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  1. Yeah, that's Hi-grade TZS. Very C00L, one of a kind for sure
  2. Glycerin softens it up nicely as well. In and out of the pocket rubbing worries me
  3. Very C00L bag. I don't know much about Leather Work, but I know what I like, and I like this. IMHO the strap distracts from the inlay which should be the center of attention. I would think about some hidden magnetic snaps maybe. Or just put snaps on the flap.
  4. All the Snakeskin I have ever worked with needs to be kept moist or it will get flaky and the scales will fall off. These are ones that I skinned and tanned myself but I imagine a Snakeskin wallet would wear out fast
  5. SHnazzy
  6. no matter where I move it's looking at me
  7. Nicely done. Probably don't want to hear this but I like the deer skin addition a lot :D
  8. Nice, Thanks for the info. I feel slightly less ignorant
  9. Got nothing to add but a warm welcome. I look forward to seeing your work. I myself chose to jump off the deep end and as such am working on a Dr. type bag for my Harley. In way over my head but learning lots. Good Luck.
  10. Really nice work. I like the bigger bag best. The texture is awesome. I like Bob's suggestion for the stitch completion as opposed to just stopping. I think burnished edges would "next level" these bags per Lajoie's suggestion. Also for me I would want something a little more robust to tie it to my belt. I'm hard on things, plus I ride a motorcycle.
  11. I agree, sounds like they didn't do it right. The best option is to undo as much as you can (wet it down) and then apply the correct dye and sealant
  12. Awesome beyond Words
  13. Boy, that coloring is top notch! Well thought out and well executed. The hardware rub the Mutt mentioned may be a small issue or maybe not. It might just add to the "used" look of the bag. If I had to pick a nit I would mention that the leather holding the handle D-rings to the bag could be wider to better match the size of the rings. This is not something I would notice unless someone asked for a critical eye. I'd proud to carry that and I'm sure Mum will too!
  14. Nicely done