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  1. Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    Nice, yea I have ordered from TTE. Good stuff, thanks for taking your time and filling me in on that. I try to keep improving and really liked your post
  2. Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    Thanks a bunch, I've hand sewn everything until last month we got a mini 441. So was trying to get that look. If you don't mind me asking where do you buy your thread. Hopefully the polyester thread holds up but regardless the cement should hold it together to that point. We have been doing fire leather as a business for about a year but can't say I have seen many shields nicer than what you did up there. Definitely should get back into it
  3. Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    Maybe I am just being picky. I am using 346 and it just dosent seem that thick
  4. Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    If you don' mind me asking, what size thread are you using. The thread I use looks tiny compared to this and the thread places act like I'm crazy for wanting to go thicker. Also what size gap between the thread do you use. That' some really clean looking stitching
  5. Biggest thread for machine

    Would it work with a 25 or I would have to go up a needle
  6. Biggest thread for machine

    I recently purchased a mini 441 sewing machine and I have a size 25 needle I'm using. I am looking for a bigger thread, basically for appearance. I am using a 346 right now and the thread is not very noticeable. Does anyone know of a bigger size thread I could use?
  7. Contact cement residue

    Nice, thanks Mark I will check that out
  8. Contact cement residue

    I am gluing 2 pieces of 8 oz leather. The bottom piece sometimes gets on the side that' showing. I have been using fiebings leathercraft cement and would wipe away the excess when it came through but would still occasionally leave a residue. Switched to barge but I guess I'm just going to have to be more careful where it' going. This is the kind of stuff I'm doing
  9. Contact cement residue

    I am currently using barge contact cement and was wondering if you have to apply it on both sides. I am cementing 2 pieces of leather and the bottom piece is getting the residue. Does anyone know of a solution for this
  10. Sewing machine

    Thanks for the input, I have heard a ot of good things about the cowboy machines and that is what I was about to buy. Me having no experience in sewing machines and my wife with just sewing clothes I am leaning to the local distributor. The price for the cowboy 4500 and this machine are the same I would just have to pay for the shipping and would have to assemble. They are willing to let me try it on what I'm sewing and help me get going so I'm gonna give them a shot and compare what I have seen with the cowboy machines. Thanks for all the help
  11. Sewing machine

    For the most part I'm sewing 2 pieces of 8 oz leather together. I was meaning towards cowboy but there is an industrial sewing machine retailer in my area and most of all they sale is juki and Adler and some other chinese manufacturers. The plus with that company is them servicing and assisting with any problems along with hands on help when buying from them. The machine I'm looking at from them is equivalent to a cb 4500 but they are going to put a speed reducer on it to slow it down to help me with the turns. This is what we saw for the most part
  12. Sewing machine

    Thanks for the advice. The sewing machine company I went to had a machine with a servo motor that they were going to install a speed reducer on for us and let us try out. The servo motor was not slow enough for us to make all the turns precise enough. I was hoping for a cowboy 3500 but they don' sale that brand. I believe it' an Adler or juko
  13. Sewing machine

    Kinda what I was thinking. There is a industrial sewing machine company we checked out today and they let us try out some. All they sale is Adler, juki, singer machines. The plus with there stuff is they are there to help if I need it
  14. Sewing machine

    I was about to purchase a sewing machine and was looking at a couple different brands. Was wondering if anyone has used the tippman. Boss could give any info on if they liked it or should go another route
  15. Sewing machine

    Has anyone ever used the tippman boss they sale at Tandy. Any thoughts on going that route?