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  1. Thanks madmax, I ordered the 3/8" thick and thin to try em out. I don't do a ton of tooling but if I end up doing more then I probably will invest in more knives. I just need a good one to start with to replace the Tandy ones I have. The blades just don't cut it.... Hehe
  2. Thats a helpful video @gmace99, thanks for sharing. Do you have a YouTube channel?
  3. Haha, we all do it. Just takes practice. If you just take your time and try and do every step of your project the best you can and know how to do, you'll improve. And loads of people here are willing to help too.
  4. Thanks oltoot, I ordered my knife today and got one of each of the 3/8" blade. I'm thinking I'll like the thicker blade better than the thinner one but I figured it wouldn't hurt to just try em both out to see which I like. And a spare blade is good to have. I found a few threads on here dealing with the subject and most people recommend the thicker 3/8" blade. So now I'm impatiently awaiting my new toy haha.
  5. I think so. It'll make a nice sturdy holster
  6. Dunluce, check Ian atkinson a videos on YouTube. He has a 15minute video that shows him making a turned edge wallet. It isn't instructional but you can still learn from it. He also has a video on edge turnings and bindings which is a great video too. He uses a "safety" beveler for skiving so that aspect he may not be able to help with. However, Lisa Sorrell has a short snipit on YouTube as well about skiving knives and skiving which may also be beneficial. Cheers
  7. Howdy folks, I'm seriously considering a Barry king knife. I've sharpened my Tandy blades but they still don't cut well. So I figured I'd upgrade. Then I discovered all the many types of blades that are available just from Barry king. My question is, does each blade have a different purpose? Should I get a 1/4" or 3/8" or both, angled or straight, thick or thin, red or blue... Ok the last option was a joke but still, for a novice it's a daunting decision. I would like to have a variety of carving abilities from big western floral pieces to intricate Sheridan pieces. So my thoughts were getting a 1/2" or 5/8" barrel and a 3/8" and 1/4" thin straight blades (because that's what I'm used to) Thanks a mucho
  8. Do you have any of stohlmans case making books? I'd recommend them. It really depends on the project, you could take a strap of leather you are using for the gusset and wrap it around the main panel of the bag to measure it. I would use a fabric tape and measure around the panel and then make a single gusset a little longer to trim later. A three piece gusset is might be easier. You could attach one side at a time and then you can stitch the sides to the bottom after. Skiving thick leather would help you bend over the edges 90degrees to attach to the bag face, in this case I would do the whole length of the gusset. As for the corners, if it's a real sharp corner you can't use a single gusset, but for round gentle corners you just have to stick it out and bend it around and try and keep it in place before stitching it. I recommend binder clips or contact cement or basting tape. Hope it helps.
  9. I I'm not familiar with machines. I don't own one nor can use one I'm afraid. If you are infact referring to venator's pictures then please ignore this haha. And apologies if I overstepped my bounds here, I'm still trying to get used to the forum etiquette.
  10. It is soft and nice leather. I also have trouble stitching thinner leather. I tend to over-tension it
  11. This is my latest attempt. The alignment is off and the binding wasn't good either. It ended up being too short to cover enough of the edge to stitch right and it's a mess internally with the pockets. It's all 2/3 oz leather so maybe I need to use thicker leather for the back. Thanks also wrinkles on the face when folded which isn't fun.and cards don't fit in the pockets either... At least not easily haha But hey, live and learn.
  12. I feel your pain, I'm no good at wallets, but Ill keep trying until I get it. It is frustrating but it'll pay off one day.
  13. Sweet. Nice to see a fellow zona crafter.
  14. I see what you mean by the turned edges. Looks good. Might be simpler that way than what I was thinking. Thanks!
  15. Ah ok, so make a bag the same dimensions as the main bag? Then drop it in and stitch around the top? Yu our have trim pieces around the top of the liner which is a good idea I think. But that's the basic principles right?