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  1. I have yet to buy my first machine but am soon. I run a 5000 watt CO2 laser and these could easily be cut the blanks out and then mill and drill the step out. I can't wait to buy a machine to make some diy parts.
  2. Cylinder sewing machine

    Your right it does look like the older ones, same casting thanks.
  3. Has anyone heard of the Yamata fy335 cylinder sewing machine? If so are they anygood it looks to be slightly smaller then the Cowboy 227. Thanks for any info.
  4. Consew 206RB-1 should I buy

    Thanks Wiz that helps alot.
  5. There is someone in my area selling a used Consew 206RB-1 for $700 it comes with a clutch motor and table. The motor is 2yrs old. The machine looks to be in great condition, a small upholstery shop is selling it. Is this a reasonable price for this? Would love some input before I jump on this. Thanks
  6. Cowboy 227r

    Sent a message to you.
  7. I haven't even bought a machine yet but am in a couple weeks. I have been watching your videos just to see what i am in for. Keep up the great content thanks
  8. Newest crop of collars

    The details are amazing never got into tooling.