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  1. Piping folder for pfaff 335

    Ok, Thx a lot! I'll go with a regular one then.
  2. Hello everyone, i am about to buy different presser feet and folders for my clone of Pfaff 335 and I have a problem with the piping attachements. I can find the piping presser feet easily but I cannot find any piping folder with the feed dog and throat plate made especially for piping. Does it even exist? Or shall I just use a regular folder? If anyone knows how this thing may look like could you please share a picture? thank you, regards, Sandra Weiss
  3. Need advice on tools

    Thank you so much for all the references and so quickly! I have the missing screws but they don't match the holes so I guess I'll have to make new holes in the table. I have the cover for the bobbin! Just found it in my stuff. We just moved in! im looking for a belt too but at Kwog hing, they didn't really know what I meant and asked me for a picture. I'll try with the new reference and in local stores! Thx for that. Sorry to come back to this but has anyone come across this particular SIECK skiving machine? it seems relatively cheap for a new one? I'm afraid of second hand ones from individuals in case they don't work or I struggle to set them properly. With a new one I hope I could get some aftersale service. Also could somebody advice on a sanding machine for my raw edge bags? I was more thinking of something smaller from local stores but I'm not sure it will do the job? Thx a lot for your replies!
  4. Need advice on tools

    Hello there, first of all i just wanted to say that I am very happy that I found your website! So helpful! I would like to ask for some advice on finding accessories for my machines. I have a butterfly 335 cylinder bed compound feed sewing machine which I believe is a clone of pfaff 335 but not entirely sure and a emel-protex EM 3300 flat bed lockstich machine. I intend to use these machines to make leather bags. I have bought the machines in Nigeria and I believe the manuals that came with them are not even for these machines. I cannot find any information on parts for these machines or where to buy them. I would like to buy the following: butterfly: straight stitch Guides, motor belt(10mm x1275mm) zipper guide and possible some other parts that I may need in leather bag making and someone could advice? protex: straight stitch guides(I don't think there are holes to attach it though?) zipper guides and other feet that could be of help? i live in France now so best would be some suppliers in Europe. i am also looking for a leather skiving machine but I have a limited budget. I was thinking about this one: is anyone familiar with it? Any opinions? i'd highly appreciate any help! thank you, Sandra