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  1. So would tan kote be an option prior to wax? I’m not a big fan of reselone.
  2. Hey guys I’ve got a few questions for you all concerning dye and finish. I do a lot of dye work and then finish with a homemade beeswax/ neatsfoot mixed 1:1. After that i sew using poly thread in all sorts of colors. My problem is when i rewax a piece later. I notice That when rubbing the wax in it will pull the dye and smear it into the thread. I don’t know why this is an issue. I use fiebings pro dyes and my method is to clean the piece, light oil with neatsfoot (allowing to soak and dry), dye (again allowing to soak/ for at least a few hours), then heavy buffing with a machine buffer. Any tips to prevent the pulling/ bleeding? This happens when the piece is just finished or even months down the road. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. How to sew Velcro

    Hello all. I've been reading s lot in here for advice and help but I have finally reached a topic that I am having not only a hard time with but also a hard time finding tips for success. I am sewing Velcro to some layered saddle skirting (~1/2 total thickness) and the hook side is giving me hell. I can't seem to get my machine to sew a proper stitch without the hook grabbing the thread and either breaking it or keeping the stitch from pulling taunt. I am using a techsew 3650hd with 277 thread and a 45x230(26) needle. Currently my stitch is set to the widest it will go. And the Velcro I am using is non-sticky back sew on. Any help or advice you all may have would be greatly appreciated.