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  1. Cool, it's yours! Email incoming
  2. Texas. I love the blade. It is silky smooth. The haft is much thicker than other styles. It takes some getting used to, but I think it fits very naturally in the hand. A better explanation of what I mean is this: If you hold your hand out straight in front of you and let it go limp, look at the empty space between your fingers and your palm. You'll notice the empty space closely resembles the shape of this haft.
  3. Selling my Amy Roke irons - 3.38 set with 2/12 prongs. In great shape as you can see from closeups of the prongs. The total price for this set one you pay the extra 4% PayPal fee they pass on and their exorbitant shipping rate is an actual landed price of about $250 in the US. I'm asking $225 delivered to your door. Shoot me any questions.
  4. Price dropped to $65! Let's get this thing moved!
  5. Picked up this out of production/vintage piece after reading about a number of people on here who use them. I thought it would be a cool alternative to the ever popular l'indispensable knife. It is a very cool vintage piece, but have realized I will never use it. Needs to be cleaned up a bit. I store it with the blade in the handle for safety. Blade needs to be sharpened. Asking $30 delivered to your door.
  6. Like I've mentioned in some other posts... Clearing out some great to free up money for an order from KSBlade. Since I'm buying new irons these get the axe. These are 3mm which I believe makes them #9s 2 prong and 6 prong set. I paid $40. Asking $30 with free delivery.
  7. I spent three days cleaning up the rule. Cleaned up all the rust. Never got to pay two of the project that was to polish up the handle as you can see from the pictures. Includes a Knipshield draw gauge blade which I've never even taken out of the bubble wrap. As mentioned in my other post, I'm trying to free up some money to purchase some KSBlade punches. Asking $120 with free delivery for the draw gauge combo.
  8. The medium Barry King haft has some use to it. The Bob Douglas awl blade has only been used a dozen times or so. I mean for exactly one dozen stitches. That is it. I'm switching to KSBlades and trying to get some money together for my purchase. Won't need such a nice awl if I'm relying on the irons to do the work. This combination brand new costs about $90 including shipping. I'm asking $75 delivered to your door.
  9. you know, every time I use it I can't help think the same thing. It looks like elmers, it smells like elmer's, it feels like elmer's... I'm not being critical of it, I love using it and I love the results I get with it. Can't recommend it highly enough. Bag looks great. I've been wrestling with a design in my head for a while with the intent of trying my hand at one of these as well. My only "critique" would be the same as bikermutt's - you could also try lining it. Can I ask a few questions that I'm wrestling with in my design? - What weight leather did you use? - What size prongs did you use? 4mm? - Where did you get your hardware? Cheers, gg
  10. Sold! Thanks everybody.
  11. Favorite.... That's really hard to choose... In theory this would be my favorite. I just love the idea of it - slightly smaller size with different blade angles on either side. It just seems like more thought has gone into the versatile design of this knife than most head/round knives. Maybe it's just my lack of experience with head knives that has kept me from ever using it... On a practical level, I use my bevel point and curved detail knives on every project. I didn't know what sharp was until I used one of Terry's knives.
  12. I put this off as long as I could but the day has finally come. Up for sale is my brand new unused knipknives French model head knife. I bought five blades from Terry several months ago. I knew I over ordered but I couldn't make up my mind which ones I wanted until I held all of them. This was the one I was most excited about. Unfortunately I did overbuy for my budget and this is the one I am forced to sell. Since it is still in brand new, unused condition I am asking $245. One upside is this includes free shipping. Another upside is you don't have to wait 3 months for it! Just three days. Includes leather sheath. Let me know if you have any questions. Eric