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    Shooting, Leathering, Loving my wife and kids

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    Everything leather! My main focus is holsters, but I like to do any leather project that grabs my fancy.
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  1. Greetings from Oklahoma

    Nice to meet you! What is your YouTube Channel? Maybe you can come by my shop after I get it finished and do a video on my process.
  2. Looking for some used Blue Guns

    Update for you: This website sells holster molds for half what they charge for blueguns.
  3. Maul or mallet?

    I have a Stohlman mallet I picked up for a song on Craigslist, and I absolutely love it. I have never tried a maul, however. It looks like it would be easier to bevel edges with a maul, since your strikes don't have to be dead on like they do with a mallet. I'm not an experienced tooler, though, so I'm not very fast at beveling anyway. I think a maul is probably faster, but you probably need to be pretty experienced to go that fast.
  4. Why you don't buy the cheap stamping set on Amazon...

    Just so! I went to Tandy during a sale and spent $5 more on three stamps than I did in total for the 15 stamps that I bought on Amazon.
  5. Why you don't buy the cheap stamping set on Amazon...

    These were the cheapo set on Amazon. They're my only tools that didn't come from Tandy. I'm not really into carving and stamping, but I wanted to mess around with it without have to invest a significant amount. I've gotten more into basket weave, and have bought higher quality tools from Tandy for stamping (basket, camo, and veiner). The barrels are actually larger and more comfortable.
  6. Looking for some used Blue Guns

    Ah, I was wrong. Cold Steel makes the LCR. I haven't used an Cold Steel guns, but they look accurate.
  7. Looking for some used Blue Guns

    Blackhawk makes "demonstrator" guns that are MUCH less expensive than Blue Guns. You can get a gov't 1911, a Glock 17, and Beretta 92, (LCR, too) for $20-$30. They're all to spec as far as size goes. I use them and get 0 complaints. 15 sales on Etsy, and dozens off Etsy.
  8. I don't really mash on my stamps... Just a firm couple of taps. the barrel is literally bowed, and the camo has be realigned to the edge of the barrel. It wasn't that way when I bought it, just 5-10 projects in.
  9. Greetings from Oklahoma

    Pleased to meet you!
  10. Greetings from Oklahoma

  11. Greetings from Oklahoma

    Hello, all. New to the forum Just wanted to say hi! My name is Phillip Carr. I love to do leather work of all kind, but I mainly focus on holsters. They're easy to sell on Etsy, I'm into guns, and they don't require a lot of leather! Patterns are abundant, and resources abound as well. I've attached a few examples of some of my work, and a link to my store. I hope to learn a lot here, and share some of the things I've learned as well! <img src=""/> <img src="> <img src="> <img src="> <img src="> Well... obviously my HTML isn't up to snuff...