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  1. Thanks, Sandy. How do you adjust the needle bar?
  2. I have a CB227r and the timing is just barely off so that my lower thread does not catch on the upper thread. It looks like it only needs to be rotated about 5-10 degrees to be fixed. I am wondering if there is an easier way to adjust the timing that doesn't require going too deep into the machine since the adjustment needs are so small.
  3. Yes, the new thread I'm trying was bought at the same time, same suppliers and brand, but this one is a cream color and obviously a different size. My other one was brown.
  4. Today I switched from my usual #138 thread to #92. I changed out the needle and triple checked my threading but for some reason the bottom thread keeps coming up. I've adjusted the top tension both ways but I can't seem to get it right. Any suggestions??
  5. Thank you so much for the detailed advice, Dwight! I will definitely look into this process too
  6. Thank you all!! I don't know why I never thought about using adhesives. Contact cement it is!
  7. Hi everyone, I am reaching out in hopes of discovering the methods that you use to hold your leather in place as you sew. I have a CB227R and I LOVE it, but sometimes when I am sewing multiple layers, some of of the layers slip out of alignment and result in a crooked stitch and just a lot of complications altogether with the shape of the product. I am dealing with 5 oz oil/chrome tanned leather, but it is not very oily to the touch at all. I often use those little black office clips to hold parts in place as I sew, but I have a feeling that there are some much better methods that I don't know about.
  8. Haha thanks!! I feel like a clumsy kindergartener all the time. I have a nice stash of useless leather that only gets bigger and bigger
  9. I feel like when your products are made mostly by hand a promotional video showing your process can be very captivating to your audience. People will love to see the workmanship behind your products and will be that much more reluctant to purchase the cheaper, factory-made stuff. Do you agree?? Here is one that was just made for my leather journal business. (Contact info for makers of the video: 864-436-8680)
  10. It does seem to get a little better when I increase the tension on the top thread. Should I try the bottom thread as well?
  11. Thanks everyone for the advice. I started working away on the machine and am amazed. I am only experiencing one problem right now. When I do the reverse stitch, those last stitches don't seem to hold too well and they kind of unravel. How can I make sure that the last stitches are secure? Is this a thread tension issue?
  12. Thanks! I just figured out how to thread it, started sewing and was blown away with how easily and smoothly it sewed through my leather. I had to do a little adjusting with thread tension, but so far so good!
  13. I am reading this manual up and down! I can only find 2 short videos for this machine in YouTube. It's funny...I never thought to take such precautions when I was tearing up my parents stuff as a child
  14. Is there an easier way to get the belt on and off? I had to lower the machine on the hinges just to get it on. Maybe I have to much tension on the belt? I'm hesitant to make adjustments because it seems like everything was set up perfectly on it for me.
  15. Great catch! There was a hole there for it. Thanks