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  1. Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    Not my video but the same idea
  2. Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    Put the leather under the blade before you clamp it or you wont be able to get it under. When i can i will post a picture, and leave enough on one side so you can pull it with pliers or your hand.
  3. Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    If there only 3/4 if an inch go buy a paint scraper razor blade. Its about 4 inches long at any Home Depot. Prop it up with a couple washers to at the end if a table and clamp it so it wont move. And use it like a regular splitter. I know this is a permanent fix but it works well I have split some hard leathers. I made a jig so it is sturdy.
  4. Juki 1508 leather tips

    Love this forum I have a Juki 1541s and just started to use canvas with leather for bags. I haven't had to really make any adjustments besides a couple clicks on the tension. Love to see your work when you get everything dialed in, it sure is a learning experience. Especially finding that right needle going in between different leathers. Maybe it's just me I get better results with different needles on the backside depending on the type of leather. I have tons to learn and just reading other peoples questions have helped me.
  5. @Uwe Thanks @Chayse it cleaned up nicely old machines were just built to last.
  6. Do you have or know of any good split toe feet for a Juki 1541, I bought after market ones but they are really slim. I want to find a split toe that has the same foot print as the Juki center presser foot that it comes with.
  7. Briefcase using Wickett and Craig

    Nice what weight is the leather?
  8. sewing machines

    Look under the leather sewing machine section. Depends on what your sewing their tons of sewing machines.
  9. Show your Shop

    Updated my work area removed my weight machine since I needed room for a Juki 1541s. Also bought a Juki HZL-F400 for sewing linings and light fabrics. I was forced to join a gym since I got rid of my weight machine, but the space I have is priceless.
  10. Dopp Kits

    love them what size are they
  11. Sewing machine with removable flat bed

    Very nice I was going to get a cylinder machine but ended up getting a flat bed. Still going to get a cylinder someday. Turning into an expensive hobby.
  12. Parisian pink? Tote/handbag

    I will use that tip my first lined bag it was to bunched up at the top when I top stitched it to the bag. As you can figure I made it size for size.
  13. Parisian pink? Tote/handbag

    What is the lining made of very nice
  14. Love your edges very nice wallets
  15. Very nice have any pictures of the inside