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  1. New project...petite clutch

    Last but not least, some pics of the finished clutch. I really like the size and shape, holds a passport, phone and pen perfectly for travel. Going forward, I think, I’ll skive the gusset edges a little more to create a leaner look (the stitching and lining add plenty of stiffness to retain the shape). Plan is to make one next out of croc
  2. New project...petite clutch

    This pic shows the edging process (which I’m still horrid at). I custom mixed ebony and light brown to get the dark chocolate color I was after, applied two coats, used a heated edging tool to smooth, sanded with 800 wet and dry, then applied a final coat. Probably could’ve done with another coat or two, but hey, prototype
  3. New project...petite clutch

    Ok, after some hectic business and personal travel, here are some progress updates and pics of the finished product. The gussets were a little tricky; I pre-punched the stitching holes on the tight bend at the base, glued on flat side of the gusset, punched stitching holes, stitched the flat and the tight bend at the bottom, then glued / punched the remainder.
  4. Bag terminology help?

    Happy to give it a shot! Just need to finish my clutch first lol
  5. RR Track Anvil

    Awesome! Love seeing old things given life again. Might have to try that candy red flake on my next Harley
  6. Wood box for my thread

  7. Bag terminology help?

    Thanks, Brian! I’m always amazed at how cleanly and quickly you whip up bag designs! good luck with the fencing once those bulls get in their head to go a-visiting.....
  8. New project...petite clutch

    Thank you so much! You’re right, there is definitely some show through on the inner lining (as it’s a fairly soft temper), but luckily it gave a good degree of stiffness for the clutch. Although my opinion might change after trying to stitch the gussets . No worries on the pics - I’m flattered that it found a use outside of this thread! By the way, fencing sucks. Hope it goes as painlessly as possible for you.... Pic of the inside, after stitching, before adding the side gussets.
  9. New project...petite clutch

    Then, of course, I folded up the clutch to see what it would look like with the shiny hardware on the straps . Took the strap hardware off again after so that I could crease all the edges, and stitch the top flap edge and inner body edge before attaching the gussets, along with stitching around another four of the oval slots....
  10. New project...petite clutch

    Next step (after impatiently waiting for it to dry), was to trim the edges with my trusty Knip knife. My Knip knives are amazing; I just strop before use each time and they cut beautifully. I always, always cut then put them straight back in the sheath. Barely brushed a knuckle against one when I was trimming, didn’t realize I’d cut myself until I saw the blood -they’re that sharp.
  11. New project...petite clutch

    Managed to survive the work week and the ridiculously cold temps up north. Below are a couple of pics gluing the lining in. Was my first go at a full lining, and knock on wood, seemed to turn out ok.
  12. New project...petite clutch

    Yep, you just tip the pot on its side, and fill through the front opening. Thanks! Yes, treated myself to a Regad 3000 for Christmas. Still getting the hang of it, but I feel like it really helps improve the finished look of my work. Makes a huge difference with the edge paint, too.
  13. Quick Pin Cushion

    Very true!
  14. New project...petite clutch

  15. New project...petite clutch

    Meanwhile, managed to squeeze some work in today. Attached and stitched the straps to the back of the clutch. Took a photo of the inside to show where I’ve included some extra reinforcement behind the hardware, straps and mouth of the clutch. Kinda winging it, but the outer is fairly stiff, so I don’t think I’ll need a lot. Also installed the hardware on the front flap, ahead of gluing the lining in.