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  1. Bag terminology help?

    I would love to see it done step by step when you get a chance! Are you familiar with dooney and Bourke bags?they have a twisted strap they do that I love. If you can, google dooney and Bourke Sloan hobo. Is this strap two pieces glued together than edge painted? I see that they use the same strap leather for the trim and tassel. Just a thinner version. I have no idea what ounce leather I need for this strap!
  2. Roller feed vs walking foot

    Lol I agree. I just bought a skiving machine so looks like I need to save up now for a roller feed post bed.....before that though I need a fileteuse ugh. Anyone ever bought the set up has? It comes with 7 tips..two handles..and the transformer...all for 440.
  3. Ok where can I find your YouTube videos? I will look for roller feet online now.
  4. Update on the skiving machine. I went and got a real new one. Hadn’t been turned on..they just assembled it and the blade was nice and straight. Hadn’t even been turned on. Way happier and it works great. At first I was a little worried about howling it would take me to get the hang of it...because it was hard to feed the leather and it didn’t go smoothly like all the videos I see. Then it hit me..the stone is turning to the left..making me fight against it to feed to the right. So my husband switched the motor to turn the opposite direction and voila! Like butter the leather slid right on through. I have all the accessories this time as well. Now, shouldI replace the stone roller with a steel one at some point? Is this something hard to do?
  5. Roller feed vs walking foot

    Lol yes it seems I need to get the dremel out! Ok I will keep looking!
  6. Roller feed vs walking foot

    Yes I only sew with an outer foot that has the right toe removed..but I still can’t get close as I want sometimes.
  7. Roller feed vs walking foot

    Well I see how designer handbags stitches are very close to the edge. I can only get as close as the inner walking foot lines up with my edge guide..or with the right outside of the inner foot lined up with the edge. I’ve been searching for a solution or foot to get close like it seems the roller foot allows you to get.
  8. Roller feed vs walking foot

    Hi. Where did you get the slotted inner foot from?i could use it! Can a roller foot attachment be put on a cylinder arm walking foot somehow?
  9. Ok I will take a look at the video! I agree with it needing to be set up correctly. They knew they weren’t giving me a new machine as I was told though. They were too apologetic in their reply. So I’m glad I spoke up about it. I have had time to look at this one and when I get the replacement home, I know how the knobs work so I will get it set up according to my leather before turning it on. I’m pretty good with mechanics. I time my consew 227r and fix issues I have with it. No choice because else I would have to drive 6 hours round trip to get it serviced! Thanks for the input everyone!
  10. Well said Ferg! They are going to replace this one one a new one. Believe me I will be looking it over extremely well! I know what to look at and I won’t walk out with another crappy machine! They are also throwing in 100 store credit so I will leave it until I’m ready to buy a postbed.
  11. What are some other affordable skiving machines in the price range as the consew? That offers financing? If this consew isn’t a good machine I rather return it and find something else.
  12. Problem is I don’t have the stick to do that! They will let me bring it back but are trying to persuade me to let them send me the missing pieces and a new blade. I rather return it and get a new one when they get them in. I see that replacing a blade is not an easy job.
  13. I emailed them to see if they would adjust the pricing to match the condition. We will see. Ok I will send pics further away. Yes I’ve watched videos before I even turned it on. I will try sharpening when my kids wake up. I will be using it on leather 2-6 ounze. Enjoy your dinner and I will make adjustments like you mentioned. Thanks for helping me!
  14. Ok. Yes I got the dressing stone stick but I didn’t get the deburring stone..or the 25mm foot..or the hinge screws and washer for installing the guide...things a new machine should have right lol!
  15. Ok. I’m going to go and take more pictures. I am going to call the place still and express how I feel I’m paying a new price for a used machine! Maybe they will knock off some off the price. If they don’t I will insinuate I will be returning it ..hope that works out lol.