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  1. 2 different colors with the same dye and sealer

    Did you oil one and not the other? Even a touch more dye on one than the other can do it. Hides can also be darker in spots than others or have different characteristics in one area than another. If the method of application was the same in both cases, then id say it's down to how much dye was used or some variance in the hide itself.
  2. How to stiffen a notebook cover

    You can use all sorts of things. Thick poster board is ok. The cereal box and bag stiffener ideas are good too. I've used Matt board with success. I cut it a bit smaller than the dimensions of the cover and then beveled/skived the edges of the Matt board to have a nice raised effect and smooth transition to the edge of the cover.. this is glued to the inside of the cover then the cover is lined. I glue it with the bevel facing the inside of the book so the raised effect is on the lining and the outside stays flat.
  3. Door Handle, How the Heck??

    If I were to do this to a similar railing already constructed, I would first make the pattern which is simple enough. Then I would prefer punch my holes for the seam at a 45 ish degree angle. I would then stitch it together. The angled holes would allow use of straight needles. Alternatively, I might use curved needles to stitch the seam. Then pound the seam with a flat faced smooth hammer to flatten it out. That's how I would do it lol. There is Probably a better way
  4. Oh truth, how funny though art....

    Right! I may need to turn down a job because of that. Bible cover that is for be a huge Bible. He said it was a "standard" sized Bible. But it's 10x8 and 3.5" thick! I'm not sure I have enough leather! Haha at least a big enough piece
  5. Barstool for Taylor Guitars visitor center

    These are super cool. Does the cover fit over the existing seat cover or do you remove the old one and replace it?
  6. Oh truth, how funny though art....

    Go for it! I found it scrolling through Facebook and thought it was perfect
  7. I thought some people here may enjoy this. ..
  8. Decisions, decisions ...

    Both are good ideas. Advertising on one side of it though is intriguing. If you don't need to sell it I like the idea of giving it with a belt
  9. Tactical stick cover -viking stylee

    "This drink, I like it, I'll have another!" Hehe very nice work!
  10. Ladies long zipper purse

    Ah, yup... I think the easier option will be to add a bit of thin lining to that particular area of the outer. I may try shaping the outer like the interior is shaped and see if I can figure a way around the center pouch. Got some thinking to do
  11. Ladies long zipper purse

    One question, did you make the exterior the same shape (in the folded part) as the interior where the zipper starts and ends? Mine seems to look odd being just the square cut piece. Like you can see the flesh side of the leather. Is this the case for you? Or just when the wallet is open?
  12. Ladies long zipper purse

    I'm making one too. Craftsmangus pattern? I couldn't find zipper tape so I'm using cheaper zips I cut down. But in function it's the same. Yours looks better than mine will. Haha
  13. WHO got the stuff?

    I'm stumped. All I found was these. Both a bit on the light side andnonenis waxy. District leather supply had a small piece of the Pueblo in heavier thickness in a gray color. But I'm unsure about the streakiness from the picture.
  14. Sig P365 / Cowhide Reinf Panel

    Looks like ya stepped up to the plate and slam dunked a touchdown!
  15. Thoughts on Western Holsters

    Sounds to me like you have the areas to improve down pretty well. There's a classic debate about suede, I for one do not recommend it as it's hard to clean and traps dust and stuff which could harm the firearm finish... But a holster is going to do that anyway right? I just prefer smooth leather. I think it's in the how to or the holster section, but there are a few very good tutorials on making western right. One is drop loop and one is slim Jim. But inone of the tutorials the curvature of the skirt is addressed in an interesting way with how the liner is glued to the holster. Maybe give it a look. And you are right about molding. Western rigs aren't really heavy on retention through molding. It should confirm to the gun but not be super detailed. If tetention is a problem add a hammer thong... Also in the tutorials I mentioned. Happy making!