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  1. First Mail Satchel

    nice job!
  2. I think tung oil is a good idea. Its one of the more waterproof finishes for wood and since it will penetrate the leather well, should prove to be good for your handles. Are you able to disassemble the handles to sew the back side together in a straight seem?
  3. High Desert Winter Day

    Some of the best horses I've seen, very well done.
  4. "SLASHER" Jack the Ripper Tribute

    Man you've got as good a cense of hummer as you have talent as an artist. Just love your work!
  5. new holster on the bench

    Nice job!
  6. Onto the third bag....

    Thanks for the info!
  7. Latest Blog Post on Veg-tan

    Great info as always thank you for putting it together.
  8. Onto the third bag....

    What he said! I gotta see how that's done. What an awesome bag that is, you should be proud.
  9. Durkopp Adler 467-FA373 complete $800

    Aha! thank you for clearing that up....I've worked on a lot of machinery but sewing machines have always been a mystery.
  10. Durkopp Adler 467-FA373 complete $800

    Hi Uwe, I'm interested in this but also a bit ignorant as to what the air is for. It's not a deal breaker, nor is the three phase but if you could enlighten me it could make the decision a bit easy Thanks John