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  1. Where does Tandy’s leather come from?

    I've seen tannery marks on some of their Craftsman Oak sides....
  2. Sewing machine

    When they chime in, the sewing machine pros are going to ask you about the weight of what you're planning to do. Based on the pictures, I'm guessing it's going to be on the heavier side, but if you can share a specific range that'll help them give you a better recommendation sooner. As for the Tippmans, I've poked around with it a tiny bit at Tandy and while it seemed to work well, I would just never want to have to pull the leaver for each stitch. It was going to spend over a grand on a machine, I'd want something that did all of the work of the stitch. With a good machine and a servo motor you should be able to take the stitches pretty slowly. Just my two cents....
  3. White Veg Tan

    This is all really helpful. Thanks for sharing!
  4. White Veg Tan

    Good to know, thanks guys.
  5. White Veg Tan

    Does anybody know where to find white veg tan? I've seen it used in a few Etsy stores from the APAC region and Tandy does sell it in 9-10 oz bend and as belt blanks. I'm wondering if anyone knows where it is really coming from (like is it more common in a particular region) and if it is really just dyed white (as the Tandy site suggests) or is it tanned with different chemicals? Lastly, does anyone know if it is available in thinner thicknesses (like 3-4 and 5-6 oz) and where you'd find it? Here are a couple of examples of what I'm talking about.
  6. Arms or no arms?

    On the subject of work spaces, I'm looking for a new chair for my workbench. I'm thinking of a drafting-style chair. What's the general consensus on getting one with arms or one without?
  7. Secrets from the Workshop

    Thanks for sharing your expertise Nigel, I'm looking forward to trying your out your series! I've got an idea for your list... blade sharpening.
  8. New Regad 3000, Handle + 3 Tips - $825 shipped

    Never seen one of these before. What does it do?
  9. Enough of hand sewing

    @Fire88 Cool, lucky you!
  10. Enough of hand sewing

    @Fire88 what are you getting from Bob? I'm always curious about the used machines.
  11. Sewing Machine Thread

    Ok, so every time someone posts on here about a different sewing machine the topic of thread sizes, materials, etc. comes up. As a relative sewing machine newby, is there a sort of general guideline for what types and sizes of threads you'd want a machine to be able to handle? Also, is there a logic to thread sizing worth keeping in mind (like the larger the number, the thicker the thread or something)?
  12. Harbor Freight 1 Ton Arbor Press

    Thanks, exactly what I was looking for!
  13. Leather Storage

    Careful if it's under the bed and not otherwise protected, I have a dog that likes the taste of leather.
  14. Harbor Freight 1 Ton Arbor Press

    Question for folks that own Harbor Freight's 1 Ton Arbor Press: What is the distance between the bottom of the ram (not sure if this is the right word) and the top of the slotted steel plate? How tall is the steel plate? I'm interested in trying this with some taller stamps and I'm trying to figure out if there's enough room. Thanks!
  15. Leather storage

    @Dwight very cool! Thanks for sharing.