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  1. Tool and hardware storage.

    I like the sortimo style boxes for hardware. And I don't have many tools, the ones I use most fit in a cheap toolbox from Walmart. I was thinking about one of those rolling mechanics tool chest with drawers and such, a cheap one from harbor freight or something. I like those cigar boxes though. Good way to use up materials you have lYing around.
  2. Front pocket money clip wallets

    I love makers! Lol. If they are all from that pattern @RegisD,my guess is they are the same size and it's the depth of field/angle of the camera playing tricks on us.
  3. I'm not sure, I haven't ordered from wickett and Craig directly. I use makers leather supply because I don't have a lot of money and I can order just a few feet instead of a whole side. But that said, I think shipping was 15-20 but I don't quite remember.
  4. misc work

    Very nice
  5. Thanks @bikermutt07, always good to hear from ya.
  6. Bahahaha @JLSleather that is a total oversight. Guess what I'll be fixing haha! I'm really kicking myself now because I looked at it for a solid 20 minutes trying to figure out what was missing! @battlemunky, I agree. The depth may be less but I like how even it is. And I'd rather have that than splotchy. I just run alcohol through it. I want to try a gravity feed brush because I think it would be easier changing between dyes and such. I like the siphon feed because it holds a good amount of dye and I can mix right in the jar. So maybe just more jars? I just run denatured alcohol through it or water for the mop n glo. Easy enough so far. I'm also using a cheap brush from harbor freight. So if it dies oh well haha. @ScoobyNewbie, are you referring to the stiffener pannel? That's a debate in it's own. It really just makes the front panel stiffer. It doesn't really reinforce the mouth so much. But I like how it looks too. So I put it there for both added rigidity and asthetics. I apparently just forgot to finish the stitching bahahahaha!
  7. Leather Wheel True up help needed

    Contact cement should be plenty strong. Stitching wouldn't really help with cracking I don't think. Just conditioning the leather.
  8. Oh, and thanks for the kind words.
  9. They do appear that way. I thought the same thing. But it fits an 8 oz 1 1/2" strip through it so, that'll do lol and you could probably get 10-12 oz through them. I used an airbrush to dye it this time. And I'm never going back. It's the most even I've been able to achieve.
  10. Just finished this one up for my uncle. 8 oz. Wicket and Craig, hand stitched, saddle tan and mop n glo finish. I experimented with this one and it came out pretty well. I wanted more of a 80/20 pancake instead of the regular 50/50 to avoid binding. Let me know what you all think. And as with most of my posts, critique is welcomed.
  11. Double border lines

    as pinker mentioned, a beader blade would be the easiest method. But there are a 1000 different ways to do it. I do like the idea of making a border tool though. I would think a round file and stainless steel bolt you could replicate the shape of a beader blade. Similar to Serge volken's "non"swivel knife just with a beader blade instead.
  12. Leather Wheel True up help needed

    Do you have a way to mount it to a grinder or something? I'm thinking if you can spin it you can sand the edge. Probably wouldn't take 5-10 mins max. If not maybe a belt sander. Just have to be careful not to over sand in one spot.
  13. How to edge tight spaces?

    Well depending on what you are using the slots for, it may be a good idea to punch some small holes at the end anyways to prevent tearing. If you have a small enough edge to get around that corner then that's easiest. If not, a fine bladed knife like a scalpel or exact that's real sharp can bevel out the tighter spots. Without holes punched, I'm thinking you might be able to just edge each side like normal almost. If anything g else, the exactoscalpel trick would work too
  14. Mixing dyes and multicolor pieces

    Angelus is very pigment heavy. More concentrated than most other dyes. As djole mentioned, angelus direct has all the colors you could want and I think they do have a dark navy. Their reducer is good for diluting their dye too, but you can also use isopropyl or denatured alcohol.