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  1. Beutiful work Yin Tex. That leather is gorgeous, and your stitching looks perfect.
  2. Fish skin key wallet

    Love that fish skin! Looks great.
  3. Sunflower Notebook

    Total agreement.
  4. New 1911 Holster

    I can't see a whole lot of detail in your images, but it looks like a very functional holster. One thing I see that might help is smoothing out your edges. Try sanding them smooth, then burnishing them. There are a tom of posts anout burnishing techniques on this site.
  5. Working Chaps (Bison)

    Beautiful work as always. You are certainly very talented. Where do you find the time for everything you make?
  6. Coffee Koozie!

    Agree about the handle flexing. I have made a few similar cup holders for Yeti style tumblers. After a bit of trial and error I have settled on sandwiching a strip of rawhide in the handle. That seems to work very well. I first tried Kydex, but after a few months of use the Kydex snapped. I really like the design pf your handle though. And as always, your carvong and tooling are beutiful. Great work.
  7. Boy and his Pet

    I liked the brighter fence, but I do think the toned bown colors bring the boy and his cow more into the center of attention. Good job.
  8. Holster and Gun Belt

    Man that is some nice carving. Great looking rig. Your friend should be very proud to own something so well made.
  9. Chaps for my Dad

    That is some fine work. Beautiful job.
  10. D&D Costume WiP

    Great job. Really like the overall look. I wish Steampunk had been a thing back in my renfair days, I really like the blend of history, fantasy and sci fi.
  11. Satchel

    Ok, I see what you're talking about. That is a nice touch. I had noticed the look, but was blind to how it was achieved. Very nice detail. Thanks for explaining Plinkercases. Great job Kncorey.
  12. Satchel

    I love the bag! What do you mean about the "return on the gusset"?
  13. I've been wanting to do a bag for my wife. If it comes out half as nice as that did I'll be very pleased. Good job.
  14. Just about finished a couple of phone cases for some coworkers. The one with the barb wire is completed, still need to finish the edges on the other one. The guy who ordered the tooled case lost his home to Hurricane Irma. So it has changed from a job to a gift.
  15. Happy little accident

    If you had been doing leather work for 20 years I would be impressed by your work. Being a newbie, I am doubly impressed. Looking good! Keep posting you progress.