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  1. This is really helpful, thanks. How many coats of thinned Resolene would you add to get a decent layer of water resistance? (I'm making a tote bag and I just want to be able to get caught in the rain and not instantly ruin the thing, if possible).
  2. Perfect, I've got a small brush anyway, so I'll give it a go. Thanks for the tips.
  3. Ok, so as long as I let it dry and give it a good buff I should be ok. That's a relief.
  4. Is this a thing? Does Resolene really eat your dye off? I was all set to spray it on an oil tanned bag, but now I'm worried.
  5. So I decided to run a test of what I had. I was pleasantly surprised. After about 5 minutes, the Saddle Lac, Resolene, and Aussie all still had beads of water sitting on their surface. The Tokonole, Super Shene, and Carnauba Creme didn't offer much water resistance and absorbed right away. I checked back about 3 hours later and all of the water had either evaporated or soaked in, but the Resolene seemed to leave the least amount of marking, with the Aussie coming in second. It also left a nice gloss on the surface of the leather and it was still soft and pliable. I've included a picture from the 5 minute mark. The strip at the bottom is the original leather.
  6. Yeah, I've tried that, but I didn't find anything specific to oil tanned and I don't know if that would behave differently than veg or chrome tanned.
  7. It's about 11" x 16", it's a tote bag based on one of Ian Atkinson's build alongs:
  8. Hi all, I'm working on my first bag and I have a nice piece of oil tanned leather. I tested a scrap piece for water resistance and it looks like the water is being absorbed by the leather, so I'd like to add something to reduce that if possible. I have a number of products that might work on hand, including: Fiebing's Saddle Lac, Aussie Conditioner, and Resolene, and Eco-Flo Super Shene and Carnauba Creme. Does anybody have any suggestions about which might be best for oil tanned? Thanks!
  9. This is really helpful, thank you!
  10. Thanks guys. Good ideas all around. I'll give them a try and see where I get.
  11. So I just started using this pony (like literally yesterday). I like it well enough, but I was wondering what other people do when they're stitching a larger piece of leather? I'm still working on a practice rectangular piece I got from the stitching class at Tandy and sometimes I have to ram the leather in and sort of fold it up because that screw is right in the middle of the pony. It seems like this could get in the way if you were trying to stitch something larger, like a bag, and still have the clamps close to your stitching line. I've noticed that Ian Atkinson has ditched his screw in favor of some plastic clamps, but he's also got the cheaper Tandy pony where the two arms touch each other. Has anybody else encountered this problem and what's your workaround?
  12. @1CJK where did you get your steel plates?
  13. That's sharp. Nice job!
  14. So here's a question about Goods Japan. Does anybody have any idea of how long it takes them to restock items? I've been waiting since the beginning of the month for them to restock a particular beveler and some pricking irons, but no dice. I've poked around their ebay store too and noticed that their actual stock levels of a lot of items are relatively low.
  15. Thanks for the tips guys. Think I'm leaning towards the strap cutter as it looks a little less like something I'd cut myself on.