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  1. Thanks! I rely heavily on two authors, Ron Edwards (photo below of one of his books), and Bruce Grant, with his encyclopedia of braiding. I couldn't find a lot specifically on the back-splicing piece, other than a blog or two, so that I just kinda muddled through. And of course, this forum is great, too. I got the lace from y-knot lace, good quality and colors. Didn't bevel the lace for this one, but on subsequent projects, I am beveling using a box cutter blade jammed into a block of wood with a paint stick glued on as a guide Thanks, Dave!
  2. Thanks sofaspud and cseeger for the kind words! He's been my buddy for nearly ten years now
  3. Thanks venator! The Bruce Grant encyclopedia has been immensely helpful...
  4. Getting back into braiding and leatherwork after a long time away from it. Made a leash for my brother and his red heeler (quality tested by my Dobie). Kangaroo leather six-strand round plait, over a paracord core, loops back-spliced in, and the clip end loop braided over again to give a replaceable wear area.
  5. This is the book I used, along with another shot off the back of the triangle. You actually braid about 6-7 inches grain side up, then flip each of the strands as you work them, so that when the belt folds back on itself on your waist, you only see the grain side
  6. You could also do a stockmen style belt, which uses two round rings, and a braided "triangle" part. Ron Edwards has a good description in his books Will try and post some photos of one I just did
  7. Hi Mike, received my package of grey / orange fine. Leather looks great, good sized pieces, and thanks for the quick service!