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  1. Lucinda

    HOW cool !!!!
  2. Hi-lite stain running

    had the same thing happen to me.
  3. I don't know if this will help you, but I did a cell phone pouch to sit on the front of my belt. I used chicago screws. way easier than stitching. 9 oz or thicker leather. lots of grooving/skiving on the flesh side...
  4. leather bracelet

    Next one I make will be slightly wider and have stitching.
  5. I just made this leather bracelet. I saw a video and wanted to try to make it.
  6. walking cane cove

    3 pics of a walking cane cover with a strap.
  7. it looks good Mike. I like that is is not over tooled. Its clean looking not gaudy
  8. daughters wallet

    thank you
  9. daughters wallet

    I just finished a wallet for my daughter. I thought I would post it here. I only get to punch leather about 4 hours a week, I got a business, a family, and a ranch, that keep me busy. I have been looking at the work you guys do and its fantastic stuff, I know mine is not as good but I'm still proud of it. The wallet didn't come out as planned. It's thicker and not as flexible as I wanted. And I know there are mistakes on it. But she's getting it anyway.
  10. walking cane

    hi guys, I walk with a cane, with a Crook handle ( kinda 1/2 circle ). I want to cover just the handle in leather. I just don't know how to work the shape of the leather. I am assuming I wet mold the leather, and cut some kind of slots or slices to relieve the lower part of the circle ? Has any one done something similar ? Any suggestions ? Any help ?
  11. Leather Strop

    I have made a couple of strops, on one I use a mouse pad for a backing. I am wondering why the flesh side of leather to strop on ? from what I read in my knife mags we should only use the skin side
  12. Bison hide

    thanks for the reading
  13. preparing veg tan leather

    ok, thanks