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  1. how do you achieve this look?

    You might like something like this: Hard to tell in the picture, but they have that same dusty sort of finish as the piece in your picture.
  2. Can anybody identify this Consew?

    Good to know. Thanks everyone!
  3. Can anybody identify this Consew?

    Thanks, do you think it would be any different or better than a Singer 201-2?
  4. Can anybody identify this Consew?

    Can anybody tell what this Consew and on the back of that, any idea if it could do leather?
  5. Tandy's New Clicker Press

    Glad you liked it. I didn't get to see any of the dies when I visited, but I might be interested in them if they go on sale sometime. I don't doubt that the press will work as advertised, I just think the swing arm lets you sneak in slightly larger dies than the press can accommodate in one pass more easily. That's what I was hoping for and thought we'd get as there are some already being manufactured that could be rebranded as Tandy. I also know a ton of folks here have arbor presses (not even counting the ones with shop presses) setup to click and I'm not sure that this press adds enough extra value to justify the extra cost.
  6. Tandy's New Clicker Press

    Looks like the clicker press and some dies are starting to show up on the Tandy website:
  7. Tandy's New Clicker Press

    @matts $950 is a good price, which is why I was so disappointed by the outcome. The actual Tandy press look more box-like like the new tipping press, but because it has walls at either end, it's like it has the pillars in the one you shared. It would be good for like keychains, but you'd never be able to do anything very large on it. It lacks the swinging head that the Weaver, Lucris, and Cowboy have. As for a link, I don't think it's on their website yet. I know it arrived in my store last Monday and I didn't make it out there until Friday to check it out. When I saw it, it was out of the box on a table, but it didn't have it's handle on yet. Speaking of the Noya, has anybody ever seen a price on the one they have with the swinging head? I've come across it on a couple of Asian websites, but I've never actually seen anybody selling it. I've only seen the little one Matt shared for sale, sometimes branded as Noya.
  8. Tandy's New Clicker Press

    I forgot about the tipping machine. I didn't pay too much attention to it as I don't do belts and I wasn't familiar with the machine. Your mention of it did inspire me to look it up though. Apparently it won a design award. It's coming out of Ivan Leathercraft in Taiwan and is the brainchild of an industrial designer named Erik DeMelo. If I had to guess, I'd say this guy probably also had something to do with Tandy's clicker press (he also did their Pro Hand Press). They claim they do market research on these products... I wish I'd been in that focus group. Anyway, including a link to the tipping machine here... it looks pretty similar to the new clicker minus the walls on either end.
  9. what is it? is it worth it?

    I was just looking at ebay and these things are all over it when you search leather sewing machines. Some are as low as $130 with $5 shipping. Just throwing that out there....
  10. Tandy's New Clicker Press

    Has anybody seen Tandy's new clicker press? When I first heard it was coming and going for around $950 with business pricing, I was really excited. But after going out to see it last week, I'm really disappointed. I figured they just put their name on something that was already being made and we'd end up with one in the same style as the Weaver Mighty Wonder or Cowboy's manual press. But that's not what they did at all. As best I can tell, they must be having this thing made just for them. I was so disheartened I didn't even bother to take a picture, but they're rolling out into stores nationwide, so it should be on the website shortly. If you haven't seen it yet... it looks kind of like the Tippman and the Weaver merged into one. It looks like it's about the same size as the small Tippman and, like the Tippman, it has a fixed and relatively short opening height, but it's not pneumatic. It's got a lever like the Weaver, but it lacks the Weaver's ability to swing side to side (it's best feature in my opinion). If that's not bad enough, it actually has walls on either side (the whole thing looks like it's about 8 inches wide), which seriously limits what you could ever use it for. I'm shocked Tandy chose this route actually. If there's one thing I've learned hanging out in these forums, it's how thrifty and resourceful this crowd is. I don't think I could do anymore with this press than I could with my Harbor Freight Arbor Press, so why would I pay $900 more for it?
  11. @CowboyBob are you able to comment at all on how these will impact your business? I see Springfield is advertising a pre-tariff sale on their sewing machines. I can only assume all of the sellers will have to increase their prices at least a little. (Also, selfishly wondering if it makes sense to splurge on a big piece of metal before the new year).
  12. Where does Tandy’s leather come from?

    I've seen tannery marks on some of their Craftsman Oak sides....
  13. Sewing machine

    When they chime in, the sewing machine pros are going to ask you about the weight of what you're planning to do. Based on the pictures, I'm guessing it's going to be on the heavier side, but if you can share a specific range that'll help them give you a better recommendation sooner. As for the Tippmans, I've poked around with it a tiny bit at Tandy and while it seemed to work well, I would just never want to have to pull the leaver for each stitch. It was going to spend over a grand on a machine, I'd want something that did all of the work of the stitch. With a good machine and a servo motor you should be able to take the stitches pretty slowly. Just my two cents....
  14. White Veg Tan

    This is all really helpful. Thanks for sharing!
  15. White Veg Tan

    Good to know, thanks guys.