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  1. Thumbs up on the goat leg, and the leather it came in !
  2. Tandy is running a sale on milled single shoulders, 3-4oz. and 5-6 oz.
  3. Sweeeeet! came out really nice. The elk horns are a great way to display your NICE tooling.You should be proud!
  4. What kind of paint are you going to use? I would definitely go with quality automotive paint. That said you could go black with gold metallic, maybe some red trim?
  5. Good job, and welcome to both Diabolical and Ricktuk
  6. They have dark brown bridle backs 4/5 , and sides 2/3-7/8 oz. Same price!
  7. Gottaknow said almost word for word what I was thinking! Howd you do that?
  8. Cool skull ! I like the leaves but maybe play with the size a bit. Just a little smaller and all 4 corners. Might frame it nice without over doing it.
  9. We use to use wood glue (T.B.) on tempered Masonite for leather desk pads. As soon as you smooth out the leather you had to work to get it off to reposition. On melamine I would probably use solvent based only because I think it will '' soften " the surface just enough to really bond to a slippery surface.
  10. Jim Timber is right on about dry time. I painted the ends of mine with poly and just use it , reseal the top when worn. After a year I only have a couple fine checks that don't seem to be getting any bigger.
  11. Nice job Kieran, keep up the good work! I have subscribed!
  12. Bikermutt07 Thanks for the heads up
  13. get the weldwood its so cheep if you don't like it just leave the top off {out doors} and toss it in the trash when its hard. But I bet you'll like it !