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  1. I dont know if this would work but I just saw this at Springfield Leather
  2. Greetings from Louisiana

    Welcome to the forum. You have a good looking holster there! I really like your carving style. Its always good to add to the new gun fund!

    Very very nice! How long have you been tooling leather?
  4. Hamley Daisy Stamp Spacing

    Great tip THANK YOU!
  5. SB Foot Leathers

    haha I just got mine and its great!! Cut a wallet and journal this afternoon. I'll post pics when they are done.
  6. Fantastic! I really like the design and you tooled it at a level I can only hope to get to.
  7. Show your Shop

    I just rt click and save as.....
  8. Show your Shop

    Here ya go @RockyAussie don't know how to make it bigger and keep the animation
  9. Show your Shop

    Makes me want to wander around and feel and sniff for a couple hours!
  10. Checkbook I just finished

    Very nicely done! You should be proud of this, your tooling is really good for a first project ! The only thing I think I would do is a little smaller thread but that's just my preference.
  11. Hi Cami, I think we need a little more information before we can give good answers. What type machine are you using, are you able to slow it down to nearly one stitch at a time? Are you sewing two layers at a time or 3? Is 4 to 5 oz. total thickness or just one layer? Once all this is sorted you'll probably get lots of help!
  12. Newb project

    Hi Wylee, your holster is nice . I dont know if you are familiar with Hawks Leather, they are located in Anchorage and seem to have a good inventory . They have an Ebay store that is pretty good.