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  1. Nice Work, Boy that is a LOT of stitching
  2. First Holster

    Thanks guys. Sam Browne stud is right, thanks
  3. For my Phone haa haa I need ideas for the strap. I was thinking one of those button posts where you slot the leather and pop it over (name would help). or any other ideas you guys may have. The phone fits nice and tight but I need additional assurance when I'm on the bike. One of the main important features of this is that if I strap it to my chest I can take video on the bike without the engine vibration.
  4. Guitar Strap for my Brother's Birthday

    ok, that makes sense. Thanks!
  5. Painted corset

    neat. Happy Wife, Happy Life
  6. Guitar Strap for my Brother's Birthday

    Thanks, Not sure I follow. The connection point for the buckle is behind the strap and pointed toward the main body of the strap.
  7. Need help with an idea

    I had an idea for something like this but I was thinking of running chain for the bolded portion
  8. Help Applying Saddle Stitching to Tool Bag Design

    X4 on the Awl, it will change the way you view the world. I h8ted life til I found this out
  9. Guitar Strap for my Brother's Birthday

    Thank You
  10. Holster VIDEOs 'n' stuff

    Just saw this one this week. A lot of knowledge flying.
  11. Real quick question about a stencil

    if it was mine I would cut it up and tape the words together first and emboss them with a modeling spoon and call it done
  12. Swivel Knives

    I bought a ceramic blade for my first knife and dropped it the first night. Snapped right in half.