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  1. Round knife

    I don't know what you mean by a single head knife. I'll go home tonight and take a pic, and post it on Monday. It has a round blade, but not as large as a round knife. or as round as a round knife. Pics to follow.
  2. Round knife

    to get a knife that holds a good edge for awhile, you are going to pay some money. I purchased a "semi round knife from Spyderco. its no longer offered, but its got good steel and really holds an edge.It is not as round ,not as wide , as a round knife and works really well. Think maybe 50 % round , of a round knife. I have considered talking to a custom knife maker to have him make me a round knife, but I am not convinced that I would like a knife that round/large. I tried making a skiving knife out of a wood plane blade. I not too sure I like it., but I keep playing with it.
  3. I like your style. Very original designs on the holsters. I understand about getting tired. I can pound leather, form and dye, but agter 2 , 3 hours I gotta take a break. I have never made a holster, but you do have a talent. keep up the good work .
  4. I like the rivets on the bag, I curious, did you fold the leather over on the edges ?
  5. Wife's Christmas Present

    all I can say is WOW !
  6. good job, I really like the color and the snaps.
  7. Butterflys

    I made some butterflys for my grandkids for Christmas. Trying to paint them to make them look like a butterfly was harder than I thought. My wife and kid chipped in, they helped to design how to paint them. So, this was a family project.
  8. Lucinda

    HOW cool !!!!
  9. Hi-lite stain running

    had the same thing happen to me.
  10. I don't know if this will help you, but I did a cell phone pouch to sit on the front of my belt. I used chicago screws. way easier than stitching. 9 oz or thicker leather. lots of grooving/skiving on the flesh side...
  11. leather bracelet

    Next one I make will be slightly wider and have stitching.
  12. I just made this leather bracelet. I saw a video and wanted to try to make it.
  13. walking cane cove

    3 pics of a walking cane cover with a strap.
  14. it looks good Mike. I like that is is not over tooled. Its clean looking not gaudy