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  1. Yes I used this method Making High Quality Leather Bag Moulds . I left leather for 2 days. Stiching is by hands. Horse tail ornaments is my idea
  2. Two old Saddle Bags - All hardware is solid brass
  3. Thanks Tom it is a Great Western Saddlery Kornel
  4. I was trying pencil rubbing but I can't see more. I did a paint what I cam see now I'm not to good painter but maybe this helps more for identy..
  5. Yes I know I have two saddle - the second is by Baird - but first is Alberta Calgary - but i can't read the maker
  6. Ok I will try pencil. On bottom of horse shoe is "Calgary Alberta " and on top is Made By ... The.."- and I can't read rest
  7. I forgot about this photo Some more inf. - saddle has wooden saddle tree - rawhide covered. - on middle parts of bars is double rawhide and something like steel between rawhide - rigging is solid brass ring, and system is like bronc saddle . - theres no blewins buckles or any buckles - old system ( lacing) - seat is steel under leather Maybe this helps to identy.. Kornel
  8. Hi I have two old saddes please help me with identification. First one is Calgary Alberta - but I can't read the maker ( only Made By...) and year. Another one is carved by BAIRD but I do not know the year circa ? and maker ?. How much it can be worth ? Old Saddles Thanks Kornel Poland