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  1. Oil tanned leather can refer to different things. I hate chrome tanned leather, even when they call it oil tanned. I hate this trend for using a variant of chrome tanned leather for products traditionally made with veg tanned. I've only made bags and belts in any quantity for the last 6 months so im new - so have only brought a few offcuts to test oil tanned leather. One that I liked called 'veg tan shoulder softy' This stuff is nice and the bags turned out really well. It's full grain, Really strong and only slightly waxy feel to it. Takes dyes and brands but not stamps very well. The edges burnish as well Your customer prob means that stuff American companies are using at the moment that is described as pull up leather where it's heavily impregnated with oils and waxes. As you're in America Horween do a nice leather that's part oil tanned and has the pull up effect. Apart from a positive experience with veg softy shoulders I dont like it, especially for a belt? Maybe line the oil tanned belt with veg tan leather and stitch it to give it the strength a 'gun' belt needs? PS I dont think you can tool a design onto oil tanned leather
  2. Hi I'm looking for conchos that are shaped like vampires teeth for a custom mask I'm doing for a customer. Cant seem to find a supplier? Any ideas where I might look?
  3. Im having similar trouble. I think the trick is to use really thin leather for the inserts. Slightly thicker leather for the outside piece. Use a v gouger to help the wallet bend. Make a good size gap between the 2 halves so it bends. Less is more so no need for 20 inserts... People who carry more than 4 cards can buy from somewhere else lol. Concentrate on straight neat or parallel lines with leather and stitching. A lot of what I see other leather workers doing I don't like or want to do better and after working with the real thing I cant stand the style you find in the shop anymore.....
  4. At the moment I only sell belts through local retailers. Im designing a couple of wallets and several other items ready for starting my own website. My research has concluded Wix .com give you a free website with a free domain name for the first year after which the domain name is £29 a year. There are several apps for processing payments. The cheapest I can find is 3%. So much more freedom with your own website. Im thinking this is better than ebay or etsy but only if I can advertise directly to my customers rather than rely on people searching. I have several methods to achieve this but will keep that to myself lol! I'm thinking I will start an etsy page as well just to create another way that people can find me. Ebay fees are killers!
  5. Love the bag. Nice lines, seems Very accurately put together. I tried to make a briefcase and lets just say the bottom was bigger than the top lol (just like my ex girlfriend :-)
  6. here's a few pics of Hank heres a few pics of hank. Hes 10 now so getting a bit grey round the chops lol
  7. Another idea is to make the stitching lines part of a carved design rather than just a line around the edge. I'll hunt out the picture I saw on pinterest. I'll give it a go when my stitching gets better.
  8. Thought I'd tell you all about a mistake I've been making with skiving. I thought I'd be a clever and skive with my dremel tool sander rather than with a skiving knife. Not only is it messy as leather dust everywhere but for the last week my left eye has been swollen shut with a bad infection............... It seems leather dust can carry all kinds of chemicals and bacteria into your eye. The doctors had to cut into my eye it was so infected. They kept me in hospital for 2 days. It's starting to open now but just thought I'd say to people wear protective glasses or 100% better use that skiving knife!!!
  9. In the uk Le prevo do some good quality stamps. The ones I brought from amazon for 15£ for a pack of 10 were awful..... The background shader wasnt sharp enough so just left a flat shape and the beveller was kind of smooth / nearly rounded so it didnt dig into the bottom of the cuts!! Infact I've pretty much thrown away all the cheap tools I started out with and got new ones that actually work! The sciver was just useless, the edge groover kept moving as it wouldnt tighten up, the cheap hole punches went blunt after 2 minutes lol I guess some of it was down to me being new and a lack of skill but it's so much easier when you're new if you have good tools.
  10. I've just had a delivery of some lovely pigskin suede (suede both sides. It's beautiful and soft, I cant imagine a material that would feel better for lining wallets. My question is that I'm a bit paranoid that the edges of the suede will fray or go fuzzy over time? Will this happen or will the suede hold its shape? Do I need to do something like put glue on the top of the edges or treat them somehow or will it just hold its shape? Also when I burnish the leather edges wil this affect the suede as the burnishing tool may come into contact with it? Thanks for any advice :-)
  11. I've made a padded dog collar for my dog hank, he's had it 7 months now and it's stil going strong. It was my first leather project. Here's a good video with lots of detail. Also look up a company online called equias leather (I think) They make stunning dog collars with rolled edges and other points of quality - a good place for inspiration
  12. I've tested it on 3.5mm vegtan full grain and 2mm horween dublin so far. o2 saddlers harness needle. and waxed tiger thread tigre 25 - 1mm braided
  13. Thought I'd let you know my stitching pliers arrived. I cant believe how easy they are to use! Every hole is perfect allowing the needle to go through easily and you dont even have to squeeze the pliers hard. Really happy with this equipment as making the holes is a nightmare with a stitching wheel and awl. Prob only negative is they are no good if you need stitch holes that are not on the edge. Also tricky to line up, you have to be very careful or the holes on the back wont be in the right place!
  14. I'm a beginner but i use the attached dremel tool attachments. I dye the edges rather than use edge paint then burnish. I use my home made wax and oil based product to do both burnish the edges and nourish the leather. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7-Sizes-Leather-Burnisher-Wood-Edge-Leather-Craft-Slicker-Tools-Kit-for-Dremel-/302079111397?hash=item46555170e5:g:0HsAAOSwYIxX36kk
  15. I made a water bottle pouch that attaches to my dogs harness for long walks but he kept rolling around as he didnt seem to like it in the same way he doesnt like muzzles lol. It was my 3rd leather project. Hank is an English mastiff / staffie cross. I didnt make a pattern though