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  1. Instagram and Facebook

    I did the same with my company. I actually hired a company to manage my social media sites. It worked so well the first month I wound up buying that company and exclusively sell my product on all social media sights. If any one is interested contact me via email I can show you reports. $3500 a month in sales. My book about it comes out June 10, 2017
  2. Here's a tip that has worked for me. It's a tad ballsy and brash but you have to stick with it to the bitter end of their wallet. With my best poker face, I tell ppl they can't afford me and slightly turn to walk off. Before I can get 5 ft away, it never fails they ask what I mean by that? My reply is, my cheapest piece which I a leather bracelet is $65. My belts are $100, ranger belt $135 wallets etc etc. No one wants to be told they can't afford something. So they buy every time, even if it's a bracelt. I refuse to sit at my ship table for less than $50 an hour.
  3. Intro

    Hello all from Alabama. I'm Kawboi
  4. What is lifting?

    Hello all. I'm new to the site & forum. Thanks for accepting. I've been reading and seeing a lot of crafters on various media sites talking about lifting. Can someone explain this technique please. I have to admit the work is beautiful & has my ears perked.