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  1. Moving a Juki DLN-9010A-SH

    Great find you will have to post pictures of what you make.
  2. Juki Paint Match

    Very nice did you apply heat to it or just spray it and let it dry
  3. Just purchased a Singer 211g166. Dream Come True

    Congrats first thing you should do is get scrap and practice, watch a ton of YouTube videos and read the leather sewing machine forum. I did days of research before I bought a Juki 1541s. I just picked up a old singer 241-12 from craigslist. Your from North Jersey I work right in Allentown NJ.
  4. Thanks I will let you know after I have a chance to take it apart
  5. I know this is a very old post but I am looking for the same cork disc, do you carry any?
  6. Singer 241-12

    I found out who made the clutch assembly a company called Atlas. Theirs supposed to be a cork friction pad on in between the 2 plates, I have emailed a couple of places with no luck. Do you or anyone else know were I can find one, or could I just get a piece of heavy duty cork and cut one out? Another item I am looking for is the spring for the knee lifter the one on it came with is broke in 2 pieces. I can buy the whole knee lift kit but if I could find a spring it would be a lot cheaper worst case I guess I could rig something up. Thanks for any help
  7. Singer 241-12

    Thank you very helpful, not sure if I want to put a servo motor on now. I think it's pretty cool and unique. Love this forum I wouldn't have gotten this info.
  8. Singer 241-12

    So I picked up an old Singer 241-12 off of craigslist with the table and motor I cleaned it up and all it needs it a new check spring for the tensioner and belt. The belt on it was made of leather, I have never seen a motor like this set up below. It's an electric motor that just engages with pressure from the foot pedal. Can anyone give me more info on this motor setup I researched it and came up empty handed. I do plan on replacing it with a servo motor I also know I need high rpms for the oil to flow. I could't pass this up it looked clean and it was only $75. The woman that sold it to me said it was her mothers that just passed, she made a living using the machine as seamstress. Thanks for any info
  9. Juki Dnu1541S troubleshooting

    Are you sure it's not just the check spring on the tensioner?
  10. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

    Is there a free trial of AI, or has anyone ever used inkscaped.
  11. Very nice have more pictures
  12. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

    I have always wanted to learn how to use AI
  13. New Sewing Machine

    I looked at the same machine but ended up getting a Juki 1541s. You will have to post some of your projects. It's a fun learning experience.
  14. Youtube video of a sewing machine setup

    Great video Gregg, I bought a Juki 1541s from you a while ago. Hopefully I need to pick up a bell skiver soon from you.
  15. My first Cobra Class 18 Creation

    Wow did you make your own pattern?