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  1. Stunning work, and love the carefully considered design aspects as well!
  2. @venator, I used paracord as a core on the leash below, with 6 strands of ~5mm roo lace, and it seemed to go ok...
  3. I think a 6-strand braid would work nicely, especially since it could get potentially get a lot of exposure to the elements
  4. Nice work! What did you use as a core?
  5. Awesome!
  6. Thanks! Was aiming for a more casual / sporty look
  7. I can second both buckleguy and Pacific Trimming. Pacific Trimming stocks a wide range of colors (of the zipper tapes) and metal colors for the zipper teeth. I use Riri zippers a lot; they're a little expensive, but the quality is amazing and it's very easy to buy extra pulls and stops to make your own custom length zippers. FYI, Riri zippers also come in different teeth widths, starting at 4mm and progressing up in width in 2mm increments. I'd say 4mm is more suitable for garments, 6 or 8mm for heavier pieces with more wear.
  8. Me - 1, stump - 0. Got the bark off (took a surprising amount of effort lol). Found some stainless steel bands online that'll go on next, along with leveling and painting the top. Thanks again for all the advice
  9. Thanks! Now for practice and more practice....might have to try making some sheaths for my scissors...
  10. Thanks, mattsbagger and alpha2! Agreed on the zipper, there were some cuss words flying around as I tried gluing it in place.
  11. Trying to teach myself saddle stitching, and hubby had requested a small case to hold apple headphones and a charger, so figured I'd practice my stitching while making something. First item I've hand-stitched, used Tiger 0.8mm orange thread, size 4 needles, 8 spi. In hindsight, might have gone 0.6mm thread, but of course, had none handy in orange. Leather is some Horween tumbled scrap (thanks @nstarleather!), with a basic dressmaking polyester zip I had lying around.
  12. Good luck with that! Admire your patience!
  13. Dirkba - not 100% sure on the wood, but since I'm in Pennsylvania, I'm guessing walnut or something similar. Good idea on the bands at the top. crashresq - great to hear that you do blacksmithing! My step-dad was a farrier / blacksmith, so grew up around anvils and forges. Thanks for the detailed info and the bands idea, that will be the plan for this weekend... mojave - smart way to build a stump when there's no big trees around!
  14. Sent you a pm
  15. Thank you both so much; really appreciate you both taking the time to share the detail. Zuludog - no worries at all. I have used percentages, but always good to get the clarity on whether it's a % versus a ratio (e.g. 1:1). JimTimber - will give that a shot. I'm not too worried if some checking occurs. I'll call that "character" ; ) Now I just have to actually clear a spot in the garage...