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  1. Binder attachment for cylinder bed

    Ok that may be the problem. I will try with leather. I may have to do it very slowly with the cork fabric to be able to use it with the attachment. Cork fabric is cool. I haven't made a leather bag yet...weird because I started learning how to make bags and got the walking foot machine for the sole purpose of making leather bags lol. I guess I didn't anticipate all the tools and money I would need. So bit by bit I am getting the basics and hopefully I will have a leather bag to show soon...I will say it has been frustrating. My biggest problem is knowing if I should skive the seams or not skive the seams of a bag to get a seam where the thread doesn't show when the seams are glued and pressed down....then pinched together on the outside (yep I do that and if I see thread I consider it not high qulity enough and I try again lol... I am a perfectionist so its driving me crazy.
  2. Metal purse logos

    Hi! Does anyone know a good source for embossed metal hand bag logos that doesn't have a high minimum order quantity?
  3. Binder attachment for cylinder bed

    Thanks Uwe. I ordered a knurled binder foot set that looks like your first picture. Hopefully I will get everything figured out. My trial runs didn't go so well (haven't received the binder feet yet) with using my cork fabric. I will have to get maybe the right presser foot pressure set or something. The cork binding keep moving out of place. I'm sure it's a user error and I will get the hang of it. Thanks for all you guys input and advice as always!!
  4. Binder attachment for cylinder bed

    hi. I bought a typical binder attachment and it seems to be just right..but the seller told me I didn't need a binder foot set. I think I do. Will just cutting off a regular inner foot close to the hole work?
  5. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    No I'm using a cutting board on top of a granite slab. I just keep stropping as it fills. I guess this chrome tan I'm using is gonna dull the knife.
  6. Best Quality Brass And Nickel Zippers

    I have been using Lampo from They aren't as expensive as riri. Also, there is a USA supplier ..ucan zippers. They have a 25 yard minimum or 100 piece minimum. Very reasonable pricing. I will be buying only from them once I can afford to buy in bulk. They sent me a sample and I liked it better than riri and lampo. My contact is Ross Tallguy his email is tgtrims@ #310-428-8138. If you contact him please tell him Jeannie Henderson referred you!
  7. Hi! What kind of inner presser foot for a walking machine lets you sew very close to the edge? Do I have to make one from a regular foot attachment? Thanks!
  8. Japanese Brass Hardware

    I found a new site that I am loving! It's They have some Japanese brass hardware. If you buy from there, put in a note saying Jaicani sent you!!
  9. Putting rivets in middle of seam

    I do sew with a 3/8 seam. Forgive me but I don't understand how to only glue the 1/8 to 3/16. Are you fold over about that much toward the seam and glue that down? So the cut edge folds over on either side about 1/8 to 3/16? I'm so glad you answered this for me because I knew my seams weren't looking right!
  10. Putting rivets in middle of seam

    Also, should I open and glue down the side seams or leave them unskived and not glued down? I'm using 3.5 ounce chrome tanned upholstery fabric. Brian, would Bontex paper. E a good reinforcement? It's the strong paper used for like stiffening bags and using inside straps. If not...I would a thin leather be better?
  11. Putting rivets in middle of seam

    Yes the rivet goes through the outside all the way to the lining. The order the bag needs to be sewn in leaves the loop holder needing to be secured last. Rocky Aussie, can you explain the reinforcing strip for me? Do you mean putting something in between the outside and lining? I've already made this bag from cork. This is my first time making a leather bag. The strap needed to be 3/4 to fit in that side opening. At least that's how I made the pattern. With the cork bag, I hand stitched the loop strap where the loop keeper is. But, putting a lot of things in the bag like water bottle..tablet, the stitches weren't strong enough and that undid. So, it needs that rivet since some women will want to put a lot of things in it since it's a big bag. Thanks for the advice . Rocky Aussie if you could give me a little more info on what you were talking about that would be awesome!
  12. Putting rivets in middle of seam

    Thank you both for the responses. Matt s, Whatever river I use needs to have a post long enough to go through the leather. Do those types of rivets come with longer post? Buzzardbait I have been looking for an adjustable Osborne edge creaser but can't find one I can afford! I missed out on one on eBay and haven't been able to find a decent price since! I will keep looking.
  13. Hi. I am making a bag and bed to put a rivet on the side just like this bag in the picture. My brain is telling me that putting a hole through the seam will make the thread break. But dooney and Bourke does it there must be a way to do this without breaking the thread and risking a weak seam that will come apart. Anyone has any advice on doing this? Also what tools makes those grooves like the one on the loop?
  14. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    Matt, would that motion of left to right work with the nobuyoshi knife? It only has one angled side...
  15. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    I'm using the stropping block from knives plus. I have watched the video on fixing Japanese skiving knives and Lisa sorrels video a while back. I'm skiving 3.5 ounce chrome tanned leather with a soft hand. When I strip, should there be any pressure applied to blade or just lightly pass it over the strop?