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  1. Newbie to leather work

    Cj artist is right. Wouldn't take long to stitch them. Nigel doesn't use a machine either. As far as tooling ideas there are tons of neat geometric patterns you can do with different stamps. There's even a basket weave stamp that offers several possibilities. A simple crease would look nice too. Have you ever considered braiding handles? Just another idea. You can even try the mystery braid. That would allow you to have solid ends to rivet to the basket just a thought
  2. Newbie to leather work

    That's cool! Nigel Armitage's on YouTube has a good tutorial on making bag handles. I'm not sure if it's the style you want. I believe they are rolled handles. But what your doing is simple and effective. Nothing wrong with that. Basket looks good too!
  3. How to apply fabric to leather

    I second the use of super 77 or 90 spray as @Colt W Knight mentioned. And cotton does fray a lot..
  4. Oops...

    I think it's kinda funny how we all cringe and cry at the sight of it, because we all know we have done it. A project goes perfect the whole way and we screw it up at the last step. I'm sorry it happened to you.
  5. iPhone 5 wallet case.

    Thanks @Wedgetail, she has been wanting one for a while and I'm just now making it haha. I'll probably be making more with a few changes.
  6. Oops...

    A moment of silence for our fallen comrade...
  7. iPhone 5 wallet case.

    Thanks. Stitching chisels punch right through it haha.
  8. iPhone 5 wallet case.

    Oh yeah I shoulda said it is. It's a body glove? Just a generic case. It's flexible too tho. I believe it said it's a "gel" case. But even at that it's rigid enough. I did see somewhere where someone wet moulded a case the phone snapped into. That would be too difficult for me but would be super awesome too haha. Also the wrist loop is just a piece of 325 paracord with a Matthew walker knot on the end of it. Her favorite colors are green and blue. I found this out after I started. Just so happened I was already going with green and blue haha. Lucked out.
  9. First ever bag!

    It's amazing your stitching stayed straight with the scotch... Unless you're like me and see a little crooked any way, scotch would even it out hehe
  10. iPhone 5 wallet case.

    Howdy all, been a while for me but I made this thing! My step moms birthday is coming up and she's mentioned she wanted a phone wallet. So I made one. I used 4)5 oz horween tumbled Essex in parisian blue and .8 green tiger thread. The card slots we're split down to 1 mm and it's lined with cotton fabric. I didn't do much with the edges because of the fabric. Next time I'll trim it short so I can do the edges better. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with it. Thanks for looking. All comments and critiques welcomed. Cheers!
  11. First ever bag!

    Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Looks great. I have no clue how to do zipper so, one up on me haha.
  12. Cobra Holster

    Nice. I wonder about scales falling g off tho. Is that an issue?
  13. Cobra Holster

    Looks nice. I like how u used the cobra head with that snake skin. Good idea. I've never used snake. Is it hard to work?
  14. Latest long wallet

    Another home run. Sexy wallet.
  15. 1911 Pancake Holster

    Looks good! I like your name ( it's mine too haha) not many Trenton out there. Keep it up