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  1. Gluing leather to stitching horse?

    I like the magnet hidden under the leather. Might just steel that one! I didn't think I'd like the angle but it works O.K.!
  2. Gluing leather to stitching horse?

    Thanks Didn't even know where to go to research, common furniture n.p. but this is not in any of my books !
  3. Gluing leather to stitching horse?

    That looks identical to the one I have. Do you have any history on it?
  4. Wow, those are great !! What wt. leather do you use for youre harnesses? They look comfortable.
  5. Another great one,one a these days I gotta take some pics so you can see some of the stuff I learned from your posts.Shure do appreciate it!
  6. That looks really nice,I like the adjustability aspect. When I was a boy we spent many summers hiking and fishing in the Algonquin park,some of my favorite memories!
  7. As Dwight said very thin coat oof cement and let it DRY,15 or 20 min. is not too long .Longer if you use a heavy coat. Good luck!
  8. Thats real nice,Ilike the designe.The colors are nice too!
  9. Got a Pearson #6!!!! wee hooo!!!

    Good for you! That's excellent!
  10. Cartridge Belts

  11. Cartridge Belts

    Hey Dwight what color is that its really nice!
  12. Acrylic aquarella paint used on leather edges!

    SANDPAPER IS NOT THE SAME AS SANDSTONE!!!!!!!!! You have not shown one time that you have followed the advice of even one member that has graciously taken the time to try to help. You continue to ignore and insult these kind people in your ignorance instead of trying their technique the way it is given.No one on this site will give advice in order to make you spend more money.
  13. I have to say that your decorative cuts are looking better too!