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  1. I'm not too artistic either but maybe I can figure out how to post a couple projects in a day or two.
  2. Bar Fight vs. Sheridan

    I just cant get enough of these!
  3. I for one would like to see your full color carving, and agree that YinTxs' carving is great!
  4. I had hoped you had seen it as it helps me to understand your proses as I have been following this trying to get as much 'learnin" as I can!
  5. Where I get my leather

    Thanks for this. You touched on this with me a few weeks ago and I appreciate the more in depth discussion.
  6. I don't know if you have seen this video but he has some great tutorials .
  7. Is this a leather cutting tool?

    We had one at the body shop to cut 8inch sanding discs down to 6 or 4 inch. But I cant say that was its original use.
  8. Rock and Roll Guitar Strap

    It shows
  9. Rock and Roll Guitar Strap

    Chet was THE man with strings, and I think you are the man with a swivel knife!
  10. Roping Saddle

    I don't know a lot about saddles but this looks real nice too me. Nice work!
  11. Thanks for the comparison. I've been on the fence with the Giardini and this helped me over!
  12. Okay, I'm not getting it

    while I'm sure I wouldn't be missed I won't stay where my thoughts cant be heard either. And Clintock is correct in saying its wrong.
  13. Okay, I'm not getting it

    Hay Jeff, I guess YOUR right to free speech is not as important as some one who cant CHANGE THE CHANLE when there feelings are hurt
  14. ????? Brand name, pics, ordering info?????