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  1. Some new holsters

    Agreed on JLS patterns and instructions, they are a must have for any one designing any type of fitted case. You have done an awesome job on these.
  2. Hi just wondering about payment options?
  3. Tooling for sure but I use it for deer hunting so nothing too shiny.
  4. Looks real good to me. Gota do one for my self one of these days. Not sure if I want a slimjim ore Mexican loop tho.
  5. Guy'll be 6" shorter when he gets home ! But I wish that was mine I'd were it with pride.
  6. SB Foot 4.5-5oz Olive Sids $2 per foot

    Hi every one, I just got one of these hides and all I can say is WOW ! This is nice stuff. If you are looking for leather for any rugged type accessories, look here first! This stuff is nice.
  7. Hi Brian, I like your first idea for a first run. If you make the top that the screw attaches to good and heavy you can make the side posts as long as you need. You then add platens about 2" thick on top of the first layer of molds, add a second layer and so on. The foot print stays the same but you just keep going up and the pressure stays about the same for all layers. I would think that after a half hour you could pull them out and they would hold shape until you lock the molds.
  8. Carp and water buffalo guitar strap

    Way to go! He'll love it.
  9. Leather Frisbee

    For some reason that bee makes me think of John Belushi !
  10. Skinning and egg tanning squirrel/rabbit

    Thanks for the update !
  11. Very nice ! I like that color.
  12. Good idea I think you'll do well