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  1. Well, I learned some new tricks today. Thanks everyone!
  2. Nice Job. Next level recycling at it's best
  3. nicely done
  4. Betteren I could do. Good Job
  5. Wow, Nice Work!
  6. Funny how that changes your priorities a bit huh? Funny cuz I was thinking about a dice cup for a Dungeon Master Friend not half an hour ago. Nice Work
  7. Lot's of good Knowledge up in here. Thanks for sharing
  8. Are you trying to post pics from your phone? You can go to the camera app and change the settings to a lower resolution (smaller size). Or use the selfie camera, those are probably small enough
  9. make the picture smaller or use smaller resolution
  10. At the end of the day there are only 2 prices 1) What the customer is willing to pay 2) What you are willing to make the item for Everything else is window dressing. I don't care if you spent 30 years perfecting your craft (honorable as it is) either you have perfected it to the point that I am willing to pay $xx.xx above the walmart price or you haven't That said: Boriqua your stuff is seriously under-priced IMHO
  11. Welcome. Brand new here as well. Looking forward to watching your progress
  12. Good to know, thanks
  13. Curious, did you switch back and forth between stamps or do each one across
  14. That's the Spirit!