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  1. Ostrich skin question

    It's personal preference and depends on the look you want to get out. I like cutting at an angle because you get a mixture of the plate and other parts of the leg.
  2. Ostrich skin question

    I make watch straps out of these all the time. Cut it out in the desired way and use some glue to fix the plates into place.
  3. I've been trying to make a few canvas straps and have had a lot of trouble with the edges. They tend to fray and don't look good after painting. Does anyone have suggestions for getting this to sit better? I have heard of people doing folded edges on canvas as well. When I tried to do one, the glue soaked through onto the front side of my canvas. It was a disaster. I haven't been able to come up with a good idea for doing a fold with such a flimsy piece of material that tapers as it goes down. So far my attempts have been messy to say the least. This is one that I have made This is one that I would ideally like to be able to make. I'm fairly sure this isn't a folded edge. This one is for certain a folded edge Any tips for achieving either of these results would be greatly appreciated!