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  1. Hydro/ vacuum formed knife sheath

    looks good so far! look forward to see where you go from here.
  2. It just seems strange that you two have similar problems with browns.I think you should write the company and send the pictures fiebing chocola
  3. I wonder if the factory didn't flush their lines or something fiebing's oil dye chocolate is grey By Nert, Sunday at 09:32 AM fiebing chocola
  4. Hand Forged Buckles

    These guys make some really cool damascus. They also sell drops that may be big enough to make your buckle. If you don't see what you like they sell on Ebay too. I bet if you contact them they could point you in the right direction.
  5. Video of an industrial sewing motor pulley being made

    Yup did a lot of that stuff as a "maintenance man". A lot of math to machine a pulley, but it sure is fun! Thanks for posting it!
  6. Hi Mike, just wondering what the other edgers are? It looks like there are 3 or 4? Thanks for your time, John
  7. My First Holster

    Wow, looking good . I think you may be correct about the draw. I think the cut covering the trigergard should be lower so it doesn't cover the magazine release, then you could come in towards the frame another 1/2 inch .Then you'd have more room to grip for the draw. You've done a good job and I really like the decorative stitching!
  8. very sharp look you came up with! I'll have to keep that in the arsenal.
  9. Hand Forged Buckles

    is that the style you want ? or a center bar, or roller? I don't have a site of the top of my head, but I know that a lot of smiths like a challenge. I would try contacting a few to see what they say. Many of the blade smiths have web sites that you could check with.
  10. My First Biker/Long Wallet

    Nice! That's better than my first wallet by far!
  11. Thanks @plinkercases ! What a great site
  12. Thanks Gary, that actually helps a lot as I'm hoping to do a bunch of sporting equipment and it will surely get wet. I really don't like Edge coat but haven't tried any other products because I cant waste money on another product that won't work.
  13. Thanks for the info! I'll try them both and see how I make out.
  14. @garypl Can you give more detail about your impressions of the dense vs. tha semidense paints? I'm just wondering if one has a real advantage over the other on say tow layers of 3/4 oz. or 7/8 oz. I've watched the videos they have but am still not sure what to order.