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  1. Wedding Album/ State Fair Entry

    Thank You! He seriously has the best patterns! I've bought all I can from him! One reason I put the border on like I did was to accommodate all the extra space, kinda a fluke deal with that! I had to put something there cause of all the space it had. it came together pretty well! I actually used Word on the letters. I found a font I liked and fit it to the size I needed then traced it on and carved like regular beveling the outside like I would anything else. I usually paint letters but I used my dye on these.
  2. New

    Hey! Glad you decided to join!
  3. Wedding Album/ State Fair Entry

    I need to find some plexi glass pieces to use with my smaller stuff!
  4. Wedding Album/ State Fair Entry

    Thank you very much. I use packing tape on the back of everything as I'm tooling. It keeps the leather from stretching especially on belts, K Adam Tanner even glues his with rubber cement (easy to peel off) down onto plexi glass as he is tooling. Surprisingly this is the first time the left to right has happened to me!
  5. Wedding Album/ State Fair Entry

    Funny story on the opening, didnt even realize it did that until I was finished. Was certainly NOT going for that, ha. If it was for a customer, I probably would have re-done it. The tooling on each panel took me around 8 hours each excluding the knife work. I would say in total, I have probably 60 or so hours in it. That is from very beginning to very end. I work in the shop after my regular 8-5.
  6. Lace on firefighter radio strap

    Firefighter kid, wife and niece here...I think the plait is a great idea, you don't see many that are "out of the box" design wise. As for the plait braid itself, I do think it will be okay as long as you get it tight and flat enough, otherwise, you will have a lump in the strap that no one will want to wear because its not comfortable. It may make it a bit thick, but you can always think about lining the back or just lining over where the strap will be sitting on the shoulder. I think the reason no one has done this is the time consumption, but it would be a great project to lace on between calls, depending how busy you guys are. I say go for it, if anything, you have a cool strap that hangs for decoration, or you might get lucky and everyone wants one.
  7. Tooling help for a long time newb

    I am the same as above. Tool in the left and mallet in the right. At times, such as stamping a border, I actually find it easier to stamp from left to right instead of the usual right to left. Its easier to align my stams and I feel like I can go quicker.
  8. Hello all! Latest project to come out of the shop. Wedding gift for my sister, as well as, entering it in the Tulsa State Fair come Saturday. First time I've entered any of my work. This is a Don Gonzales pattern. Made from 8/9oz vegtan with a stiffener in the panels, lined with 3/4oz veg tan. Background dyed with Fiebings Chocolate Oil Dye, soaked up some Neatsfoot oil overnight and antiqued with Fiebings Antique Finish in Dark Brown then sealed with Tan Kote. Critique Welcome.
  9. Cattle Skull Purse with Fringe.

    Honestly, I really like it and you dont get as tired as you would think. Always makes a consistent stitch and I havnt had any problems with it whatsoever. This is what my budget allowed at the time but Ill eventually upgrade machines.
  10. Cattle Skull Purse with Fringe.

    Thank You. I stitch everything on a Tippmann Boss.
  11. Cattle Skull Purse with Fringe.

    Thanks. No, its a 3.5oz turquoise chap side from Springfield Leather. I bought it to do some inlay and had a ton leftover so I used it on the bag. I did it just like my belts. I carved my strap on a 8/9oz strap and then I line with latigo.
  12. Cattle Skull Purse with Fringe.

    They for sure give me a pretty surprised look! Haha! The leather is a slick type chap leather, I found a random roll in the shop that I forgot about. Its around 3/4oz. So I put 2 pieces back to back on all the gussets and the sides so its thicker. Because I did that, I didnt line it. I would have if I had the rough side of the leather in the interior.
  13. Finally got around to making myself a purse! I made it a bit big, but oh well. It measures 14x14 with 4in gussets. Zipper in the top. Strap pattern is from Don Gonzales and skull pattern is from Ride Hard Leather.
  14. New from NE Oklahoma