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  1. Cavalary Saddle

    Personally I ride this saddle (original 1904 ) and I use it for riding in mountains. For me it's best saddle - light, best balance, short etc. I did this one for a man who celebrate US Cavalary in Germany.
  2. Cavalary Saddle

    Second saddle I did - McClellan - 1904 + fenders
  3. Custom Belt

    Acrylic Resolene - Fiebings
  4. Buffalo

    I did draw it
  5. Buffalo

    Simple carving
  6. My first saddle

    Thanks I was ridding a while. Saddle is hard seat, but very comftable. Now is testing by girl who will ride a 160 km (endurance commpetition)
  7. My first saddle

    This is a saddle made the same system like McCllelan (Us Cavalary ) Saddle Tree is wooden, hand stiching all