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    Sewing leather camera holsters, belts, shoes, boots, bracelets, gun holsters, leather pillows for furniture, back packs, brief cases.

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    Making speacity bags
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  1. Greetings All, I'm looking to create my own leather projects and was hoping to use either of these two machines. what jumps out at me was the price. They both look like they will do the same job however one costs twice as much as the other. The Atlas costs half the price of the Cowboy, which looks like the Techsew 2900. I was hoping to gain some wisdom from this community before making the final decision leading to a purchase. Costs for each; Atlas - $1200.00 Cowboy CB 29 - CB29B: $2095.00. 12" arm large bobbin Techsew 2900 - 1,895.00