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  1. Looks like beefy machine @Constabulary , do you have any experience on how thick 132k6 can handle? Needle / thread range ? I think i saw one on sale at local trading forum
  2. Halo @uwe, how was your experiment on garment weight leather on this machine? I stumble upon this thread when I search about chainstitch / moss emroidery The latest dug on my father's warehouse, i found 2 of these buried under oil pans and dirt. I mean literally buried, I found it in the position 3/4 of the body buried underneath the ground. The other one looked worse with some parts missing. I think a new paint job is relevant that will go along nicely with the restoration process. Interesting sewing machine, especially if it can do a monogram on light leather, can't wait
  3. If it will do what you want then it is a great bargain for sure, it will sell 4x the price if it comes from sewing machine shop / other specialist shop. But off course if you decide to buy it you are on your own without technical support or guarantee, bartacker machine is pretty tricky for a beginner like me. I had to call in a specialist several times for it to get it right. And a sewing machine mechanic is not cheap indeed
  4. I used the brother tz1 mainly to sew canvas leather bag and lining with 92 nylon thread, it is on the lighter side approx. 20kg head only
  5. It will be useless for leather, bartacker machine will do 1 thing only zig zag ing back and forth on very limited width. If you design leather bag with cotton webbing handle / strap, It will do bartack / reinforcement on it.
  6. Pfaff 138 zig zag width is only 4 mm ish, but i can attest that it is the smoothest sewing machine on my stable so far. I think brother tz1 b652 is one competent zig zag machine to consider too @suzelle and it is also considered small
  7. I feel you @dikman @Chayse I found rebuilding / restoring old sewing machine to be addictive mainly because it is a simple challenge ahead relatively. I used to rebuild and restore vintage motorcycles before, but found it was irrelevant after my son was born and the company transferred me to another city then. Keep it up
  8. I am too in the need of more space, so i am currently trying to build a custom iron stand similar to dikman's picture of a cowboy setup on my friend's metal workshop. I'd like to buy one initially, but no sewing machine store here has them on stock, some of them even barely know about table set up like that Leather sewing machine business in Indonesia a bit slow i think, most of leather shops here are using "minimalist" set up and get "creative" trying to squeeze out more from their simple tools / machinery.
  9. Flip up needles Any video explain how it works? The 515 is still around, just moved it out to the kitchen, giving room for the 527 at the garage
  10. I wish, but i have checked the place high and low, not a glimpse of sign on old treadle stand, i do found old domestic pfaff and butterlfly heads though Sometimes old cast treadle stand (with head) pop up on the local listing site , but recently have no luck on it yet
  11. @dikman Your thread inspires me to hunt down my own treadle iron stand
  12. i ended up had him made a simple reducer set up inspired by uwe's set up i found on this forum it will be finished next week, and i'll try to post some progress later on how slow and the torque
  13. have the 527 cleaned , oiled , and adjusted by my mechanic this morning, some parts need replacement also, namely needle bar (i would like it to do for wider stitch) and hooks. it sow great with no issues on 3 layers of chrome tanned leather about 5mm thick, and 5 layers of 18oz canvas, using 21 needle and 30 nylon thread, it fitted with 550w generic chinese made servo motor with 2' pulley i will try to upload some short / simple video regarding this machine, so that others wont find some misconceptions about 526 / 527 thanks for the help and comments guys , i think i'll keep this one instead of the juki lh-515
  14. @gottaknow Great insight eric @Uwe I closely inspecting the manual and the machine back and forth, i think my friend have sent me the wrong manual portion of the machine in the first place uwe, maybe it was a page from LUH 526 manual? I have downloaded the 527 manual before but never open it until your post My mistake that i didn't crosscheck it with other references before posting here But , why juki even bother built this kind of casting ? I mean with walking feet attachment but never put a walking feet parts in it? @Gregg From Keystone Sewing If its complete, then i'll have my mechanic to try to adjust the machine for a test run gregg There is one particular project that i sketched before that i think will benefit greatly with double needle split needle bar machine, i already have juki lh-515 but i am interested by the confinient on having split needle on turns or switching to one needle with just a push of a button
  15. @gottaknow Please elaborate that "flawed even when brand new" eric, as my knowledge and experience are truly very limited in sewing machine