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  1. My first carved headstall All hardware - solid brass
  2. Shoulder Bag for Women

    For sale. Prise is 200 $ + shipping. More pictures here Shoulder Bag
  3. Western Chaps

    Thanks First Acrylic Resolene on flowers, later Antique Finish Gel - Eco Flo. Leather on upper section is veg-tan leather 4 mm. thanks this is my idea
  4. Spurs Strap

    My own pattern.
  5. First drawings

    Yeah me too, but now I am aboard so do it when I'll be back. This one will be at my saddle bags
  6. First drawings

    Thanks I will show you more when it's finished
  7. First drawings

    Hello. My two very first drawings
  8. Quick Release Buckle and Supplier Info?

  9. Hunting Bag

    It is - Poland - especially east is a bit wild. May one day you will visit - it's nice place to travel
  10. I was moulding a leather for a saddle bags ( firs time), but it was to flat, so I didn't know what to do with this, and this happened A little dirty, cause of oiling and my little experience with painting that time. There is a place for a pocket knife and some hunting papers in a flap.
  11. Some of my Western Bagd done for ladys
  12. Bull Rider Rodeo Chaps

    and top is looking like that: