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  1. Price Reduced. Willing to take $400 for the machine.
  2. Mercury M-120-1 machine (head only) for sale. No reverse but it does have a plate which can be inserted over the cylinder arm. Comes with 4 bobbins and original manual. Looking for $600 plus shipping, OBO. Feel free to ask any questions. Selling for no negative reason, just need a walking foot for my application which is hockey equipment repair and I do not need this anymore.
  3. Needle System Confusion

    That's very helpful. Is there a good resource where I can find equivalent needle system descriptions or table. I have some information concerning the needle systems but I'm not sure if it is dated or what the popular equivalent might be. I've searched extensively online but I can't seem to find a good resource. Let me know if you have any good ideas or linker, thanks.
  4. Recently new to the heavy duty sewing. I repair and modify hockey equipment but rely on leather or industrial sewing machines. I've acquired a Sears/Kenmore 158.504, as well as a Chinese Shoe Patcher (Singer 29k clone) and a Mercury M-120 (Singer 45k, SC-5, GA-5 clone). These allow me a certain level of speed and access as well as a increasing needle/thread size per application. What I am having issues with is the Needle System and corresponding Needle Size. I found this table online and because I am using single needle heavy duty machines or equivalent should I be choosing needle sizes according to the 135x5 Needle system. I'm looking for some clarity so I don't purchase needles for the wrong system or that wouldn't fit the machines I am currently using. Any assistance would be appreciated.