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  1. Bible cover

    Ah yeah. ,Zippers aren't too hard really. Just this one was for some reason. I made it just a tad short which made it difficult to get in place. But it was already my second time doing the zipper on it so, ok made it work haha
  2. Bible cover

    Thanks, it has it's rough estimate in places but came out ok I think. Like what mutt?
  3. Bible cover

    It taught me a thing or two. The hardest part was getting that zipper gusset right. And it's still a tad short I think. But it works so, the next one will be better haha.
  4. Bible cover

    I've been fighting this one for a while. But finished it up. I didn't have a Bible the same dimensions but my copy of "on food and cooking" was about the same size. Fit nice. Two inside pockets for the book covers to slip into and an exterior zipper pouch/open pocket on the back. Let me know what you think thanks!
  5. Ladies' Card Wallet

    I will try that technique again. I can never get mine to come out nice like that. I do multiple coats and sanding too. I use a roller applicator but may need to try the scratch awl again. Thanks!
  6. Ladies' Card Wallet

    I'm still trying to get the hang of edge paint. Yours looks great. What's your technique?
  7. Bond Arms Bullpup 9mm

    Thought about getting one of those bull pups till I saw how much they cost haha. I like that red stitching.
  8. New Partnership for Tandy

    Yeah, like Caesar said, more interested in people making things. Nothing against them or their business model or whatever. But I don't watch many of their videos any more. Seems more talk and less leatherwork. The latter being the reason I started watching. And it may seem silly, but I think his hat is too darn small for him and he kinda wears it funny. That bothers me for some silly reason. But that aside, as it doesn't really matter, I started with tandy products. I don't get much from them now but every once in a while. Tandy I think serves as a beginner get your feet wet type place. Which is a great thing. It seems in recent years a pickup in leatherwork but I still feel it's an art that is fading. So if tandy gets people seriously interested in the craft I'm all for it.
  9. Glock 30 flapjack

    Wellp, I have a thick skin. Thanks everyone for those suggestions. I'm usually better than this. I will remake it and send it to them. I feel bad letting that out of my shop now. He did request a 20 degree angle (measured wrong maybe?) and my belt fit through the slots ok. But, I do see what Dwight is talking about. As for the beveler, I may have used too small of one. Not sure the size. And I did have a few slips that I tried fixing with the spoon but, may have made worse. I will do a part two! Practice right? Thanks again everyone. I'll take it to heart and make a better one.
  10. SLC and Hermann Oak **NEWS FLASH**

    They are going to offer double shoulders in Hermann oak leather. They don't make a double shoulder that I know of. It is a nice cut. You can make belts and holsters and sheathes from it. I'm sure there are many other things as well. It'll be a new product that I think people will be like. SLC has been affiliated with Hermann oak for a while, I imagine they hashed out a deal to make it worth Hermann oaks while to produce a double shoulder. I think it would be nice to have the option though
  11. I'm sorry your brother is weird hehe, nah I'm just teasing. To each their own I suppose. I'm sure your nephews will love their own rig. They'll be out catching bandits.... Or robbing stagecoaches... In no time!
  12. colt officer dummies

    The bersa and shield cooks molds I had worked well for me. But then again, I couldn't compare the measurements accurately. Maybe I'll compare to a specific sheet. Be a good reason to get some calipers haha.
  13. Here is a simple belt I made for my dad. He likes a thin 1" wide belt. I had some Hermann oak strap I used that was 8/9 oz dyed it black and creased it. Nickle brass buckle from buckle guy. Turned out pretty nice I think. Let me know what you think
  14. Black all around. Even my hands are black... Somehow.. haha. Glock 30 (SF)pancake... Ahem... Flapjack holster for a friend's husband. 8/9oz wickett and Craig. Hand stitched blah blah. Let me know your thoughts!
  15. Prices too high?

    Well, if you have it to spare why not? Haha! That's just pocket change right?