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  1. Mr A first welcome to leatherworker and congrats on your first deer. I havent seen much discussion on home tanning on here but was an interest of mine when I first started. I've never heard of the tan you used but looks to me from your pics it should produce a white leather, it looks like it needs more stretching to me . IMHO buckskin is more of a garment/lining leather, not something I would use for a holster. I always used bark tan from "Van Dykes" taxidermy supply for everything from furs to bull hides with good results. Home tanning is a lot of work and don't expect perfect on your first try. Good luck
  2. great job Ryan did you tan the snake or is it raw?
  3. Just a little curious...

    right there with you Bigfoote still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up
  4. SB Foot Dark Tan Casco Sides

    would this be OK for farrier/hay chaps
  5. Adult Section Request

    please add me