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  1. How old is my Pfaff 335?

    The sixties seems about right. Did you have a serial number plate on the front?
  2. How old is my Pfaff 335?

    It's possible. It has a brand new servo motor and is bolted into a new table so no clues to work with there unfortunately. That number plate mystery persists! If it is not an original part of the machine why add it? Why make the machine look older than it is. Odd.
  3. How old is my Pfaff 335?

    Opened it and there is nothing around the edge, but one of the metal parts inside says 10014 so that can't be it. It would be even older. Yes! Agreed. And that muddies things for sure. I suspect it's a 30-50 year old machine - that is truly how old it looks - but that number plate is so odd. A mystery to be solved...
  4. How old is my Pfaff 335?

    Thanks! It runs beautifully. So does the sticker trump the serial number? That's what's mystifying me. These two sites say 1902 ??? http://needlebar.org/main/dates/pfaff/index.html http://ismacs.net/pfaff/pfaff_manufacture_dates.html
  5. How old is my Pfaff 335?

    Hi All, I recently purchased a Pfaff 335 cylinder arm machine here in Canada, and I'm really curious about its age (out of interest). Three pictures are attached. I checked out the serial number online and found two sites that dated it 1902. I question this though because it doesn't look that old. It also has a "Made in Western Germany" sticker on it which makes me think of a much later date. What do you think?