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  1. Nice looking holster, fantastic edges!
  2. Not going to critique the function, I tried to make a similair design and it did not work well for me. It also was not nearly as beutiful. Your craftsmanship is very good.
  3. Oooh, I like the coin inlay with the round profile of the reinforcement piece! Cool design.
  4. Very nice. I would not have guessed it was from a kit. Nice job on the lacing.
  5. That looks awesome. I'd love to see more pictures. Great job!
  6. Very cool holster! I have a love hate relationship with tri-weave stamps - love the look, hate trying to keep the damn thing lined up. Your stamping looks great. I love the classic style holster with that futuristic Ruger. Almost looks Steampunk. Good work.
  7. Thank you. I have really been trying to improve my edges. This forum has made me very conscious of my edges. I used to think my edges were ok, but after seeing what some of the experts here are capable of producing I have a real inferiority complex about them.
  8. Thanks Mutt.
  9. Just completed a sheath for a friend. Overall I am pretty happy with it. I would appreciate any feedback on it. There are a couple of things I'd like to have done differently. Only the second time I've used Mop n Glo, have to say I am happy with the finish. Wish I had known about it before buying a quart of Resolene.
  10. Great job! Pass on the craft.
  11. Wow! Those are awesome. The collar with the truck makes me wish I had a dog.
  12. I have 5 knives, 4 of which were given to me. The only one I purcased is Tandy's Stohlman Pro knife. I use the Stohlman with a 3/8 blade 90 percent of the time, and an old unmarked inexpensive but smooth knife with a 1/4 inch blade for really fine work. I think Sanch's advice about one good knife and a couple good blades is right on.
  13. Man, that's beutifull.
  14. I like it! I am in agreement with Jeff about the ability to pull the mag with the hand holding my pistol, but I know a couple of guys who like that style. I think your execution was first rate. Good looking rig.