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  1. There is no really available pattern. I got the kit and made one from the kit. You would have to make some adjustments probably. I don't think I'm allowed to share it or not because of copyright. :/ I would need to find that out but don't know who to ask. And if I could share it it would be just a measurement sheet, I don't have the ability to make a proper digital pattern
  2. Yup, gotta keep em lubed up haha.
  3. Very nice. I haven't seen veg tan before for a whip. I'm not sure how well it'll hold up. But I have no experience with it. I've always read that redhide or latigo is best for cowhide whips but I guess that doesn't mean much. I'm curious to see how they hold up! I've made a couple paracord whips myself, it's fun to do isn't it? Keep it up
  4. Yea I didn't think of that. Hmmm, quite the dilemma haha.
  5. The skull looks awesome! I'm on the fence about the oak leaves. I like the skull without them but that's because it looks unfinished with just the two corners of oak leaves. Maybe if you did all 4 corners and framed the skull in oak leaves? Otherwise I'd vote to leave them out. Just personal preference. It's for your brothers bar right? Maybe he has some input on what he would like?
  6. Gmace99 beat me to it. They are bleed knots. It looks like you have 3 bleed knot "chains" and both ends of each length of bleed knot attaches to the brow band. If I were to approach this project I would start with the center and add the other two. The center I'm defining as the strand with the loop at the tip of the triangle at the bottom. The other two strands go through that one to make the lattice. I would make the lattice first then attach it to the browband, that leaves room for minor adjustments if needed. Just my own thoughts on how to approach it. I hope you get it, it looks really cool and unique
  7. That's cool. I like that idea.
  8. Poor Italians sacrificing their calves for us...Must be painful.. All jokes aside, I like it. It looks like quality leather and the hardware looks quality as well. I like the functionality of wrapping up the watch like that to prevent burning and such. Does the strap pass through the part the watch is attached to? If so that's a good idea, you can have multiple quick change watch straps for the same watch.
  9. @RockyAussie I understand that, I see how much effort goes into your items. that's why i always admire your work so much. I saw the pink leather and crock bag you made and it blew me away. I'm going to be making a bag but have no idea what to do. I have to hand stitch everything too. I eventually want to make my own patterns but I bought one to start with. I'm sure it's easier than I'm thinking it is, but I've made the mistake of thinking something's easy only to find out there is a lot more to it than meets the eye (as with the evil wallet nemesis of mine.) Nevertheless, I'm inspired by your work and it gives me a goal to aim for so thank you and I'll keep an eye out for more of your products .
  10. Creativity is the only limiting factor in all this after all right? Nothing dictates you absolutely have to stitch straight across right? I'm sure there's a way to make it work with funky stitch lines and such. I would listen to what @RockyAussie has to say too. He's one of the experts with handbags. All his work is amazing and I'd be lying if I said I weren't jealous of his talents. I can't seem to make a bag to save my life haha. I'll keep at it though
  11. Very cool. I've never seen a leather one. The ones I see are made out of paracord. But that's just because I frequent paracord pages n such. The benefit to leather is that you can size your strands according to your core. Whereas paracord you can't. Just start out slow and you build up to more and finer strands. I'd try 6 or 8 next, then maybe 12 or 16 hehe looks awesome to me
  12. For those following this thread, I found a product that caught my attention. It's a marbling kit. Their website mentions it can be used on leather(they specialize in paints for fabric and paper) but it did mention leather. I ordered it and will do my best to capture the process and post pics of my failures and successes to see if this is also a viable option or not. The company name was Jacquard I believe. If anyone wants to look into them as well. I am inspired by cjartist's results here and have to give it a go myself
  13. I've seen that too. I thought I read somewhere that it helps the flap hinge and close better. But I think it's more of an asthetic thing like billybopp mentioned. Maybe making decorative use of the seam where flap meets bag is a design choice people think about? It makes sense too to use up smaller pieces of hide to make the flap. I've seen similar things done with the bottoms of bags. You may not have a big enough piece for the front back and bottom to be one piece, so you cut all 3 out and stitch them together. I like both designs, but for some reason I like well executed stitching better haha. Just my fancy I reckon. Curious to see what the experts say on this.
  14. Sweet. Looks good to me. And there's nothing g else out there like it.
  15. How do you mean? Did you want to tool the words on the holster? Or did you have something else in mind? Like using dye and a stencil to "print" the words on it? I'm not aware of any stencils. But you could find an image or even the correct font and print it out. Then take an exact I knife and cut the words out and use that as a stencil. Just an idea. It would be fairly labor intensive to do but may look cool. The only other process I've seen is laser printing. I'm not too familiar with that process but there was a thread here a while back about it. And someone made a we the people laser printed holster. You may try and search for that