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  1. New from NE Oklahoma

    Oklahoma here also, VERY NE corner!
  2. Lining Leather

    How do you guys tend to finish them then? Same process as with your veg tan? I havn't used latigo before, Ive been lining belts with horse butt and they tend to finish pretty nicely. What do you guys line your belts with?
  3. Lining Leather

    I don't have any latigo on hand at the moment so Ill have too order, they are a thin barrel racing breast collar, not really much to them. Thanks, I have a feeling Ill end up with veg tan for the halters but will do latigo on the collars. Glad to hear from a fellow Okie! Pistols Firing!
  4. Lining Leather

    I did! I was actually just reading through that!
  5. Lining Leather

    Thats what I was thinking, I just wanted to make sure it would hold up with sweat and all. It'll be glued and stitched with 277 so it should be fine!
  6. Lining Leather

    Hello All, I am making 2 breastcollars and 2 halters for a barrel series. I need to know what types of liners can be used. I know latigo, but I am looking at other options as well and would like to just generally know more. I buy tack blanks and they are clicked out of 9/10oz Hermann Oak. They will have small inlay panels as well. Thanks!
  7. chinks

    Man these are slick! Awesome job!
  8. Awesome pattern! I was actually just looking for one since I just got an order for a handle!
  9. Finally getting back to it! (Finished portfolio)

    Looks great! Especially for taking so long of a break!
  10. Booties for Miss Rodeo OK

    Thank You!
  11. More leather questions

    This is a pair of doves I did a few weeks ago. Made with 8/9oz leather and lined with 2/3oz. You are going to waste leather by cutting a strip or chunk out. What I do personally is lay my pattern on my full side and piece those together as close as I possible can. I'll cut around the pattern then take it to my bench and do the finer cutting. If you cut a chunk out then trace and cut the pattern out you are wasting a lot more leather than you realize. As for pattern's Tandy is good to start with, then as said above you can modify them as you go.
  12. Booties for Miss Rodeo OK

    Im very flattered! Thank you very much! I am glad that I have had a chance to work with Calli this year, I actually am donating a wide hip belt for the new MRO that gets crowned sometime this week also. These were by far my most challenging project construction wise for sure. Making sure they fit her foot comfortably (while her being no where around to try them on) and making them look like an actual shoe! Yet, I was so glad and honored that I was asked to make them!
  13. Booties for Miss Rodeo OK

    Youtube has helped a ton as well as asking any question I can think of in a few FB groups. Those help a ton!
  14. Booties for Miss Rodeo OK

    Thanks! It's a Don Gonzales pattern. After 6 years of doing this, I still cant draw a dang pattern. Just havnt figured it out, so I buy all my patterns. His videos are FANTASTIC to watch on YouTube and helped me a bunch on refining some things. Thank You everyone for the kind words!
  15. 1/2in Swivel Knife.

    Thanks! It's a neat knife, just too big for me to use!