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  1. Show your Shop

    I see you have a Seville tool cart and workbench. How do you like them I am looking for a new work bench. I was also looking at Huskys 60inch workbench not sure witch one to get yet.
  2. Juki LS-341N

    Thank you very much someone in my area has a used one I have only seen photos of it. It looks like it's in mint condition like it was hardly ever used. I have been trying to figure out what kind of cylinder machine to get, this is only a hobby for me. And spending close to $2000 on a machine I want to make sure I get something that I will be happy with. I am leaning more towards of buying a new machine from a local dealer so I get the customer service and any help I might need.
  3. Juki LS-341N

    Does anyone have any info on the Juki ls-341n I have found a ton of info on the non-n version. Like what size thread and max material, and if anyone can ballpark what they go for in used condition. Thanks for any help
  4. Cowboy CB-4500 waliking foot pressure

    I am getting ready to buy my first machine soon, here is a dumb question. I know from reading that a lot of people grind and polish the feed dog teeth down so it doesn't mark up the leather. Do you need to make an adjustment from grinding away the metal so the feed dog comes up high enough. For instance if the feed dog was ground down on a consew 227 does it need to be shimmed up or is there a height adjustment. I am trying to learn as much as I can before I buy a machine. @Wizcrafts @Uwe
  5. Show your Shop

    I am pretty new also my small area I posted a couple pages back and after seeing all these shops I have been inspired to update my area. I also need to make room for a sewing machine and going to get a tool chest and new work table, will post pics when finished.
  6. Show your Shop

    My start was my kitchen table also, then I just went crazy.
  7. Small Roll Top Bag

    Thank you I have a lot to learn but it's a fun a process and a expensive one.
  8. Small Roll Top Bag

    If you ever are going to buy some I would do it soon they have a whole section under new year sale for 35% off. And shipping in the USA is always free. I just ordered some leather I only buy it when they run sales witch is almost every week. You need to follow there instgram they always have great specials.
  9. Small Roll Top Bag

    That is a good idea thanks for the info I love this forum always learn new things and thats what i am here for.
  10. Small Roll Top Bag

    I guess thats a good idea makes for a stronger stitch.
  11. Small Roll Top Bag

    These are the hard shell cases for my drone, this is what I made the bag for. It's also lined with green flannel.
  12. Small Roll Top Bag

    Rustic Hiker from Acadia it's one of my favorite pull ups just the way it brakes in looks really good Thank You
  13. Small Roll Top Bag

    My first attempt at a roll top bag I made it to carry my DJI Mavic drone, I learned a lot making this the most time consuming parts were the small parts. I need a sewing machine hand stitching is just to much for bigger projects.
  14. Clam, on the half shell.

    It is a Moreau clamp no I do not own one but have talked to him a bunch I am a Tool maker by trade and he sent me all his plans. I was in the process of trying to help him find a way to still manufacture these were he could still sell them. He is the nicest guy ever it is hard to get a hold of him he has very limited access to the internet.