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  1. I'd personally keep the JUKI first and the Consew set up for backup...or settings you normally wouldn't use on the 1541, although you could still do..... Dedicated binder etc.
  2. Ha. Crack myself up. Still looking obviously but not wanting to spend $4k. Good memory Uwe!!
  3. There's a High tech version...9266 I think. Would those be available in the US? It does straight stitch too I think. That might be ideal.
  4. title says it. I have a Singer 107W1 which is OK...but would like something with a little more....oomph. Foot lift, arm space, wider stitches....
  5. Way to go on the rescue pups! !
  6. watch at the 2:20 mark where the thickness varies, in this Sailrite demo vid. The stitch length is not noticeably changed.
  7. Additionally although very slight, the reduction in length due to the "pendulum' effect would increase with larger stitch settings, versus shorter stitch lengths, as the material thickness increases.. Probably to the point, the naked eye would have difficulty actually seeing it. As the pendulum movement stays more vertical, the effect diminishes. As I mentioned, in my 562, I've gone from 2-3 layers of canvas and "crawled over" a mondo seam of 10 layeres, and the stitch length wasn't noticeably altered.
  8. thanks Wiz. Doing outside canvas work, I'm not seeing an appreciable drop in stitch quality and I understand the left pull you describe. I'm set at maximum stitch length...about 7-8mm, so I'm not getting all zig zaggy either.
  9. That seems to be a drastic reduction. I'm not experiencing that amount on my 562. Just the wacky tension changes!
  10. So, of course I broke my needle bar thread guide on my JUKI LU562, trying to open it up a bit, as I was beginning to have problems feeding my 138 thread into it. The machine has been able to sew fine without it, albeit I'm taking it slower, as I have projects I MUST complete asap. Ordered and on the way. So...other than help guide the thread into the needle groove, (use a zip tie..ha!), am I missing an important function?
  11. I really like the JUKI LU 562, but a larger bobbin would be nice. After scouring Ebay, Craig's List etc now for many, many months, the cheapest "deal" seemed to pop up... a LU563 for $500 shipped on Craig's List. Too far to go look, as it's 6+ hrs away. My gut tells me this isn't the best solution and paying $500 just for a larger bobbin on an unseen machine seems risky. But, it's by far the best machine for the price I've seen in a 1/2+ year or more. Where are people finding good purchases in the <$750 range? I'd love to land a 1508 and I'd up my offer. But, they don't seem to show up used. Guess I'll just keep sitting back and waiting and looking. Nick-0-sew is basically the only place within driving distance for me, and they weren't interested in my 562.
  12. Thanks! Thats exactly what I do...imagine that!
  13. Jim....here's how the thread ends up after "popping out" or as Gregg states riding on top of the discs. Seems with the 3 whole guide higher than the tension discs, this would be a common problem. But with my old Poly thread, it doesn't happen. ONLY my really slick PTFE thread.
  14. Seems to be that the top load is slightly more heavy duty....whatever that might mean in this level of machine. At least I've heard that from more than a couple of places. The 1508 has the capability for a higher presser foot lift and longer needel....or is that just the 1508 NH?? Any rate, I've heard all kinds of opinions regarding these two machines. As recent as yesterday, talking to another marine canvas guy, he says his JUKI DNU 241 bottom loader hates binding attachments and has a top loading Consew set up just for that, but uses his DNU 241 (1541 predecessor?) for the bulk of his work, pointing out that you don't have to remove the project to insert another bobbin, in most cases. But then he added he thought the 1508 was the better choice between the two machines in this topic...even thinking my top loading LU562, disregarding bobbin size, was even a better machine..
  15. How much oil is required in this "cap"? There's a wick in there and I've only been putting in a couple drops just to soak it a bit. I oil about every 8 hours, but notice that my machine does tend to get a little oil-y underneath and if I don't sew for a couple days, oil will collect at the needle as well. I watch oiling that backside too much also, as the material might bunch up and rub against the rocker bars in the back, staining whatever I'm sewing on. But I try for ONE drop at each place with a couple in the cap shown in the picture. The machine is a JUKI LU562