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  1. Yes, I am just doing this as a hobby so minimizing costs is key =). It will probably be some time before I can afford to pick one up, but I always love learning about new parts of the craft. So thank you again for educating me in this area. It was very helpful!
  2. That is so incredibly helpful! I have mostly been making small personal items (ie, passport holders, card carriers, wallets, etc), but also want to try my hand at watch straps and briefcases. I was considering getting just an F1 tip and trying to use that for everything. The S tip scares me because I'm worried my hand wont be steady enough without a guide. Maybe the answer is an F1C? What do you like so much about the FN2 over the regular F tip? And is the 1.5mm spacing from the edge small enough for watch straps? Another question I have is whether or not it is really worth it to get the two handle model or the one handle. Thank you so much for your insights! Eric
  3. I've been trying to read up on Filetuese machines and what each attachment does, but still have a few questions. Rocky Mountain Leather has a great explanation of the different tips in their listing here: What I still don't get is what is the difference between the Wax Spatula, Edge Burner, and Edge Polisher. I mean I understand their different names but I don't see how the shape of one tip provides much advantage over the others, or any advantage over just using the side of an F tip. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? cheers, gg
  4. Beautiful bag! Really well done. Is that a cotton canvas lining? It looks like you pre-sewed it? Can I ask how you attached it?
  5. Go to Rocky Mountain Leather. $3 cheaper than and includes free shipping. Can't beat their prices anywhere and they carry many top of the line products from all reaches of the earth - some of which are very hard to get like Chartermade knives. Pretty much the only place I shop now for tools.
  6. Sold
  7. Cool, it's yours! Email incoming
  8. Texas. I love the blade. It is silky smooth. The haft is much thicker than other styles. It takes some getting used to, but I think it fits very naturally in the hand. A better explanation of what I mean is this: If you hold your hand out straight in front of you and let it go limp, look at the empty space between your fingers and your palm. You'll notice the empty space closely resembles the shape of this haft.
  9. Selling my Amy Roke irons - 3.38 set with 2/12 prongs. In great shape as you can see from closeups of the prongs. The total price for this set one you pay the extra 4% PayPal fee they pass on and their exorbitant shipping rate is an actual landed price of about $250 in the US. I'm asking $225 delivered to your door. Shoot me any questions.
  10. Price dropped to $65! Let's get this thing moved!
  11. Picked up this out of production/vintage piece after reading about a number of people on here who use them. I thought it would be a cool alternative to the ever popular l'indispensable knife. It is a very cool vintage piece, but have realized I will never use it. Needs to be cleaned up a bit. I store it with the blade in the handle for safety. Blade needs to be sharpened. Asking $30 delivered to your door.
  12. Price drop to $70