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  1. A belt just for me

    Nice job on both the belt and the RV4. I like the pant job too!
  2. Vintage style briefcase

    That's cool! What did you line it with?
  3. Bible cover

    I think you hit it out of the park!
  4. Sheridan tote bag

    WOW!! You never fail to impress. I see nothing I'd change, even the braid and bar grounding look good, especially for a first try
  5. Simple Clip-on Sunglasses Case

    Thanks Tom!
  6. Kudos on a cleaver design! Colors work well too, good job.
  7. Looks good! Is that brown on black or just the camera angle? Getin all those holes lined up round all those curves is gotta be a bitch!
  8. I made some buckskin clothing many years ago which got wet a lot. They do get stiff and you can stretch it. If you tack it down around the edges, when they dry well I think you cold work them back to close to the original softness. I might try to cut off a small piece and try it first to see if you like the results. Good luck with your project, and let us know how you make out!
  9. What tool is this? How does it work?

    I saw it but didn't bid. Just curios too
  10. Show your Shop

    @sheilajeanne I'm just gon'a say it I'm jealous!
  11. What tool is this? How does it work?

    That sounds good to me. The part that would be the blade is slotted so the width of cut would be adjustable too. Good call!
  12. Leather shirt

    these are nice patterns https://www.springfieldleather.com/Pattern-Frontiersman-Shirt There are several if you check all the pages.
  13. Prosthetic Project

    That is really a great thing you've done. It's very depressing to hear you'll never do the things you love,but you've given that back. You sir are awesome!