get a little of both materials. Thanks again.
  14. Has anyone ever tried lining a bag with Cordura? I'm looking at different options for a grey fabric/synthetic liner for a messenger style bag I'm making out of Chromexcel. I fear this would be too heavy of a liner, but thought it could be a pretty cool end result. If anyone has any thoughts, they would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, gg