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  1. I'm not real sure, but I'm thinking that tools were far less advanced during that period. Therefore the tooling would be far less detailed than what we can achieve today. I'm not a carver per say and certainly no saddle maker, but I believe the stohlman/Porter style would have been closer to what was used for ornamentation. I would think depth of tooling would have been similar, but again, just speculation.
  2. How I water marbled leather.

    @JMixx, some people just stick toothpicks to a board or something. There are a bunch of ways you do it lol.
  3. Clay miller tools, who uses them?

    @jxtime, how well do those work with lettering? I imagine the steep angle is better for lettering as well as Sheridan because of how close your lines get right?
  4. Shearling

    That's a pro tip from cowboycolonel guys! Seems simple right? Yeah, I once dyed my hands black because I thought gloves are for wimps! Not true, walking around with black hands, that's a bit embarrassing haha.
  5. New collar for my dog

    Wow, ain't gonna get outta that haha. Look at that Dee ring! Whoah! Looks awesome.
  6. Shearling

    Hey @bikermutt07 I got some from the colonel myself and haven't touched it yet. It's still in the box haha. Mine was about 5 lbs. So10 lbs will last you a good while I think. I will be using it for antiquing and finishing. I just haven't done any for a while makes me sad.
  7. Some of my work. First started in November 2017.

    I'm surprised banana guns are legal in California... Hehe All jokes aside, looks like you found what you like to do. Keep it up!
  8. NewWork Belt

    Ooo, hehe. Now I gave to get some
  9. NewWork Belt

    I should clarify, I had meant on the face of the belt. The borders are darker than the tooling, I was wondering about that and how you did it haha. My mistake. I've heard of his edge markers, I oughta get a few haha. And I'd also like to try wyosheen. I hear it's awesome stuff.
  10. NewWork Belt

    Do you use a resist of some sort when dying the edges? Or just a lot of care with a brush?
  11. i wouldn't go any higher than 5 oz. And that may be pushing it.
  12. New Here... Simple Leather Wallet I made

    For being so thin it looks heavy, about 20 pounds... Hehe.. Ok ok, enough with the bad jokes, I think it's a neat concept. Looks good, I agree about the stitching. That takes practice and will come with time.
  13. First two projects

    I agree with mutt, both people he mentioned are great and have videos that will hello with stitching. And wing dividers are invaluable tools, you should get a set.
  14. Dragon Boat Bag

    That's pretty cool. I've never seen anything like it. I like the inlay work. Welcome back to the leather world.