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  1. Yeah, these took about three months, but well worth the wait. Geargarcon kindly supplied a French model, which has been great, too (the trailing points are perfect for tight inside corner cuts) The rosebud is a little smaller, although the photo distorts the size a bit. I think it'll be handy for skiving and more delicate work.
  2. Thanks! Been trying to practice on smaller pieces like these, for my less-discerning family members
  3. So, my shiny new toys arrived today!!!! Texas Rosebud and bevel point knife. Many thanks to Terry for his amazing work and dedication to the craft. And yes, they are scary sharp. Super glue + bandaids on hand.
  4. Working on a bag for hubby at the moment, but took a brief diversion to make an iPad Mini 4 case for my mum ❤️ Horween Essex, 0.6mm tiger thread.
  5. That came up really well! And yes, I do exactly the same as you with my own projects - the flaws always jump out at me lol
  6. Very nice work! Great idea using the rotary blade
  7. Interesting dye pattern! Nice
  8. It's definitely cracking some, will take some photos and share! I also need to level out the top from the chainsaw cuts, which I haven't quite got round to yet. Stump's currently sitting in the garage, to the annoyance of hubby
  9. Corsets or mug sleeves?
  10. Thanks for the blog post!
  11. Sorry it took a while to recover from surgery, really hope you continue to heal well. I grew up in WA, so really appreciate seeing the Aussie Rules and rugby patterns! If you get a chance to share the written instructions on the American / Aussie Rules ones, that would be fantastic. And thanks again for sharing.
  12. My fingers hurt just looking at that! Amazing work, and I think it's a beautiful heirloom piece. Thank you for sharing, it's inspiring to see the skilled work done by others.
  13. And if you take a photo we won't hear the swearing i like the grommets, too. Maybe if you used elastic cord as the lacing, it would fit different sizes? Was thinking about making myself one for all the starbukkers I drink....
  14. Nice! You'll have to post an action shot
  15. Joanns fabrics have a pen that disappears after exposure to air for a while, haven't tried it on leather but that might be worth a shot. I also use tailors chalk to mark the grain side of leather, doesn't last long but usually long enough : )