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  1. Claes 30 patcher - foot not walking?

    I should have been more clear. Yes, walking again. Thank you very much. BTW, do you still have your old Claes 20 that you previously posted for sale? I have a colleague that may be interested.
  2. Claes 30 patcher - foot not walking?

    Thank you very much. You gave me enough of a clue to figure it out. I removed the needle and then was able to push up and over on the foot so the lip of the "hook like" thing slipped over the collar at the top (please see pic.) It was just freshly refurbished by the dealer. Is this a common thing that happens or should I go back to the dealer with a concern while it is still under warranty? Thanks!
  3. Claes 30 patcher - foot not walking?

    I recently picked up a claes 30 patcher which initially worked fine but now has a problem when stitching. The foot moves up and down as expected but has stopped moving forward when stitching (ie: it doesn't walk. Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there some sort of setting that i need to be aware of to turn on the walking function? Thanks.
  4. Adler 30 70 Leather Patcher

    Hi, is this Adler 30-70 still available?
  5. Thanks Bob, you nailed it!!! The take-up lever was down when I stopped sewing. When I manually turn the balance wheel to move the take-up lever all the way up, the problem is resolved. I can lift the presser foot and remove the material easily with only the 2 threads attached as expected. So, I guess now I need to figure out how to adjust the synchronizer so that it stops with the take-up lever in the correct position. Its a Reliable 6000SM servo motor with the matching synchronizer. Any insight on this?
  6. Hi all, I am hoping someone can help resolve this issue I am having with my Pfaff 1295 (pic attached) where I get the following symptoms: After I stop sewing and I lift up the presser foot, it's difficult to pull the material away because there are 4 threads attached to the material I am sewing: 1 upper thread on top of the material and 3 threads on the bottom. The 3 threads on the bottom of the material are: 1 bobbin thread and 2 extra upper threads. All three threads come from below the needle plate. Note: I determined the source of the thread by using different colours on top and bottom to differentiate. When I snip the 2 “extra” upper threads on the bottom of the material, it's actually only 1 piece of thread that appears to be looped around inside the bobbin case. I simply pull it out with no resistance at all. In general, the stitches look great on both top and bottom of the material with even, balanced stitches and no skipped stitches which leads me to believe that tension is set correctly. I have double checked the threading and also confirmed as well as thru Uwe Grosse’s video for his Pfaff 1295 (thank you @Uwe, great video) that the machine is threaded correctly and the bobbin is wound properly. I have installed new needle (System 134-35, tried both size 120/19 and size 130/21) with #69 bonded nylon thread. Also, I pull the material to the back when I remove the material after I am done sewing. I also have a synchronizer installed which is set such that the needle stops in the fully up position. Thanks in advance for any guidance in resolving this issue: p.s. Also, does anyone have a pdf copy of the operating and parts manuals for this generation of the pfaff 1295? I have found manuals for the current generation only.
  7. Adler 30 70 Leather Patcher

    Hi, I have been looking everywhere for months and months for one of these or a Claes to do hockey gear repair. Please let me know if still available.