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  1. Roper Wallet

    Thanks Roland. Color is diluted fiebings British tan, Resolene resist, then Fiebings medium brown antique. Letters colored with Fiebings cordovan.
  2. Roper Wallet

    Thanks Halitech and YinTx. I appreciate the kind words. That damn triweave is my bane! I love the look when it's done well, but you're right about getting off in a few spots. I used the medium size Craftool, which seems to be easier to keep on line than the small one. One of these days I am going to splurge on one of Barry King's, but for now I can't justify the expense. To critique myself, I wish I had not used the serpentine in the very corner. I prefer the look of a solid "spade" shape in the corner, but I got in a hurry and put the stamp in one corner without thinking it through, so I had to do it in all four corners. Oh well, another learning experience.
  3. Roper Wallet

    Just finished this for one of the truck drivers at my work. Interior is from Springfield Leather.
  4. Sunglasses Case

    Looks great. Just to float an idea for the liner- how about a micro-fiber cloth? They are soft enough to be used as lens cleaning cloths, so should be good for protecting expensive lenses from scratches.
  5. iPad case

    That looks great. I have done a lot of borders with barbed wire stamps, but don'tthink I've ever seen carved barbed wire before. Came out really nice.
  6. Rock and Roll Guitar Strap

    I love it. Creature from the Black Lagoon is probably my all time favorite B movie. Lits of other great iconic figures. Too cool.
  7. First pair of sabatons and greaves

    Looks good! Keep posting as you make new items for your costume. I never did LARP,but I was an SCAer back in the day. My costumes were not that elaborate. Very nice for yout first big project, (or your 20th!).
  8. Gun holster

    I agree with the above comments, but I have to say that I really like your dye job. I also think you did a good job on your boning - you got a good amount of definition that should help your retention if you tighten up your stitch line.
  9. Latest long wallet

    I love it. Great looking wallet.
  10. Star Wars Aztec Calendar

    I'm with CaptQuirk as far as my taste in sci-fi, but I LOVE that bit of art work! Ver cool.
  11. Riveted Rivet Box

  12. Long Wallet

    Nice looking wallet. I like the fabric you used for the interior. I think it works really well combined with the red thread you choose. I just got a commission for a roper wallet. I really like the interior you made, but I think I will use one of the commercial ones from Springfield Leather. I have used them several times, and have been very happy with them.
  13. Holsters i just finished up

    I love the skull holster. I have been wanting to try a thumb break, but have been reluctant to try without a pattern to follow. Good looking rigs.
  14. Booties for Miss Rodeo OK

    That is really beautiful work!
  15. Holster with spare mag holder

    Good job. I have tried that method, but my results didn't look that good.