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  1. so, im struggling to picture how this all works out, but this could help me.. is there a video or demonstration of how this process works... is this still what you are currently using?
  2. Rivets - rapid vs. tubular vs. double cap

    i use double cap, they are decent but you have to get the correct lenght.. some people hate jiffy caps but... to each his own.. ive heard the copper rivets are the best you could use chicago screws and glue them
  3. soaking veg tan leather ( grey lines appear)

    it looks like the color is coming from within..... looks like newpaper was rubbed on it... but when it dries i think it goes away a bit... odd
  4. so i noticed that when i have a clean looking piece of veg tanned leather.. i put some water on it and i get these odd grey lines and grey areas... like i rubbed it on newspaper or something.. i though i was maybe rubbing on something on accident or something like that... NOPE, i tested it and got a clean piece and added some water and right away the grey marks and lines appear.. is this normal?> (ps, i noticed it on thin 2-3 ounce, not so much the 5-6 ounce)
  5. sewing wet leather.. bad?

    sounds about right,, i posted on the "how to do that" with a how to sew corners ... basically asking about methods.. i do feel that the one you describe is a solid way to do it.. i tried gluing it with weldwood then sewing it but it didn't go well... soaking the leather then sewing it came out better... but if i could get a really good mold then glue it.. that could be the best. (thankyou by the way) what about a consew 227 any stainles stuff on that ? oh and the tension.. i find that the top tension is really light usually when i sew stuff... (veg tanned) -thankyou by the way
  6. Edge painting

    i was never good at edgepainting (hopefully this will change really soon) but i have heard that you need to use edge paint and do many many layers for it to come out decent.. its a process... unless you use an expensive machine to do it Insert other media
  7. sewing wet leather.. bad?

    the problem is that i need the leather wet to be able to bend it while im sewing.... the problem is that i need the leather wet to be able to bend it while im sewing....
  8. so when i sew vegg tanned leather and i have it wet to be able to mold it and sew it well.. is that bad for the machine?? do i just dry it by dabbing it with a towel or paper towel after?
  9. veg tanned sewing around bends

    i read a thread on this forum about it and i did some searching already... so here is the situation i am doing a veg tanned bag. sewing the seems on the outside.. please see pic. i will be using a cylinder arm sewing machine i am using 2-3 oz on the sides with about 4-6 oz on the front part i tried gluing it with weldwood, didn't work that great i tried getting the sides wet, but it stretch on one side, and i had to cut it even.... is that normal? what is the best way.... i have a little wooden piece with a half circle bend in it to try to mold it around... how do you guys do it ??? -thanks
  10. i may have to try leaving it in the sun i see your point.. how hard is it to dye something? how much time does it take?
  11. so i have a few different pieces of veg tanned leather. they are different ounces in thickness for different parts of the bag that i am making.. however, the color is different.. different shades of the pale (undyed) color. so how could i get them to match if i don't want to dye the bag a color, just keep it the pale (undyed) color... i heard leave it in the sun ( some parts that need to be darker) also conditioning,, but i don't want to condition one part and not the other.. any advice?
  12. SketchbookCoverAndAlbum.jpg

    awesome job.. do you sell these?
  13. yup, i removed the plated first before drilling.... so i started playing with the tension and making it loose and tight.... making it loose helped but the sticking was very poor. anyway i got the tension back to normal and the problem is still there.. i started sewing really slowly and i kinda hear it get caught on something... not sure what..?? i think it may be the tread spool,, i set it up so it would flow better, ill tried just having extra thread loosely sitting there and it sewed okay...
  14. i got the needle plate cleaned up alot better (not perfect but better)... didn't help i felt around.. didn't feel anything... what brand needle.. i am using organ needles..
  15. Legal pad Portfolio