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  1. Is that little feller in White Lightning a hearin aid?
  2. thanks Billy, and all you guys for the info! I have been interested but not sure what to ask or who to ask!
  3. Just curious because the place I use to work, we used a penetrant that glowed like that under uv but if you haven't been around any metal testing labs that won't be it. I hope you get to the bottom of it soon.
  4. I'm just wondering, what you do for a living, or where you've been visiting the last couple days before you spotted this? Could be something you picked up there?
  5. How about a new thread to help all of us interested? Please?
  6. HMMM, interesting I don't think Ive seen that but Ill keep looking
  7. I think what you are looking for are called footman loops http://www.brettunsvillage.com/trunks/howto/parts/endcaps/ . Round ones are at bottom of page. All so ebay has a bunch.
  8. George, I feel for ya bro ,I'm an L1 burst a year and a half out,and have been trying to figure a way to carry my "babies " in a chair for about a year. I don't carry anything that big but I agree that appendix and cross draw don't work so well. I cant reach my ankles with all that wonderful titanium in there so I guess on the shoulder is all that's left. Gona suck in the summer tho.
  9. Hmm wish I could find needles for that thread!
  10. "Thanks!"
  11. I would guess its the carnauba, we used to use it as a wood finish and once applied, with the heat from buffing it in got quite hard ( they use it under the oil on bowling allies ).
  12. You have my interest up. I lined a holster with it once and liked it but haven't been able to find more.
  13. Thumbs up on the goat leg, and the leather it came in !
  14. Tandy is running a sale on milled single shoulders, 3-4oz. and 5-6 oz.