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  1. Croc clutch!

    Here’s a shot of the gusset being stitched, using a few needles to line up the stitching holes. I also dampened the bottom of gusset and the bend in the main body, and shaped both a little to help ease the leather through the curve.
  2. Croc clutch!

    Thank you so much! I’m really enjoying working with the croc. Needs a little more TLC, but works up beautifully. Been thinking about the inverse chisels, definitely on my wish list...
  3. Croc clutch!

    Yes, it is, drafted it from scratch. I hadn’t, but if there’s appetite for it, would be willing to give it a shot!
  4. Croc clutch!

    So, getting close to the end now! Made some good progress last day or so, on edging the straps and stitching in the gussets. Using a slightly different approach on the gussets this time; I’m making the stitching holes on both the main body and the gusset (using my KS irons) the whole way around. I designed the gusset so that the stitching line is (theoretically) the exact same length as the stitching line on the main body. I made the stitch holes on the gusset pieces from the inside, to keep the slant aligned. Then, I just lined up the pieces and stitched, no glue. Started on the straight stretches on both sides so that I could hold the piece in the stitching pony for as much as possible before folding around the rest of the gussets.
  5. Croc clutch!

    I like that strategy!
  6. Quiver

    Really nice work. I like the idea of Chicago screws for non-competing contrast, and maybe stitching instead of leaving for the same reason. That way the focus stays on the tooling. and yes, pondering these types of things, or steps in my project, are how I survive long meetings
  7. A few projects the last couple of months

    Welcome aboard, and nice work. Love the matching set concept
  8. Binder clip fix

    Clever! Thanks
  9. Bag stiffener - Anyone know this product?

    That’s right up there with using her special dressmaking scissors..... Exactly what my hubby says! Absolutely lol
  10. Bag stiffener - Anyone know this product?

    If one is, say, distracted, and forgets that the slightly bumpy side has the fusible glue, puts it upside down on the fabric, and starts ironing. Then you get to peel the gooey mess off the plate of your iron lol.
  11. Croc clutch!

    Ah ok! My apologies! I think that is from unintentionally being a little too slow with my heated edge creaser, which left the edge black. It may also have to do with the angle I held the creaser at. Good news is, it didn’t seem to damage the edge at all!
  12. Bag stiffener - Anyone know this product?

    Joann’s stocks fusible interfacing, Pellon brand, link below. Not sure if they ship internationally. Just be careful you don’t iron the wrong side....hypothetically a friend of mine did that once.....also, I’ve found that a low to medium heat works best, absolutely no steam or your leather won’t be happy afterwards. fusible
  13. A few sporrans

  14. Croc clutch!

    My pleasure! I always feel like I gain more here than I could possibly give back, so I try where I can Great question, and makes perfect sense. I’ve attached another pic below which might help. The border is just extra lining, which I trim off after everything is glued in. That way I’m not struggling to line up edges as I go. This time, I took a little extra time though to keep the excess lining the same width all the way around, and draw in the actual outline, so that the pocket placement ended up right on the inside.