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  1. How I make Wedding Ring Boxes

    Amazing! Thanks again for taking the time to post the pics. The insights into the behind the scenes is really interesting
  2. Celtic inspired custom baroque bridle

    That's amazing work! Very impressive. Any live pics on the gypsy cob?
  3. Getting started: first handbag

    Thanks so much! The least I can do, I've learnt so much from this forum, just glad it's of interest . Ha - keep the tools! Tho' if you're anything like me, its amazing how all the tools / spare parts / gear from different hobbies add up quick lol. And what you need most is always at the bottom of the pile....
  4. Getting started: first handbag

    In case anyone's interested, below is a photo of the pattern parts I drafted for the bag. I haven't included the small pieces for the strap rings; those I just cut from small scraps of leather. Also, this was only ever intended for personal use, and while I lay absolutely no claims to the producibility of this design (in fact the opposite lol), I'd prefer it stay for personal use only in the slim chance someone does use it
  5. H.A.A.S Tannery Calf for sale, large pieces

    That's a lotta scrap!
  6. Getting started: first handbag

    Thanks! Paracord can work nicely, made a couple of bracelets for the family using cord. Cheaper than lace too lol.
  7. H.A.A.S Tannery Calf for sale, large pieces

    Sent you a PM
  8. Stiching holes

    When I punch my stitching holes, I use a little braiding soap on the stitching iron (David Morgans leather website has a great recipe). It makes it easier to pull out the chisel and for the needles to go through. That said, I also use James harness needles, size 004 with a 0.6mm thread
  9. How I make Wedding Ring Boxes

    Thanks for the pics! They remind me of macaroons.
  10. Card holder and watch strap

    Beautiful work, and probably a welcome break from renovating (always seems to take three times as long as it should, and the dust!!)
  11. Getting started: first handbag

    Thanks!! The knots are fiddly but fun
  12. Getting started: first handbag

    Final touch - small tassel out of dyed kangaroo lace, with a five part four bight Turk's-head knot. I stitched the top of the loop with a few stitches to keep the laces together, then folded in half, and worked the knot over the top. Hardware from @buckleguy
  13. Getting started: first handbag

    Thank you so much, Brian! As always, really appreciate you taking the time to share your processes, very enlightening. I like the idea of zip to liner, then out, using the internal form. I think it's time I taught myself to use some form of drawing / CAD software, then go bug a mate with a 3D printer (although Xmas is coming up soon..... ) poor Molley looks so stressed, such a hard life I'm sure