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  1. I am trying to find friction swivel and lazy susan for a tool belt at a reasonable price. Any ideas?
  2. Best stuff to buy to sharpen swivel knives

    I have been only doing the same but o have a blade I like that dosent seem to be sharp enough with just the rouge on a strop
  3. I received a card from Amazon and was wondering if anyone has gotten any good sharpening stones or strips off here. Mainly just sharpening swivel knives so was wondering what grit y'all use and the compound. I have red jewlers rouge but was wondering if the different colors meant anything?
  4. Hey I was interested to find out what you thought about the panhandle leather hermann oak side you said you were buying. I am about to purchase a side from them but wanted to get some input before I did

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    2. Jason046


      Hey, just giving you an update. Bought a side from them yesterday and the charge was $205 with shipping. Paid with card and later that night got an email saying they modified it and now they charged me 221$. Wondering if they have done this to you?

    3. Squilchuck


      No.  Ordering was no problem. What was their reason?


    4. Jason046


      Haven't had the chance to call them yet

  5. Best value for leather

    If you don't mind updating me on the HO leather from panhandle leather. That's a pretty good price. Would like to know what you thought about it
  6. Best value for leather

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I will look I to all the options. I am buying oak leaf sides so it's a B grade leather I believe. I'm cutting 7" squares and tooling them along with 50" x 1 1/2" straps. We are running a business so the more we can get out of it the better. Would pay more for the side if I could get a better side with less marks
  7. Best value for leather

    I have been buying my leather from a local Tandy store and I was wondering if this was the best value for the leather I am getting. I buy a side of 8-9oz veg tan and I tool on it. The only problem I have found is I really have to look for good sides. I wouldn't mind buying from a supplier if anyone has a good recommendation. I have checked out Weaver but they are more expensive than Tandy.
  8. Cutting straps in thick leather

    Sounds good, thanks. Im making heavy duty leather suspenders with them and they turn out nice but the leather has had more and more nicks lately. Do you know of a good alternative to Tandy harness leather. Was thinking about trying hermann oak but wasn' sure if it would be worth the price
  9. Lately I am having trouble cutting through 10-12 oz harness leather from Tandy. I am cutting long 1 3/4" straps and lately it has been breaking my razor in my strap cutter. Has anyone had success cutting this leather with a strap cutter and any techniques would help. Thanks
  10. We moved to a boss laser. We have a ls-1416 65w laser. All in all it was about 6k$. It will cut any size leather in a single pass and does everything we need. Bed is about 17 × 17 inches
  11. Rivets - rapid vs. tubular vs. double cap

    Does anyone have any ideas to replace these copper rivets with something easier to hold but still sturdy. The copper rivets are a pain because of having to slide this into a metal bracket I rigged to set them
  12. Still having trouble finding seat belt buckle. I have customers wanting these on there leather work belts. Seen them used before but not sure where to find them. Have searched everywhere. Any ideas. Also lazy susan style swivels. Any help is appreciated
  13. That Chinese laser is what we started on. Used for about a year then moved up. We wanted to be able to cut through 12 oz leather in one pass and cleaner engraving. It has saved us time and is more precise than the Chinese lasers
  14. Buckle suppliers

    I was wondering who everyone uses for buckles. I have been using Tandy but some customers have wanted the seat belt buckle type on their straps. Haven' found a good supplier of those. Any ideas
  15. Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    We decided to actually start fire leather as a business about a year ago. We started cheap to get our name out there. Since we started a year ago we have yet to get caught up so the business is there but as we all know this stuff takes time. We have been improving our time and have purchased the equipment and setting up to cut our time to make a profit. We only charge 70$ for a standard shield, 75$ shield with flag behind number and 80$ for custom logo behind number. I feel once we move up to the 100$ Mark we will be making a decent profit. Right now we work quick enough to make a profit but not as much as we would like. The toughest thing is charging friends. You can check out some of our stuff on gettin it custom leather on fb and Gettinitcustom.com if you would like to get some ideas. This place is great to find new tricks from seasoned leather workers. I' always trying to find a better way to do thing. Lol