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  1. Chris - I did a search and found the tools from a couple of suppliers.
  2. Very nice work! I like them all! Great job with the designs, especially on the first one pictured. I'm curious how you kept the natural color of the leather on the flower and end of the first strap while dyeing the rest of it?
  3. Chris - I'm late in joining this thread and new to the forum. I have viewed your fly fishing yokes and this topic. Your work is beautiful and very creatively artistic. Thanks for sharing how you created these shields. I especially like the templates that you use with the poster board. You mentioned that you use a 2 pc. pebble background tool. Is it a vintage tool or one that you recently purchased? If so, would you mind sharing where you got it? I like the imprint it makes and it adds a different look from traditional background tools that I have used.
  4. Nice work and great idea! The caps are unique with nice designs!
  5. Oldnslow - Thanks for the welcome. I share the same concern about the quality of the tools today and the price to buy better ones. I realize now from reading this great forum, that I had "vintage tools" and had a lot of them. I regret not replacing them all at the time that they were stolen. However, I am a hobbyist and look forward to doing some projects and learnng a lot of good info here.
  6. Hi everyone! I found this great site while doing a search on patterns and cut out info for a journal cover. I used to do Leathercraft, specifically carving and stamping, when I was in high school and college. I was fortunate to learn from a neighbor when I was very young. I honed my few skills on making covers for paper TV guides ( how many of you remember those?). Unfortunately, all of my tools were stolen by movers when my belongings were placed in storage many years ago. I had lost interest at the time and only replaced a handful of tools. I am now retired and am getting reacquainted with what I need to know. I've already learned quite a bit by lurking here. I am posting some pics of my earlier projects that I did when I was in my 20's (many years ago). They contain some mistakes so I hope to do better this time around! The wallet is very worn as it has been heavily used.