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  1. that's on my list. WAAYY WAAY down Like after I know what I'm doing a little
  2. me too. I like little ones too! Nice work
  3. Indeed it was. Nice work
  4. Welcome from another newbie
  5. This forum as with other forums I navigate. I click the ads from time to time. As Johanna says, it keeps the lights on and points revenue to the forum. Easy way to show support. As far as the facebook ads you can turn off the "targeted advertising". That doesn't mean they don't monitor you, it just means it's less obvious.
  6. That looks great!
  7. Nice looking. Have you considered burnishing the edges?
  8. Slick!
  9. Guys, I get it. I'm on a few forums and there is always drama. Please keep in mind that there are guys like me. I'm so new I don't even feel right posting critique but I come here and immerse myself in what others have to show and to share. And I am appreciative for the opportunity to do so. I'd hate to think I was silently struggling with something that you guys have a work around for but didn't share due to the potential drama. There are crumbs on every forum out there, but there are good folks too
  10. Nice work
  11. Nice outside the box stuff. Makes for a 100% unique piece
  12. I'm new to this but I'd be very happy if something I carved came out like that. Great start. I like the veiner dots on the edges of the leaves
  13. I agree with the Mutt, looks great