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  1. Yup all good points, I'm about Midway between Tucson and Phoenix in casa grande AZ. And while I don't see many hand made leather goods or leather workers I know they are out there. There are a few on this forum. And not to mention Bob Park happens to be in Phoenix. So, my goods may not be priced as high because of the demographic and culture (rodeo and ranching and what have ya) that's around here. Not to mention the fact that...I'm NOT Bob Park's haha! Whereas you could sell yours for more because you happen to be one of the few doing it in that area. But, none of it means beans if no one wants it haha! But u ain't gotta worry about that do ya! There's a lot that goes into pricing but like old n slow said don't give it away, it took you time and money to make. As a hobbyist I say cover expenses and add a little extra but stay in the fair range 60-70 bucks, but if you're trying to expand add 100-120, you could probably get more. It looks like a good product.
  2. I'd listen to NV, that's right in the ball park of what I'd recommend myself.
  3. I second that bodean, I ordered from them and had it in 2nd days
  4. I bet you're a real... Ahem... Fungi... To be around
  5. That should be the new smiley for Walmart... As an employee, I can say two face is fitting. Haha
  6. For applying edge dye, try a sharpened pencil. It's nearly the same shape as those expensive conical applicators and works the same or better.
  7. Yup the white lightning one. I did notice the pebble grounder in the other piece too but it's more spread out and not repetitive like the white lightning one. But that's what scraps is fer. Haha. I still love your work and still am jealous. Haha.
  8. I'm making one myself. The buckle should be here today. Just have some letters to tool and we will see how it looks. I'm using a double shoulder I got from Roger at rjf. Seems nice so far. Look forward to seeing what ya make
  9. Yup, that's exactly how to do it haha. I've seen also to put the hook end of the buckle where the center hole will be and measure 4 inches from the end of the buckle and add that to the billet end just to be sure you have enough length to get through the buckle. (Using the image jls provided above, you measure to the right 4inches) hope it helps. It good to make sure there's enough billet, it's a lot easier to cut off some leather than add more hehe
  10. Awesome as usual. On the second one, the pebble grounder. Do you rotate the tool when you is it? It just seems like the pattern is predictable and I was thinking that rotating the tool as you go would randomize it more. Just a thought
  11. I'm not too familiar with buck stitching, but maybe lessen the tension of the stitch. I know when saddle stitching if I pull the stitches too tight it causes the edge to get wrinkly . Sometimes tapping the stitches with a hammer helps even it all out but not always.
  12. Ah ok. Thanks. It's easier than I thought haha. Well, I say "easy" but, we all know how deceptively difficult it can really be haha.
  13. Good idea and simple design. Can't do wrong.
  14. How did you do that lettering? I mean the technique not the actual letters. Did you use a groover? Looks awesome
  15. Looks awesome Bruce. And a worthy tribute.