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  1. Really Stupid Basic Question on Leather Types

    In terms of cutting, I find a hand held rotary cutter (45mm disk size) works really well if you don’t have access to a head knife or something similar. Olfa is a good brand; the replacement blades can be a little pricey but the blades last for ages if you take care of them
  2. Onto the third bag....

    Thanks, really appreciate your kind words! Always happy to share the steps, since I enjoy seeing the amazing stuff others share absolutely! Will post more pics tomorrow, with some detail on the steps I used for piping (not definitive by any means, I’m sure there’s other ways, just what I used here).
  3. Onto the third bag....

    Thank you! I just do bits here and there, around my day-job Ha! Absolutely! After thinking about your advice, I’m actually going to quilt the canvas liner with some thin needle-punched wool wadding, to give a nice, soft appearance on the outside and protect the calf skin. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the process, I didn’t want to overwhelm people with the details.
  4. Onto the third bag....

    Thank you! It’s great leather, appreciate you sharing Thanks! It’s taken a while but it’s exciting to see it finally come together
  5. Onto the third bag....

    Finally, all saddle stitching complete and bag turned! I have to say, I love working with this calf leather from HAAS (thanks again @nstarleather). All turned seams were stitched with 0.6mm black Tiger thread and 3.0mm KS stitching irons (used linen thread only where it would show on the right side). Now onto the lining, which will be in the same fabric as the small zippered bag in the previous photo.
  6. Onto the third bag....

    So, my bag is at what I affectionately call the “caterpillar” stage. Have some time off this week though, so I’m hoping to finish the stitching and get it turned in the next couple of days. In the meantime, made a small, detachable zippered bag for inside, in the same fabric as the lining (French cotton twill canvas from EBT Fabric, NYC). I liked the idea of the practicality of being able to use the bag separately, and since the calf is soft, I didn’t want the outside lines of the bag to be distorted by a pocket between the lining and outer leather.
  7. black bridle belt, Beetroot Red stitching

    Nice contrast! And I think the 0.8mm works well
  8. Celtic Carving

    Well done, Celtic knot work is harder than it looks!
  9. Really Stupid Basic Question on Leather Types

    Thanks for sharing! I love the contrast of the leather with the natural wood. I wouldn’t stress too much about the stitching - I have no doubt that will improve with time, and a stitching chisel does wonders too
  10. Onto the third bag....

    Ha! so true on both of them! Thanks! In the middle of stitching the looooong side seams at the moment, starting to finally feel like it’s coming together
  11. Onto the third bag....

    Thanks, kiems!
  12. My first wallet

    Good work, and welcome to the forum!! The edges look good, and I like the natural color
  13. Onto the third bag....

    You have amazingly sharp eyes @YinTx!!! Fortunately, it is a by-product of my German Shepherd, who seems to be a perpetual fur generating machine. I also often end up with the super fine black fur of one of my other dogs stuck in my stitching. the sketch is for a tab to fold in half around the zipper pull. The photo distorts the scale a bit, it’s actually less an inch in width. I’m trying to echo the geometric shape of the handle attachments, to keep a consistent theme. It’s my first go at one, so will see how it goes! thank you so much for your kind words! I’m hoping it turns out ok
  14. Onto the third bag....

    Thanks! Yes, will be a turned bag, but there is an extra panel for the gusset / zip not shown in the photo that will form the top and sides after the main piece is folded up to form the bottom / front / back. Next fun part is stitching all that together lol. I decided to do a fabric lining, which I’ll attach by hand after the outer leather shell of the bag is complete (probably along the inside zipper tape and at strategic seam points).