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  1. Do these look ok for Etsy

    Looks great, Gandalf!
  2. Where to buy steel for bag reinforcement?

    Thank you so much for all of the responses! I hadn't even thought of a hardware store. I figured I was looking for a leather working specific piece. If all else fails, I do have a small metal ruler that I really don't like to use because it is so thin which I could repurpose. @leathersmyth If you have an old brass lock you have no need for I would love to purchase it from you. Thanks again for the help everyone. Gotta love this forum! gg
  3. I'm attempting to make a bag by following the example of one of our very talented and helpful forum members. Here is a link to what he has made: I'm having a hard time finding some of the hardware I need though. I've already tried all the usual suspects (Tandy, Weaver, Springfield, Ohio Travel Bag, Buckle Guy). I've also asked the creator of this bag, but he's not in the US. So now I'm asking for everyone else's help. Can anyone point me to a US retailer who sells a metal strip / spring steel which I can use to reinforce the top of the bag where the handle attaches? Also, if someone knows of a US retailer of solid brass bag locks, I'd really appreciate that too. Most of the locks I'm finding in the US aren't brass or are a little to dainty. I've found a few nice locks, but they are all European. Cheers
  4. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Great looking set there! I'm amazed that he doesn't charge twice as much for his products because he could and it would still be a good deal for the buyer. Now you need to ask him if he will make you a Petit French Model knife. It's a smaller version of the french model you have and it is BY FAR my favorite knife.
  5. Tapatalk

    Why the animosity towards tapatalk? What would be the downside?
  6. Thank you everyone for your replies. They have been very helpful!
  7. Can someone tell me why one would make a briefcase/satchel where the back and top closure portions are made out of separate pieces of leather instead of one continuous piece? Is this just to allow the designer to pick the cleanest pieces of leather and add some interesting stitching detail, or does it serve a structural purpose?
  8. I recently bought a wonderful natural combination tanned hide from Acadia during their new years sale. I love the leather it just had a dull tint to it - call it a cool natural or greyish tinted natural. It is still most definitely natural, just not as warm and golden as I would like. Is the something I can do to warm up the finish? My goal was to make my self something that looked like a Bole Double Minister briefcase.
  9. 53cm Alligator - Black Gloss - $395 obo

  10. Hey Folks - Picked up three skins but only need two of them. Third is for sale. I’m pricing this well below a IV/V grade even though I believe it is much better than that. I'm no grade expert though so please see pictures. Price includes shipping. gg
  11. HF Osborne splitter

    Can you tell me how wide of a piece of leather will it take?
  12. Chartermade Pattern Knife

    It is. I will followup with a pm.
  13. Chartermade Pattern Knife

    Price reduced to $275
  14. Up for sale is my lightly used Chartermade pattern knife. Custom made by Terrick out of South Africa. He is world renowned for his blades. I loved it so much I put in another order for one with a different custom handle. Unfortunately, I can't afford to own two of these. This one is sporting an African Ebony handle with mosaic pins. Asking $295 delivered to your door. Includes custom box.