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  1. Not to sound funny I am not in it for money.. Instead of making a blog where people can only post why not make a forums where people can communicate with each other that's my main point.
  2. That is from Wiki and what your looking for in usa is still upholstery foam check this out But other than that you seem determined to get this done and I will try my best to help you out as much as possible.
  3. I completely understand where your coming from but as your most likely are experienced in this field you know where everything is placed, no offence to the owner or admins but the layout of the site is all messed up and navigating ain't that easy so I have came up with a solution (i understand most of you wont agree) and that's where LeatherCrafting comes into play, that's without the contest and competition will be hosting as leather work can be expensive.
  4. How long did it take you to make? Not bad for starting off.
  5. Why so serious? If it's a problem I can remove it, but I already did that but a moderator said it was OK so I re-posted it.
  6. Found Some Stuff In Mom's Garage

    This collection reminds me of my grand dads shoe polish collection.
  7. Hello from Tamworth N.S.W. Australia

    Warm Welcome Calala! A very lovely place you have but unfortunately i'm not from Australia. Good luck with your place thought and I do wish you all the best. PS: do you have a website if not please do contact me I may be able to help you out.
  8. I wanted to ask you if you was to destroy the actual sofas by the stitching line and unfold them would you not get the exact size your looking for? For your questions, I would personally use upholstery foam also they shouldn't slide around.
  9. Leather Crafting I understand most of you would disagree about me posting this but I would like to re-post it with some even more critical information about Leather Crafting Introduction to Leather Crafting Leather Crafting is very new but is starting a SEO campaign very soon, which means that their will be some contests/competitions when I feel that their is enough register users and people are visiting the site I will then start hosting contests/competitions every two weeks to a month. Leather Crafting will be a warm friendly place where you can discuss and show off all your goodies, along with Leather Crafting also providing different types of projects for you guys to follow along basically tutorials that have been created by the Leather Craftingstaff team and some members. What is the whole point of me starting this site? As some of you are aware by just looking at the site you may see it has some similarity to but this is not the whole point of me creating such site. The whole point of me creating such a site is to find other new people who are also starting out in leather work either as a hobby, or as a career. I know this may sound a bit strange as does the same thing but I feel that their is space on the web for another site/forums like where people can also go too. Leather Crafting is also looking for people That's correct Leather Crafting is looking for people with great knowledge in leather work and can provide content to go along with it. This will be a paid position and you will receive a sponsor package along with your very own forums on Leather Crafting. Look forward to seeing some of you their! Warm Regards Tholek aka Rick
  10. First belt

    That's a very nice looking belt! How long did it take you to make?
  11. General Leather Size To Use?

    Thanks for everyone but most of all thank you for this! I will be starting a project sometime next week.