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  1. Dog harness/leather question

    You know, I have some veg tan light saddle skirting I totally forgot about. It's a total pita to work and cut but I have it. That's plenty strong for this right? I wouldn't think a harness for an Akita would damage easy made out of super stiff saddle skirting. Ah but bridle or latigo would be so much better. I wonder how much a bend from them runs? Might have to email em if it gets serious haha.
  2. Dog harness/leather question

    Yeah that's part of my problem. I just don't have the money for it. I don't sell much. So I don't have use for a large stock of leather. I don't feel right charging for the whole side or back or double shoulder. I can use lighter weight better than heavier weight too. I may just have to deny the job :/
  3. Battery bag

    Awesome. Here do you get your bridle?
  4. I've unofficially been asked to make a coworker a dog harness for her Akita. I don't know what style she wants or have many details yet. I've never made a dog harness before so, as far as that's concerned I'd like to ask the more experienced on here what measurements I need and how to go about a pattern for it. As for the leather, I don't have anything suitable for a harness at the moment and will have to order it. I also can't afford to order a whole side or something just for this harness. I'm fairly certain just the cost of ordering the leather will put her off the prospect. But, in the chance she is willing to front cost, what do I use? I'm between English bridle and latigo. I've used neither of them but am a little familiar with their properties. Does anyone know a reasonably priced latigo or bridle leather? I saw the sipici brand on Maverick's website and am curious. Finally, I'd hate to have a heavy leather lying around and not be able to use it after this. Would a lighter weight leather laminated together for the harness straps be a good alternative? Believe me, if I had it my way I'd order a wickett and Craig side right now haha. Thanks in advance!
  5. Wedding gifts

  6. Battery bag

    Thanks @fredk. I forgot to mention skiving.
  7. Alligator Field Notes Cover

    Oo cool. I like latigator...
  8. Haha, that's cool. I imagine anything can be concealed if you want to
  9. Oh, it's a concealed carry sw500 holster...
  10. Rifle butt stock cover

    That could work
  11. Yeah I hear ya. My brother in law wants an sob. I don't understand it myself. But everyone's different I guess. A cross draw for sw 500? Really? Sounds interesting
  12. Rifle butt stock cover

    You already have eight. I think my model 94 holds 8 rounds (30-30). So that's one reload. You may be able to incorporate another 8 on a slider that can be put anywhere on the sling?
  13. Rifle butt stock cover

    @garyplThat's awesome! Haha. You should do a cartridge belt or a slider even. I bet the sling comes out nice halitech.
  14. Hahaha this is so crazy it's awesome. It's well made and I can't say I've ever known anyone to carry a desert eagle let alone two haha. Good work!
  15. Rifle butt stock cover

    This is cool. One of my dream guns is the 1874 sharps in 45.70 govt.can you imagine a cover like that boasting those big ole shells? Haha.